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100% Domination Kingdoms / Chapter 5: Bab 3 : Agris Age

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Chapter 5: Bab 3 : Agris Age

A small wooden house that is very simple without any luxury, there are 2 figures sitting interacting with each other.

They are Michael and the little fox, for the last 3 hours they have been non-stop interacting, and Michael's animal language level progress has increased.

[Host skill:

Defensive instinct - Level 3 {0.1%}

- Strengthens the host's ability to survive in the open and strengthens his instinct to survive when danger threatens the host {+2 attribute increase}

Animal Language - Level 2 {0.1%}

- The host is able to talk to harmless beasts and has familiarity with animals {-3 reduces hostility to strong beasts}]

Michael was quite satisfied with the skill he had, then he patted the little fox's head gently while saying "Yosh, you said you would take me to a place you wanted to show me"

The little fox did not feel uncomfortable with Michael's pretentious behavior because in fact the two of them had become good friends.

"Before I show you the place, help me get some fish, I'm so hungry" The fox's cute voice said to Michael in a hungry expression as he rubbed his feet against his stomach.

From someone else's point of view maybe the fox just makes a sound "Ckkk ckkk" but for Michael who has skills in Animal language, he understands what the fox is talking about.

"Grrrr ~"

Two belly noises came from Michael and the little fox that Michael named Clo.

"Ahahaha, looks like we need to eat (ㆁ ᴗ ㆁ ✿), Clo let's hunt fish you have to help me don't lie down like a buffalo" Michael said while taking Clo into his arms, Clo struggled to escape but his size was very small so his rebellion. useless.

"Let go, I want to lie down just don't bother me please" Clo screams sounded throughout the forest.

Michael brought Clo to a very clear river, "How to catch the fish? Hmm" Michael thought confusedly.

Looking around for relief items but couldn't find anything that could be used as a tool and in the small tree house there was only "Aha I forgot something, Clo wait here I'll take something" lowered Clo from his arms then ran without paying attention to Clo who protested.

Michael quickly approached the wooden house again and went inside, then his eyes were fixed on the object displayed on the wooden wall.

That object is a net to catch fish and next to the net there is a sword made of sharp iron, Michael took the net and took the sword and kept it on his back because the sword was complete with a container.

When Michael was about to come out, there was a small shining object. "What is it? Why didn't I find this little shiny thing earlier?" Michael muttered and took the object.

A stone that emitted white light quickly entered into Michael's palm, "Damn, why did it enter my palm" Michael said frantically trying to take out the strange stone but what appeared was a sign that was embedded in Michael's palm.


[Host, don't be annoyed yet, it is very valuable and holds a secret concerning the hidden continent]

Michael was stunned and then quickly calmed himself "Okay, maybe this is a lucky blessing that God gave me"

[ヾ (^ - ^) ノ Host seemed to know me well so the Host did not ask any further questions about the mysterious stone]

Michael rolled his eyes thinking "Because whenever I ask something mysterious you will always answer 'Please explore for yourself'".

Ignoring Levin who was chuckling with amusement in his mind, Michael brought back his luggage then left the house and ran towards the riverbank where Clo was waiting there lying down lazily but an annoyed expression appeared on his fox face.


A room filled with blue crystals and mysterious patterns that glowed all the time around a Throne made of crystals.

"I never thought that in a cave there is such a beautiful place." A sweet voice echoed in the room and then appeared a woman with the appearance of a fairy from an ancient legend and her friend the little white fox.

"Diana, is this what you want to show me?" Asked Alice, looking at the little fox she named Diana.

Diana nodded and then got out of Alice's arms and ran towards a closed crystal chest then signaled to come here with her little tail.

Alice walked towards Diana then looked at this crystal chest, on top of the crystal chest there was a pattern like a triangle with a circle and there was an inscription that Alice didn't understand 'Ahouena Agropie Shina', "What language is this? I don't understand at all but see from this writing. must be connected to the Agris Age "muttered Alice as she rubbed the crystal chest.

While at the village chief's house, Alice accidentally found a book called the Agris Age and took the book secretly from the book case in the village chief's house.

When reading the contents of the Agris Age book, Alice was very amazed because this world was previously inhabited not only by humans and animals but also elf races, cat-man races, goblin races and other hidden races which were partly from paper in contemporary books. Agris is missing or torn so further information is lost.

But what is certain is that Alice still clearly remembers an article from the Agris era that says "There is a place that will not be touched by humans who have a bad heart even if it's only a small part of evil, that place looks very beautiful and filled with secrets that hold the origin of racial agreements. - ancient race ".

And Alice guessed what the book meant was this place even though Alice didn't believe it 100%.

Diana poked her head in Alice's hand and then pointed her tail toward the crystal throne.

Alice followed the direction pointed by Diana's tail, and immediately her gaze fell on the throne.

"The queen comes ~ then bad things will be spared ~ A beautiful but sad world just stay waiting for the king to arrive ~" Beautiful chant resumed. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

RenShiYuan RenShiYuan

Any suggestion? In the comments below, I will take them seriously and consider them.

I invite you readers to take part in the development of this novel.

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