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Zara just layed still on the bed for a moment, her body left in utter bliss. She could just feel the sparks of pleasure going through her body and her legs were still trembling with joy.
"How could just being touched this way make me act as a child" She asked her self. The ceiling seemed to sway as I stared at it, while catching my breath. My heart was beating so loud and fast in the silent room like some one who had been chased that i could swear that Zamiel could hear it.
Zamiel was laying on the side next to me, propped upon one elbow with his hand supporting his head. He watched me with satisfaction while I took my time to recover.
Zara looked in Zamiel s direction. Her gaze fell on his lips. Zamiel smiled to himself.
"Another round?" Zamiel asked teasingly.....
"I won't mind that" Zara replied shyly.
Then she had the sound of ruffling sheets. When she look in Zamiel's direction it was fast he was untop of her kissing her and she could feel his hard phallus on her thigh and then he was sliding in.......

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Author Kuc_Helly