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17.02% Earth: Reboot / Chapter 8: 8

8 - Earth: Reboot - Chapter 8 by Brian_Hendrickson full book limited free

Chapter 8: 8

Name: Vindictus

Race: Human

Class: Ranger

Sub-class: Archer

Level: 7 EXP: 2100/2800

Health: 176/176

Mana: 160/160

Strength 17

Vitality 14

Agility 17

Dexterity 10

Intelligence 10

Speed 16

Points available: 0

Skill Points: 3

[Boost Summon – Level 1 increases the stats and abilities of bonded summon by 10% for 10 minutes. Stat boost will increase and mana cost will decrease at higher levels. Cost 25 Mana Cool Down 30 minutes]

[Harvester Skill – Level 2 this skill increases the chances of successfully harvesting from plants and animals. Higher level skill is required to harvest higher level plants and animals. Quality of harvest can also increase as level increases. All common plants and animals can be successfully harvested with 95% success rate.]

[Alchemy – Level 1 gain the ability to make potions that you have a recipe for. Level 1-10 for beginner potions. Each level increases the chances of success.]

[Smithing – Level 1 gain the ability to make any metal weapon or armor that you have a formula for, able to repair metal weapons and armor to an extent. Level 1-10 for trash and common metal weapons and armor. Each level increases the chances of success.]

When Izak was done leveling up he saw the average level around him and adjusted his level to level three to fit in. There were still a lot of people at level 1 and a few at level four so he thought three was a good place to be right now. Once that was done, he continued to the forge and went straight to the back. A few of the players had heard that someone was able to do that but they figured the person was blowing smoke and laughed at him. Now they were trying to figure out how he had managed it. One of the players inside the building tried to stop him from going to the back to talk to him and the guard grabbed him by the wrist. "Do not touch the smiths." The player was so shocked that he could not even form words. The player nodded and only then did the guard let go of his arm.

Izak did not even notice the exchange that was going on behind him. He sent straight to the forge pulled out the recipe and opened it up with the intention of learning the recipe. Once he learned it the paper would disappear and no one else could learn from that specific recipe, they would have to find another copy. He knew the recipe from before but the system would not let him use it. Now that he learned it, he could use his shortcuts from his previous life.

He went to work like a mad man and after what seemed like no time at all to Izak who was in the zone he pulled the finished sword out of the special quench that he learned in his old life the finished sword came out.

[Smithing Level 3 - bonus mastery based on making a sword of higher quality than skill level]

Izak was not aware that it was possible to make a weapon about the skill level through a perfect process but he was really excited. He quickly pulled up the information on the sword.

[Perfect Iron Long Sword – Uncommon

Physical Damage +15 Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Attack Speed +1

Sword was perfectly made by Player Vindictus and as a result of perfect crafting exceeded skill limit to reach Uncommon level. 500 EXP]

Izak took the sword out to the old dwarf who almost dropped the hammer that he was using in shock. The sword that Izak was carrying was giving off a slight green glow. The green color was for weapons that were of uncommon quality. This new smith should not have been able to make an uncommon grade sword with simply iron. He would have a hard time making an uncommon weapon with just iron.

"Vindictus, that sword, well quite honestly I have never seen a basic iron sword of that quality. You are truly a master crafter. Keep the sword and come back and use the forge anytime that you would like, day or night."

"Thank you master smith. Is there anything that I need to keep an eye out for while I am out adventuring?"

"I will give you a list of materials that you should keep an eye out for. Nothing that you need right now but things that will be valuable to you to support your future growth. I will also buy them from you at a good price."

"Thank you master smith. I will take my leave and keep an eye out for those items." He stored the sword in his inventory and headed for the tannery. Given the perfect hides that he brought out earlier he should be able to trigger the quest that will send him to one of the beginner dungeons. It would be a horrible dungeon for him as a ranger but the armor in the dungeon for the first clear would be worth it in the long run.

"Master Tanner, I have returned for your teachings."

"Oh, hello again young man. I have been looking at the hides and they are in such perfect condition that I hate that we might not be able to get them to their full potential."

"Is there a way that we might be able to get them to their full potential?"

"There is one way but it is very dangerous and likely to get you killed."

"How about you tell me what it is and if I do not feel comfortable with the way to do it, we will figure something else out."

"That sounds good. To the south of East Haven there is the Haven's Point cemetery. There is a crypt in the back that belongs to a family that has not lived in this region for over a hundred years. Well, there is a rumor that at the very bottom of that crypt is a small spring that the family felt was important. The water in that spring is special, in that it carries a lot mineral in it. If you could bring me the water or better yet the minerals themselves then we could really show the true potential of the leather."

"Then if you could show me the basics, I will head to the crypt in just a little bit."

The tanner took him to the back and pulled out some of the treated leather. He brought out two types one was a hard leather and the other one was thick but still really soft and supple. The tanner showed Izak how to match the leather up with the patterns and which knife to use and the technique used to keep the blade nice and straight. Once everything was cut nice and cleanly the tanner showed him the big leather needles and with the quick and efficient moves of an experienced tanner the pieces came together to form bracers and the soft leather turned into a pair of high-quality boots.

"Please make one of each so that you are comfortable with each type of leather. If you have any questions, please and come ask."

"Thank you, sir." Izak pulled out the leather and the blades that the tanner left for him and went to work. He used the template that the tanner left and cut everything to just the right size but based on memory he made some slight alterations. He was going to have to find the formula for these. Since he was working in the shop and using the templates that he was provided he could build it without the formula. These were only available in the beginner village. And it was only available for some armors. There were none of them for weapons or potions.

The leather was not the key to making a great bracer or boots it was the stitching pattern that was the key to making them. He put the pieces in the right spot and then went at it with the needle. The altered pattern that he used was a little slower but it was a lot stronger than the pattern that the tanner showed him. The bracers came together in no time and he got an alert.

[Leatherworking – Level 2 bonus mastery based on making a bracer of higher quality than skill level]

[Perfect Hard Leather Bracers – Uncommon

Physical Defense +15

Bracer was perfectly made by Player Vindictus and as a result of perfect crafting exceeded skill limit to reach Uncommon level. 500 EXP]

[Level 8]

With the extra levels in leatherworking the needle seemed to go through the supple leather of the boots and even quicker than the bracers, which required less stitching, the boots were complete.

[Leatherworking – Level 4 bonus mastery based on making a bracer of higher quality than skill level]

[Perfect Supple Leather Boots – Uncommon

Physical Defense +5

Speed +1

Boots was perfectly made by Player Vindictus and as a result of perfect crafting exceeded skill limit to reach Uncommon level. 500 EXP]

[Level 9]

Izak was a little scared by his leveling speed. He knew that his knowledge would give him an advantage but he never imagined that ability to craft and forge would give him this much of an advantage. He put two points in his vitality and one each into his strength and agility. He would add it to his speed at the next level. He was faster and stronger than almost anyone in the game and the gap was only going to get bigger as time went on.

He took the two pieces of armor to the tanner. "Master Tanner here are the bracers and boots that you requested."

The man saw the light green on the bracers and was amazed at the slightly darker color green on the boots. "Vindictus, these are some of the best things I have even had an apprentice make. You can keep them and you have full run of my shop whenever you need to make anything. Although I do not imagine that you will be in this village for much longer with this type of skill."

"Thank you, sir." Izak looked out the front window and saw the sun was setting and a smile crossed his face. "I will go and see about getting you the minerals that you need for the hides that I brought you."

"This late in the day?"

"I am not afraid of the dark. And once I am underground it will not make much of a difference any way. I will be back tomorrow, hopefully."

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