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91.78% Dark Designs: Tales of Demons & Gods (Bimonthy Updates) / Chapter 67: Cost of Rebellion Part 3 Cost of what you are

Cost of Rebellion Part 3 Cost of what you are - Dark Designs: Tales of Demons & Gods (Bimonthy Updates) - Chapter 67 by Magmatide full book limited free

Chapter 67: Cost of Rebellion Part 3 Cost of what you are

"Ah, so the ones from just this Dimension are noticeable. Well visible to me." Shen Yue muttered to himself. It was better than nothing all the same. "Once I grow stronger I wonder how I can see further? Hmm, small little tears in the place. But not the overall Dimension itself. So "Subsidiary" Tears or Breaches between the Realms. I can use these as doorways for myself and my people. But I have know idea where I will be going still. Guess the Teleportation Anchor Points I set up in the Dark Moon Compound will serve as the control."

The danger from the other Realms was real, so he had to be careful of that. More to think of later on that part. Forming the additional Improved Divine Sparks were the next task at hand. Law energy was produced from all over.

*Shine!* A golden figure appeared in front of Shen Yue, Destiny itself. A wave of a decrypt hand spilt him into three.

An African American man in his 30's, Leroy. A blue-white hair young man, Leroy who lived as Liang Yu of the Dark Moon Family from Star Martial God Technique. And the current him as Shen Yue from the Sacred Family, as the founder of the Dark Moon Family in Tales of Demons & Gods.

"You cannot go further without a choice. Especially if you do not want to destroy the entire Dimension. Which means killing your people. Killing someone you can be yourself with as well." Destiny stated matter of factly. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Ugh," Leroy shook his head feeling the change in his soul abruptly. The Flame Vortex Core was not moving at all. The Flame Vortex Star Dragon blinked at Leroy then to Liang Yu slightly confused. Who then jumped onto its head and started to cultivate. "That's.. the Heart Method, Mind and the Nine-Dragon Stele of Gods, and Devils, Body mixed with... Astral Sense Technique, Soul!"

The volatile energy was tempered by Flames, Star, and Dragon energy that left the Flame Vortex Core. The Divine Spark of Lightning started rotating in place underneath the Flame Vortex Core. Taking in Vortex energy growing stronger.

The same way his different Dantians did in Star Martial God Technique. The version of him as Shen Yue was working on the other Laws forming into Divine Sparks further

"Ask your questions unabated." Destiny said simply.

"Will you get in my way of killing those from that Pantheon?" Leroy asked. All eyes were on the figure of Destiny. "I am sure they went against the rules causing problems in my attempts to save that Dimensional Collapse."

"Nope. Would go against the rules to do so." Destiny said with a little glee in its voice. "They broke the rules but not directly. The Chinese Pantheon was fighting against another Pantheon very wildly. The Star Martial God Technique Dimension was already Collapsing when you arrive, remember?"

He gave a simple nod in remembering.

"Yes, you were actually saving it with your methods in the end. But the outside influence made it worse. In the end of their scuffle, the Deity in charge of the Dimension should have worked with you to solidify it. But, you were not its Champion. You were and still are, an insult to it by being alive and doing what you are doing."

"Oh great!" He threw his hands up annoyed. "So super petty Deity causing me trouble. Two can play at that game." He was good at Petty after all. No matter how long it took. "So what do you want from me?"

"Oh, a courtesy visit really." Destiny pointed at the Flame Vortex Core. It expanded greatly as well as his Soul Realm. "Your understanding of your ability has increased without the interference of the African Pantheon. Their tests were pretty extensive. When you created that body for YuYan, you already exceeded the goals of a few watching you. Nothing to worry about problem wise."

"Really now?" Leroy was not believing it. "Somebody got something out of it didn't they."

"Those who did or your friends actually have." Not a direct answer. "Which brings me to the deal I would like to strike with you now." Destiny's body changed to that of a young male. "I will deliver the gifts from Rexford to each of your scattered friends, all you have to do is let go of returning to "Earth" ever again fully."

No matter what his active thought on the matter was, a part, a small part wanted to go home still.

"Hmm?" All three looked over confused. Then all nodding agreeing. "Fine, my mind wouldn't fit to well back home. Hopefully, I get to go to another Earth eventually in the future."

*Shine!* A bright light shined in the area as the Internal Space changed somehow. It felt stronger. More solid.

"Your understanding of Time & Space is dangerous because of those people refined in large numbers. Coupled with the changes gained in your psyche from the Heart Method and this "current" lifestyle, you are starting to hate things to a great deal. What you do not understand, you change to conform to your beliefs. That is bad for a Deity. It will bring the Unending Army to you if not careful."

*Shine!* A golden wave of energy created some visuals.

Creatures made of black substance that rampaged across Dimensions devouring Deities of all kinds appeared. Swarming over fortified armies with vast numbers. Dimensional fissures cutting open the place as they poured out.

All manner of creatures were destroyed in their wake.

"The Unending Army targets Deities who do not do their job correctly. An abuse of power gets a target on your back." Destiny let it sink in before continueing. "Your Aspect of Fire will never be an issue the way you work. However, Lightning, Medicine, and overall Death will be a problem. Beasts.. if you ever mistreat the ones close to you with your abilities without reason will do so."

"What... I wasn't going to do anything bad with them." He looked away only slightly upset he was caught. "Just saying... mixing spiritual hallucinogenics into Elixers would be a great way to destabilize the enemy. Not like I was not going to refine them all after hitting them with Lightning Storms. Or sicking Demon Beasts to clean out territory for my Demon Beasts and People to grow."

"A little to far there. Starting to think like Rexford a little." Destiny hid its smile by turning slightly. If Leroy was more like Rexford, it would be great for future plans. Defintely remove some worry he would die by healing another Deity with thinking the consequences further. "It will take a while to develop Deity killing weapons. True Deity killers."

*Bzzt!* The Thundergod Meteorite Sword flew over surrounded by lightning.

*Fwish!* The Flame Dagger came over in a burst of flames.

"We need higher weapons to make or strengthen." Liang Yu stated. "Need more material. Which is defintely available in the Tiny World all over. Plus all that Desert terrain not being used." Getting off the dragon, he entered into Leroy.

*Bwoop!* A small ripple of energy highlighting the body.

"Finished!" Shen Yue finished arranging the maps gained from those refined with the Divine Sparks holding before fully forming. "Alright, I am going back!" He walked back fusing into Leroy. Only changing the features slightly at first.

*Bwoop!* A small ripple of energy highlighting the body once more.

"One is better than separate." He felt his mind was clearer than ever. "Mixture of several Laws that I cannot reach a high enough understanding in. Better to just call it a Matrix Law mixed together. I can step into the Heavenly Fate Realm from here, but it will damage my soul because of the amount of Spiritual Force converted and in use at once."

"Your views on your Flame Vortex Core, your soul itself." Destiny pointed at the growing swirling fire and lightning increasing around it. Whenever it reached a certain size lately, it would pull & increase his Soul Realm + Internal Space even further. "Your overall growth is slower than before with just the one main Cultivation. In Star Martial God Technique Dimension, you had four. If you wish to go uncontested and destroy your enemies, you can not do just the one without hardship. This is my opinion on how to deal with the other Deities instead of just weapons."

He started to feel a little odd at that statement. It sounded like care.

"I was hoping that was not the case. Then I will raise the Spiritual God of different Laws in that sense. Each Divine Spark can be a Cultivation manual in a way. As well as make people underestimate me. Which will give me more bodies and resources for refinement. Without provoking the Unending Army since the enemy came after me." He smiled broadly as he circled the spirit energies. "Lightning Spiritual God is just the first!"

*Bzzzt!* With the understanding of the Law finished, it gathered quickly with the release of his hesitation now gone. Supplemental with his understanding of Electricity as well, it was even stronger than regular Lightning.

A powerful current circled the entire area. With the mantle not used by anyone, the Dimension of the Tiny World as a whole increased. As well as the Dimension of the Tales of Demons & Gods as a whole.

The different ways to move between the realms just needed him to be there like he thought to determine distance. Refined bodies of those who have been there would help even further. The latter was easily found in the Nether Realm.

"Your "Connections" have always formed when a certain premise or agreement is done with individuals who are sentient. Since you could not make contracts like a Champion is supposed to, this development has been dangerous for you. Shen Xiu, and those brought with her and the one you recruited should you understand that. Dian Mu and Dian Rei always felt a little distant to you. Deep in their heart of hearts, they could not believe you wouldn't kill them."

He nodded at what was said.

"The natural ones formed with people who have been influenced by you on a more than normal level as well is good. Giving them a little of your Flame Vortex Core spirit energy manipulated into Star, Fire, or Dragon helps. Since that keeps the Unending Army from coming after you. You and Rexford are such troublesome children."

The little "slip" was not going unnoticed.

Magmatide Magmatide

Status: Shen Yue Health 2800

Spirit Energy: 35,981,000

Power: 43 Defense: 45

Willpower: 40 Intellect: 42

Connection: 64

Divine Spark: Lightning, Sound, Metal, Beasts

Laws: Death, Earth. Matrix

Flame Vortex Star Dragon: Pseudo Heavenly Fate

Metal Seed: 7th tech level

Fire Body: 5th tech level

Astral Sense: 6th tech level

Sword Attainment: 2nd tech level

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