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Chapter 18: Rias and Riser

Kuoh Academy


While walking through the corridors of the school, Sona broke the silence, asking Riser, "What do you think of the school?"

Riser replied in a casual tone, "Except for the fact that it's full of demons, it's a typical Japanese school."

Sona smiled and commented, "You're right, but for me, it's still special."

Curious, Riser asked, "Alright. What was the criterion for choosing the members of your Peerage? Except for Tsubaki, they all seem to be ordinary humans."

Sona, adjusting her glasses, cryptically replied, "I had my reasons."

Riser raised an eyebrow and said, "You know you'll have to participate in the Rating Game at some point, and with your Peerage, you won't even beat Rias."

Irritated, Sona retorted, "But you said you would train me, and my Peerage too."

With a smile, Riser affirmed, "I will train you, but I'm a devil, and miracles are done by someone else."

Sona, puzzled by Riser's attempt at humor, asked, "Was that an attempt to be funny?"

Riser, with a mischievous smile, replied, "Yes, did it work?"

Maintaining her composure, Sona firmly stated, "No."

Riser, feigning a sad expression, muttered, "I was just trying to wipe that serious look off your face."

Then, inappropriately, Riser put his hand on Sona's buttocks and said, "But it seems there's only one way to do that."

Blushing, Sona reprimanded, "We're at school; stop it."

As they approached the student council room, Riser changed the subject, asking, "Shouldn't we go to the Occult Research Club room?"

Sona replied, "Yes, but first, we need to talk."

Intrigued, Riser questioned, "What do we need to talk about?"

Maintaining her calm, Sona responded, "Your behavior with Rias.

Riser, curious, inquired, "My behavior? Do you remember what she did to me in the past?"

Calmly, Sona affirmed, "Yes, dear, I know. But we're talking about the future. Grayfia and I have decided that there will be no more Rating Games between you and Rias. However, you both need to learn to coexist diplomatically, as two pure-blooded demons from different families should."

Assuring Sona, Riser said, "Don't worry; I know how to behave."

While expressing confidence to Sona, Riser mentally reflected with a subtle smile on his face, but the same couldn't be said for the protagonist.

Occult Research Club Room

Issei, indignant, exclaimed, "Buchou, is Riser at school?"

Rias calmly replied, "As I said, Issei. Riser married Sona, and now he can live in the city."

Issei questioned, "How did Sona marry someone like Riser?"

Rias firmly responded, "That's none of your concern, Issei."

Kiba interjected, "We're low-class devils; it's not our right to interfere in the underworld's politics."

Akeno agreed, "Kiba is right, Riser is a very powerful pure-blooded devil."

Curious, Rias asked Akeno, "Well, Akeno, you seem to think highly of Riser."

Expressionless, Akeno replied, "I'm just stating facts, Rias."

Issei, confident, stated, "I trained with Grayfia and am much stronger now. I'm sure I can defeat him now."

Irritated, Rias shouted at Issei, "Issei, I don't want you to do anything! The last thing I need is my father scolding me for not educating my servants properly."

Surprised by Rias's outburst, Issei didn't blame her; instead, he placed all the blame on Riser.

Akeno intervened, "Well, I think everyone should calm down. Soon, Riser and Sona will walk through that door, and we need to be at our best."

Rias sighed, calming down, and agreed, "You're right, Akeno."

Issei retreated to a corner of the club room. Rias, thinking he was finally calming down, didn't realize that Issei had left behind her words. Determined to defeat Riser, now motivated not only by Rias's cause but also by the conviction that Sona was being forced into the marriage, Issei remained firm in his resolution.

Upon receiving Sona's message about arriving with Riser, Rias alerted the members of her Peerage. Akeno immediately began preparing tea, while Koneko, who had remained silent, took a seat on the sofa. Kiba positioned himself near the door to receive Riser, and Issei stood by Rias's side as a faithful guardian. As they waited, Rias internally tried to calm herself, reminding herself that it would only be a conversation. However, a palpable tension hung in the air, and the atmosphere in the Occult Research Club room was filled with anticipation and uncertainty.

As the minutes passed, distinct knocks echoed on the door of the Occult Research Club room. Kiba promptly opened it, allowing entry to Sona, Tsubaki, and Riser. When the gazes of Rias and Riser intertwined, an intense energy coursed through the room. Riser subtly employed his Haoshoku Haki, greeting Rias with a simple "hi, Miss Gremory." However, Riser's words brought a disconcerting atmosphere, as Rias realized that, beneath the calm courtesy, there was a dominating aura that intrigued her deeply.

Regaining composure, Rias replied, "Hi, Mr. Phenex; please have a seat."

Riser thanked and sat with Sona at his side. Akeno began serving tea for Riser and Sona, while Tsubaki stood professionally behind the couple.

Seeking to establish a more amiable atmosphere, Riser said, "Well, can I call you Rias?"

Rias agreed, "Yes."

Riser continued, "Then call me Riser. Sona and I talked, and we concluded that it's better to put an end to our feud, Rias, for the sake of our families and your friendship with Sona."

Rias, seeking confirmation from Sona, looked at her, and Sona affirmed, "That's right, Rias. It's time to forget the past."

Rias, calmly, asked, "And what happened to me?"

Intrigued, Riser questioned, "What happened to you?"

Rias explained, "I lost my heir position."

Surprised, Riser inquired, "And how is that my fault?"

Rias affirmed, "It was because of the marriage contract."

Riser looked at Rias seriously and stated, "Just like you, I was bound by that marriage contract."

Irritated, Rias questioned, "What do you mean?"

Riser, surprised, replied, "Well, the marriage contract was established by our parents, or did you forget?"

Rias retorted, "So why did you want to marry me so much if you didn't love me? Was it just because of my body?"

Riser explained, "Love? We're noble demons; we're not entitled to that privilege. I just wanted to fulfill my family's wish."

Rias asked, "So you don't feel anything for Sona?"

Riser responded, "I like Sona, and I have no problem loving her in the future, just as Sona's feelings for me must be."

Sona intervened, "Riser is right, Rias."

Curious, Riser asked, "Is marrying someone you love your dream?"

Rias affirmed, "Yes, that's what I want."

Intrigued, Riser questioned, "Then why did you offer your virginity to a servant?"

Before any word could come out of Rias's mouth, Issei, irritated, intervened, "That's none of your business, Riser. Stay out of it."

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