/ Fantasy / Demonic Dragon Reincarnation: I am contracted by a sexy lord

Demonic Dragon Reincarnation: I am contracted by a sexy lord

Demonic Dragon Reincarnation: I am contracted by a sexy lord

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Author: Nefarian


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Xu Yuan transmigrated to a parallel world where everyone became lords. Initially, he thought he would be a lord too. To his surprise, he became the Dark Demonic Dragon, a starter hero awaiting to be summoned by a lord. He also awakened the Dragon God Cultivation System.
[Transformation of the Dark: You can level up quickly by staying in the dark.]
[Slumber of the Dragon God: For the Dragon God, sleeping means residing in the dark.]
[Rejuvenation of the Demonic Dragon: You can revive using the power of the dark. Your basic attribute points will increase every time you revive.]
[The Blade of the Hidden Wings: This is a dark attribute AoE skill. It can annihilate all enemies within the area of effect.]
[Unlimited Devouring: The skills of your enemy shall be yours now. Unleash this skill to devour your enemy and acquire their skills.]

Su Wan, a beautiful lord, had no doubt that she could easily become the most powerful lord in the universe.
She felt her heart beating fast when she first saw her starter hero dazzle amidst the flashing summoning light.
Unbeknownst to her, her nightmare was about to unfold.
While other heroes devoted themselves to training day and night in order to level up, her hero goofed around and showed no effort to improve himself.
While other heroes charged into the enemy’s base and valiantly killed off their foes, her hero hid in their base and slept soundly.
As time passed, Su Wan slowly discovered that there was more to her hero than met the eye.

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    The plot is decent, but the MC would have 80% less problems and 70% more sleep if he just told the female lord everything, instead of hiding his strength for no reason.

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    Man, this is high plagiarism, I read a mtl novel with same plot but a light dragon where he just keeps on sleeping in the sun .. .. .I just don't know who copied whom but as that one has more chapters so bam. .

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    Read if you want to lose some braincells

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    interesting concept ruined by wrong names, genders, troop counts and perception of them. The way that the FL was lvl 6 before any fighting was done. Could continue but not worth reading unless you can look past obvious the many loopholes in this system.

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    raw? ---------------------------------------‐-‐------‐-------------------------‐------------------------‐-----------------------------‐---

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    The idea is interesting, the mc as the summoned hero of a lord. But it gets COMPLETELY and UTTERLY destroyed by the decision to let the mc be a jerk with no action whatsoever. The author takes a lot of time describing how the mc is lying around sleeping all the time and annoying the lord. But the attempt to make this comedy-like did fail here and lets the story become boring and annoying. It is very repetitive… she wants to choose one option, the mc chooses something else right before she could and she thinks its the worst choice… she wants the mc to fight, he is sleeping blablabla… And the decisions arent even logical… Like why would the mc not show the lord his status. If she saw he can level up by sleeping she would let him sleep… there is no reason to hide it. At night the mc gets exp even if he doesnt sleep, so why is he not active at night?? Why is he not fighting if he only needs 5 seconds to finish it. This will not make a difference for his exp at all and he is still not willing to do it. Its just stupid. Had to stop reading because i could not deal with this…

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    The story has potential. The first couple of chapters are confusing, as if they were written in a rush, without much explanation. Mild spoilers ahead. The MC, a dragon, is tied to the female MC. One wellbeing depends on the other but the dragon just doesn't talk to the female MC. He doesn't explain jack so she fumbles in the dark. I know, I know it is somehow the key point of the story but I find it is impossible to enjoy it. The premise quickly turns from amusing to preposterous despite its potential. This is not for me.

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    Aight, I'm interested .................................................................................................................................... I'll be waiting

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    Why is this still being translated? So many good dropped novels but we get this instead

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    Well, a normal trashy chinese novel. Not worth your time.

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    This is just bad The writing quality socks and confusing

    View 3 Replies

    Do yourself a favor and avoid this garbage thank you

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    Just for the fact that a Dragon No matter what kind hides it's strength does not deserve to enter my library but still I'll give 3 stars for the effort given.

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    garbage ,don't waste your time on it , don't listen to the 5 star review given by idiots , this novel had a good concept but ruined it due to the MC hiding his strength for no reason and acting like a jerk , it's just plain annoying

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    When are new chapters gonna be uploaded?

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    Raw??? [img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]

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    all I can say is don't ever read this trash hahahahahahaah, bs plot, idiotic mc. Can you imagine the supposed strongest of the dark faction is nerfed under the heavenly dao? hahahahahahahahahahahaha how many S is his rank again?

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    the story is a good read with minor errors such as spelling. The problem like every other story the lazy MC the secretive MC. I know what the restb of the story would be like. very predictable

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    LV 1

    Honest review: check other reviews for story context. The only thing that keeps this story afloat is the « mystery » that just means mc being op but he doesn’t want to help female mc because he thinks she is gonna make him do a lot of work. And female mc is just made poorly she saw mc beat up and enslave a dragon but he showed her 1 auxiliary ability and in her head mc is weak and only good at helping the army. That’s the whole premise of the story for me it’s s drop because it gets Annoying at times.

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    Author Nefarian