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MC takes Kiba's place at the exact moment he is reincarnated by Rias. In exchange, he has to get revenge on everyone involved with the Holy Sword Project. MC is prideful and has his own plans. It will be a harem, but not a big one.
I do not own anything except my own MC. Found this picture on Pinterest. The artist is Hikku. Contact me if you want me to take it down.
I might post this on other platforms like Royal Road and Scribble Hub.

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Typical Rias bashing fic from someone who probably hasn't read the LN. MC whines to Riser about Rias not saving him and instead made him join her peerage, but doesn't understand that she is a Devil and has no reason to do something that wouldn't benefit her. Author constantly throws hate at Rias anytime she is in the chapter and is basing everything around fanon. So my advice for anyone that has read the LN is to stay away, people that have only watched the anime and read fanfics probably won't have a problem reading this though. I really wanted to give this a 1 star, but I don't think you deserve it. Maybe leave your bias out of your next work though.

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The writing is pretty good but man, This fic does something I don't like, like making the mc appear smarter than he is by making the people around him dumber. Other thing I don't like is how this isn't even the dxd world, it's the fanon dxd world where canon is disregarded because it doesn't fit the narrative of the story, I don't mind things like that but man this story does it pretty badly in my opinion. Another thing is that I just don't like the mc he is just a ball of angst and no personality whatsoever, why should I care about him when the man has a personality of a cardboard cutout. Yeah so that's all I have to say.

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This is based on the first few chapters. MC we don't much know about yet. So far it is not good or bad. And everything so far is already been done many times over in dozens of other fanfics. So it doesn't stand out on it's own yet. My first gripe is that MC doesn't seem to like being in the dxd verse at all and hates/dislikes all the canon characters he met so far. My reaction to this is why write about Dxd in that case? Second I would like to mention I don't like POV shifts every chapter. I haven't read any fics that could handle so many characters, plotlines and keep the reader interested. Or in George R. R. Martin case who started this trend where it gets to big to handle and books take 10+ years to write. And it never gets finished....

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pretty good so far, but mc should probably tone down the hostility because rias even though incompetent is a good master all things considered, he doesn't need to play nice with them, just act cordial (its not like they will punish him if he says no) and i bet he will have an easier time with the devils

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the story tries to insult rias as many times as possible and all the characters who have enmity with rias are changed to look like holy doves, The protagonist's personality is terrible, he acts cocky and like he knows the truth of the world. the first chapters is just treating everyone badly and training. the only reason to reincarnate as kiba is to be able to insult rias in every chapter other than that it doesn't matter

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This is a review after 22 chapters. In short, it's worse than the average novel here. The plot is poorly explained, many unnecessary time skips and terrible development of characters and world. Advice: Lengthen childhood plot, better explain sacred gear development, lengthen and better explain the mc's revenge on the church, better develop the mc's interaction with the characters, develop the changes that the mc's actions have in the world.

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The author seems to be a newbie, the writing is good but the development and interactions are lousy. the protagonist's personality is arrogant and stupid while the rest are idiots (to make the protagonist look good) While the development only sees the protagonist treating all the original leads badly, which makes you wonder why he ended up with them if he hates them so much.

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The author uses too much fanfic knowledge and continues to bash Rias throughout the fic.It frustrates me that most of the complaints he has are answered in the light novel.So many plot points are taken away from LN for more fan-service in the anime.No character development too.The protagonist thinks he is too smart but he actually isn't [img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update]

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I could not pass chapter 2 I read the LN so risa bashing is dumb and some the thing he bash her about like ” not solveing he preggre mental health issues “ even anime wise it dumb u except someone who barely mutrue enough ask the boy she like out to be able solve her the preggre issue u forget she teenager and so far she got halve way there. I Also dislike how arrogant the mc and some other things that if u want to know ask

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seems like the author is newbie, he doesnt have any character dev. for the mc at all. the mc was told that he had to take revenge and the story now only revolves around that and him trying to do it. no character development happened at alk to him and to everyone around him, just says the common knowledge about the verse and thats it. no great interaction with other character and just making all those around him enemies. this fic is not for me, though feel free to read though, it has great writing wuality with little to none grammatical and misoelling error.

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the author underestimates the brain capacity of the readers with this story... Demanding things from a demon king and on top of that acting arrogant and almighty because of his little knowledge, I had never stopped reading something so fast, it is absolute rubbish, I strongly recommend that you don't read it.

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So far, I like the MC, he is Cold and calculating. The world and story focus on the real side of what devils would be like, but still keep the ecchi harem anime side of the world. [img=recommend]

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To put it bluntly, I was disappointed with how this fanfic turnout, considering how high the ranking of the fanfic is. I read a lot of bad fanfic, so that's saying something. That said, to be fair with the author, I had only read till 4th - 5th chapter, so I guess I was a little earlier than usual before I drop the fanfic. Don't get me wrong, the plot has potential since a Kiba SI is relatively rare. The author writing is pretty decent for a fanfic as well, so I guess that's a plus there. However, everything else is just... bad. If I had to describe the novel into one word, it would be 'Unnatural'. It feels like the characters surrounding the MC is being hypnotized and the world being bended to the MC's will. This includes his unreasonable dislike and behavior toward Rias as MC arrogant enough to show his dislike compared to his own survival. It feels really uncomfortable to read for me.

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I just dont like how he hates rias, I mean what did she do to diserve this kind of hate. Wild

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The author twist the og characters personality so much that they dont feel the same nymore.

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Hey it's Alcoholic Panda! I'm sure that the book is going to be good! I hope you don't drop neither Code nor this one! 🙏🏻

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it was good till it wasn't, casual dude steppin into other anime worlds replicating thier power and distributing it to others around them, some aspects are decent but everything else is kinda just buns, crazy fall off, 0 lemons too, just an self-insert kinda

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The author knows nothing of the dxd's background, aside from changing several important facts simply because of a misunderstanding (just requires some common sense) it's a terrible read

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The MC is stupid, annoying, and more immature than the person he keeps on bashing in the novel.It's honestly annoying how he bashes said person then acts even worse.I get not liking said person, but when that person is a child, a child easily influenced, a child you could easily influence to change, but instead, all you do is bash them comes off as pathetic which from I've read so far is exactly what this mc is... pathetic.Normally, I wouldn't be this animated in a review, but I can't stand mc's that try to seem smart but come off as idiots. At that point, they aren't mc's but 3rd rate villians.Sorry for being slightly mean but reading this just frustrated me to no end.

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I don't like the character design and story development. It's a typical devil race and their evil piece system bashing fic, regardless of their personality. I'll be back when I feel the need to unleash my inner edgy rage. Mc's kinda arrogant and thinks fanfictions (probably only rias bashing ones XD) are relevant to this universe.Well all in all it's a alright DXD fic ... i've read worse...much worse.

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