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Chapter 35: Back to Kuoh

Rating Game Observation Room

Riser enters the observation room, exhausted after the intense battle. Serafall, with a radiant smile, says, "Congratulations, Riser-chan."

Riser expresses gratitude, "Thank you, Levia."

Before Riser finishes the sentence, Serafall interrupts, "Riser-chan, you should call me Sera-chan."

Riser sighs and responds, "Thank you, Sera-chan."

Serafall, with a smile, hugs Riser, and he reciprocates the gesture. The atmosphere is friendly and celebratory, contrasting with the tension of the battle.

Sona, with a serious look, interrupts the moment: "Serafall, could you release my husband so I can congratulate him?"

Serafall laughs and lets go of Riser, allowing him to approach Sona.

Still immersed in the celebratory atmosphere, Riser approaches Sona, who has a serious look, and she warmly embraces him. Serafall watches the scene with an amused expression as Riser and Sona share an intimate moment.

After breaking the embrace, Sona looks into Riser's eyes and asks, "Was it challenging?"

Riser, displaying his confident smile, replies, "Not challenging, but certainly fun."

Sona, with a glint in her eyes, smiles and says, "You always find a way to make things exciting, Riser."

Serafall, in an excited tone, says, "It was an exhilarating match! I can't wait for the next Rating Game."

Riser, showing his characteristic confident smile, agrees, "Certainly, Sera-chan."

Riser, still immersed in the celebratory atmosphere, is surprised when Sirzechs approaches with his characteristic smile. Sirzechs greets, "Congratulations, Riser-san."

Riser, frowning for a moment but responding with respect, says, "Thank you, Lucifer-sama."

In his thoughts, Riser questions Sirzechs's fake smile, thinking: What do you want with that fake smile?

Sona steps back a bit from Riser, standing next to Serafall, observing the interaction. Sirzechs, maintaining his smile, comments, "Well, after your Rating Game against Hisoka, I think you're ready to face the top 10, maybe even the top 5."

Riser appreciates with respect, "Thank you for the confidence, Lucifer-sama."

Serafall, excited, adds, "That's right, Riser-chan! This way, you can gain even more notoriety and be promoted to Super Devil."

Riser, considering the words, responds with determination, "Certainly, Sera-chan. I'll keep striving to reach new heights in the underworld."

Sona, with a proud look, says, "We have confidence in you, Riser."

Sirzechs, with a smile, says, "If you'll excuse me, I have other matters to attend to."

Serafall, bidding farewell in an animated manner, says, "Bye, Sirzechs-chan."

Riser's parents and sister approach. Lady Romina congratulates, "Congratulations, my son."

Lord Victorius also expresses his pride, "You did well, Riser."

Riser thanks his parents, "Thank you, Mom and Dad."

Looking at Ravel, Riser notices her expression and asks, "Don't you have anything to say to me?"

Ravel, congratulating him, says, "Congratulations, Onii-sama."

Serafall, in a sad tone, comments, "I wish I could stay longer, but I have other matters to attend to."

Sona bids a simple farewell, "Goodbye, Serafall."

Riser, bidding farewell to Serafall, says, "Goodbye, Sera-chan."

Serafall leaves the room, leaving a nostalgic tone behind.

Riser, realizing Ravel's sadness, asks, "Why are you upset?"

Ravel responds sincerely, "You're leaving again."

Sona intervenes, "You can visit our house whenever you want. We are a family, after all."

Ravel, thanking Sona with a subdued smile, says, "Thank you, Sona, but my mother won't allow it."

Lady Romina, looking at her daughter with understanding, adds, "I'll let you go, but not all the time. After all, you have your responsibilities in the Phenex family, like learning to be a proper lady."

In her thoughts, Lady Romina reflects on the importance of setting boundaries so that Ravel does not linger indefinitely in Riser's house.

Lord Victorius, agreeing with Lady Romina's words, intervenes, "You're right, Romina. Ravel, it's time to go."

Lady Romina, aware of family responsibilities, nods and prepares to leave with Ravel.

Ravel, visibly upset, asks with anticipation, "Onii-sama, are you going back to the Phenex mansion?"

Riser, giving a reassuring pat on Ravel's head, replies, "No, Ravel. I still have many responsibilities here. But I'll always visit you at the mansion."

Riser approaches his parents and sister for the farewell. Ravel, still upset about Riser's refusal to say goodbye, says a shy "goodbye" as she moves away.

Riser, thinking to himself, reflects: "It's time for me to go back to stealing the protagonist's luck."

Riser's Peerage approaches, and Yubelluna, with respect, says, "Let's leave now, Riser-sama."

Riser looks at Yubelluna, agreeing, "Yes, let's go."

Curious about the fights of his Peerage, Riser asks, "How were your battles?"

Sona, observing the dialogue between Riser and his Peerage, remains silent.

Erza, responding confidently, says, "It was easy."

While Erza thinks it would have been nice to face Riser's opponent, Shizuku laments, "I didn't even have time to fight."

Riser, comforting Shizuku, says, "It's okay, there will be other opportunities."

Merlin, casually, comments, "It was easy."

Nana adds, "Smooth. None of them gave trouble to be defeated."

Yubelluna agrees, "Same here."

Riser, determined, suggests, "Let's teleport back to the Kuoh city."

The Peerage prepares for teleportation, and the observation room becomes empty, marking the end of the Rating Game.


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