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95.2% DxD: ReKiba

Chapter 115: (Hidden Title)

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Word Count 1750




In a single second, thousands and thousands of slashes engulfed the area. Due to Isaiah boosting and stealing the power from the gods and dragons. The Domain's range increased. To two kilometres.

Both the Dragons and Gods yelled out in pain as they used their power to defend themselves as much as they can.

Grendel's proud body was getting dissected. His scales cracking and his flesh being slashed apart. All of the others were in the same position. Even with them covering themselves with their powers, and blocking some of the attacks. The slashes were still getting through. All of them were covered in their own blood.

The earth around them was getting disintegrated as well as anything alive or dead on it. The water, the clouds, the threes and animals. All of it turned into a cloud of dust or blood.

"Grrrr." Aži used most of his power to teleport all the dragons to be near the gods.

"Create a barrier!" he yelled out in pain, he felt as if he was being cut apparat, piece by piece, scale by scale.

"Raaaaaaa!" Labdon roared out as a barrier covered all of them.

*Crrr. Crrr. Crrr. Crrr. Crrr. Crrr. Crrr. Crrr. Crrr. Crrr....*

It started to receive attacks before it was even fully created. When the barrier was formed half of it was already falling apart. But it bought enough time for each person to add their own barrier or their power to existing barriers.

Isaiah saw what they were trying to do, next they were going to open their domains in a defensive manner and try to outlast them. But unknowingly to them, they had done exactly what he wanted.

Isaiah took a deep breath.

"I am the bone of my sword.

Steel is my body, fire is my blood."

"NOO! STOP HIM!! DON'T LET HIM FINISH!!" Amaterasu released the power she was feeding into the barrier and used it to create a giant black fire arrow that flew practically exploded the moment it was formed.

Isaiah's domain cut it to microscopic levels, destabilizing its form.

"I have created over a thousand blades.

Unknown to Death, nor known to Life. "

"What do you want us to do! Its time to leave! Aži Dahāka get us out of here! " Apophis grit out as his Dark Field Barrier was continuing to crack

"I laugh at the "world" and pursue the Peak

I shall become The Sword that severs ALL. "

"I am not leaving my LAND!" Amaterasu yelled back at her 'reinforcements'

"This is our Realm!" Tsukuyomi agreed with her

"And destroy you in a world of Infinite Swords."

"THEN YOU CAN DIE IN IT!" Aži Dahāka roared out to them as he was preparing to get away.

Unlimited Blade Works!"

As soon as Isaiah called out, a giant white portal appeared behind him.


He raised his hands as all of the swords in his domain shook, and their collective 'souls' formed a ginormous sword. The blade itself and the tip of the sword, that spun in a spiral shape, are dull. It has the shape of a cylindrical, drill-shaped pillar made up of three independently rotating segments engraved with crimson cuneiform lettering that spin slowly in an alternating direction.

The middle segment spinning clockwise and the top and bottom segments spinning counterclockwise. Each of the segments represents the heavens, the earth and the underworld.

Isaiah also pointed at the enemies who were holed up in the barrier.



Seven rusty long swords launched and flew at insane speeds.

"Hold!" Labdon increased the strength at the front of the barrier but the swords just passed through the barrier, and pierced into each god and dragon, who looked in shock at the barrier as there were seven small tears in it. It wasn't so much as cut as it was slip through.

They quickly tired to take out the swords when the felt their magic get cut from them. And their barrier fell apart

'This is Anti-Magic'

"EA! Get ready to SING!" Isaiah was holding the humungous sword and pointing it right at the group.


The sections on the sword started to spin.

"I will tell you of the beginning,

Heaven and Earth split,

nothingness congratulated creation,

and my Sword of Rupture cleaved the world!"


The sections started to speed up even more. The sword started to gather enormous amounts of energy that it was draining from Isaiah. And his domain actually attacked faster. The barrier they had put up was cracking more and more.

"Aži Dahāka!!"

"I'm working on it WOMAN!" the dragon roared back, the space around them was an absolute mess. He couldn't make a safe passage to get away.


"Not a chance Grendel" the dragon said with a smirk

"Heh. So we die today. Well at least I died in a glorious battle"

"What are you two taking about! Focus on the barrier" Tsukuyomi gritted his teeth, unlike some of the dragons who were resurrected, he had no plans on dying yet

"Mortar of the stars,

heaven's hell is the eve of creation's celebration!

Now die and be silent!"

A sun appeared at the tip of the sword and started to spin and grow. Soon a ginormous orb of fire was pointing at the Group.

Isaiah narrowed his eyes as he called out

"Enuma Elish !!!"

The giant Sun exploded into a reddish black beam, that completely engulfed the entire group.


The beam engulfed them and didn't stop. It pierced Takamagahara and kept on going until it exited the other side of the realm. There was a 300 meter hole going from the top to the bottom of the realm.


The earth started to crack. The Realm was falling apart. The island in the clouds was crumbling.

"Gah!" Isaiah fell down on his knees.

'Ripper' He stabbed himself with two swords and slowly pulled out Divine Dividing and the Boosted Gear.

He barely connected The Boosted Gear to his soul. Which was now extremely strained, by housing 3 Longinus Class Sacred Gears. 

'That was extremely stupid' Isaiah though to himself as he pulled out the two Longinus's. At that moment Valerie quickly appeared near Isaiah. And she was pissed.

Valerie quickly kneeled down and started to heal him.

"If you weren't so injured I would have smacked the recklessness out of you"

Isaiah chuckled, then grimaced because of the pain "Good thing I am injured then" he smiled and pulled her down for a kiss.

After they separated Valerie gave him a gentle smile "We won"

"Yes, we did. Japan is ours. Now we just focus on defending and stabilizing our position. Let the rest of the factions fight each other"

"You got that right." Kurama landed near them "I thought I was going to die there for a minute. Can you warn a guy before doing something insane like that?"

Kurama used his powers to create a platform beneath them and floated it up in the air

"I did say run" Isaiah grimaced

Kurama smirked at that " Lets go home, our troops are already retreating, and this place isn't going to last any longer"

"Valerie, can you patch me up faster"

Isaiah's comments made tick marks appear on her forehead.

"You are bleeding all over the place and your soul looks like its been through a tug of war. Why do you want to heal faster? Got somewhere to be?"

"Of course he does. He still needs to announce the end of this whole thing. He can't do that while looking like this" Kurama pointed at Isaiah's state, causing Valerie to sigh.

She also knew how important it is. "I can patch you up, so lets hurry back to the HQ and get you cleaned up"

Kurama clapped his hands and a teleportation circle appeared beneath them. "Lets go home" the Fox Sage said with a big smile.


A golden orange light engulfed them and they were gone. Leaving behind a realm that has existed for thousands of years, as it slowly crumbled into nothingness. The few beings that survived at the edge of the realm looked with despair in their eyes. Takamagahara is crumbling and the Shinto Pantheon was gone.

Soon this news would spread across the world, shocking each and every person. Nexus was now a real world class power, with the territory to prove it.

~Mount Meru

Indra was gritting his teeth as his hand was going through a rather unstable portal.

With a loud yell he pulled out his hand back, and pulled out a burning body, it was extremely blackened and so was his entire arm.

"Damn that hurts" He gritted his teeth

"Gah. Hah. Hah, Hah" the person was barely alive, the arms and legs were burned off

"You owe me Amaterasu! Do you know how much power I used to save you. I had to precisely divinate the location you were stuck at and only managed to open a tiny portal to grab you and pull you through. Even for me seeing a precise location in the future was extremely difficult" Indra sat down. He was exhausted. He had to find the precise location and open a portal at that exact point. A portal inside a space that was constantly being shredded by Isaiah's Domain.

Amaterasu couldn't even reply, she just passed out.

Indra sighed. Things were not looking good for them. Nexus just had a major victory. The entire territory of Japan was theirs. The Shinto pantheon was Extinct.

Truthfully he even contemplated killing Amaterasu now. But it was better to let her live, for now. Depending on the situation they might just kill her and offer her head to Nexus as a peace offering.

"Sigh. Things just got a lot more complicated. And damn that Poseidon. The fool just had to rape Rias Gregory. Now Hades is stalling Lucifer and stopping him from killing the fool. What a terrible situation to be in"

Indra stood up and started to walk. He was going ask one of his fellow gods to help him heal the injury. Even with his power, it was impossible to heal something like this alone. The chaotic energy in his arm kept ripping the cells apart. He had used his divine energy to stop it from spreading.

'Shiva is going to love this' Indra clicked his tongue 'Speaking of God's of Destruction. I wonder how Hades is fairing against Lucifer'

~ A/N

Title is Enuma Elish btw


I'm not really satisfied with how the fights in the previous chapter went.

But this is the best I got currently. If anybody has any better ideas. Feel free to comment.

Nexus has finally done it. They are now a true world class faction.

Wonder what will happen next?

Find out in the next chapter xD

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