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86.95% Eden’s Multiverse Journey / Chapter 18: My Sadist Yandere, Saeko [R-18]

My Sadist Yandere, Saeko [R-18] - Eden’s Multiverse Journey - Chapter 18 by MonuOrEden full book limited free

Chapter 18: My Sadist Yandere, Saeko [R-18]

(A/N: Just R-18 nothing too important to plot, you can skip if you'd like - summary at the end if you want to skip it)

We finally arrived at Rikas house and sorted out rules and rooms.

I have my own room on the top floor since everyone (just the girls really) agreed i should rest better since i'm the leader.

After taking a shower i sat in my room and called Saeko over.

*Knock Knock* "Eden? can i come in"

There she is.

"Hey Saeko, you know i don't like to beat around the bush, especially when it comes to stuff like this." i'm not going to act like some blushing middle schooler confessing to the girl he likes.

Saeko showed some curiosity, but i could see the hope in her eyes.

"I want you. Yes, i have other women, yes i will have many more. I can't promise you would be the only one i love, but i can promise you i will love you like nobody ever has before."

I could see Saeko blushing now, it doesn't seem like she cares about the more women part…nice.

"I know you wouldn't treat me badly, and in the way this world has changed i'm sure many more women would join you." now for the explanation

"Alright now for this next part i'm going to have to transfer the information directly to you in small parts or your mind would break, and not in the good way"

She seemed confused and then rolled her eyes at the 2nd part.

I then told Saeko almost everything about me.

My position and my power, My other women, and that i can turn her into a goddess as well.

She knows about my first wife, they'll meet pretty soon.

I didn't tell her about the fact this world was a fictional world and i don't necessarily plan on it.

Maybe on my enemies to cause them an existential crisis.

I also didn't tell her about my or Aya's childhood since we agreed on that being something only the 2 of us share.

'Oh, she finally recovered!'

"Wow…but since you're that important of a being, why are you choosing someone like me?At first i could kind of understand, but now…"

"Hmm? your sadistic side? Don't worry about that anymore, we'll go many places in the future and meet many more sadists and yanderes alike. They'll even be your sisters in the future, so i'm sure you won't feel isolated."

That's what she wanted to hear, she started crying happy tears and we kissed.

Time to eat!


I started to grope her breasts since i know she likes it rough.

I pinned Saeko to the bed and started kissing her neck as i moved down.

Her collarbone to her chest, making sure to pay attention to her rock hard nipples while caressing her stomach.

i continued to move down, kissing along her belly and her thighs, slowly centering on her privates.

I could smell her scent as her juices just leak out endlessly.

I then kissed her vagina over her panties, sliding them down eventually to reveal her pretty treasure.

I stuck my tongue out to dig into the deepest parts i could with my tongue, not leaving her clit out of the fun.

"ohhh fuck! yes keep going!" good thing i put those barriers up or else zombies would be swarming this place.

I kept going until she released her juices into my mouth, and they taste wonderful.

I then got ready to do the deed, i'd do some more first but i could notice fluctuations in space law around me and can see Aya sitting there.

I think she's waiting for Saeko to enjoy her first time alone before she joins in and guides her, 'Little Sister.' Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

I gave Aya a little wink before i got back to work.

["i've missed you, darling~"]

["I miss you too, Aya. Wait at the Manor for us and you can join the group when we arrive."]

["Okayyy, how are you going to introduce me? i know you want those girls so i'm sure introducing me as your wife wouldn't tip the balance in your favor"] She's right, but.

["Aya, you're the love of my life as well as my other half. It'd be very disrespectful to introduce you as someone else, this could also give you time to really get to know your future sisters and not just their anime selves."]

["Silly, i know how much you love me, we can feel each other's feelings. But what if they are put off by the fact you have a wife and you end up missing out on them?"] She's right, we can feel each other feelings. We could turn it off of course but why would we? the amount of love i feel from her is overwhelming and it makes me feel amazing everytime i focus on it.

["Haha! me, the Entity King being rejected? then so be it. Let them live their mundane lives until their puny human lifespan takes their miserable souls away. I will never force them nor will i be a licking dog for some stuck up brats that want me to kiss the floor they walk upon!"] okay then, i went a little hard there but you get the point.

Aya didn't say anything but i could feel she got turned on by my show of dominance, and i know she agrees with me.

She'd probably be the first to kill the girl if she disrespected me.

While this was going on i never stopped my strokes with Saeko, since i have parallel thought i could focus on both.

Saeko was moaning incessantly and had a half ahegao.

That's not enough, i want a full blown Ahegao, i want her to scream in satisfaction at knowing her man is taking very good care of her insides.

I moved Saeko legs in the air, kind of in a V shape, i started pounding harder and faster, reaching the suctioning of her womb as it greedily begged for my sperm.

After 5 more minutes and 7 more orgasms I flipped Saeko on her back, putting her in doggy style as i felt her ass hit my hips on every thrust.

I could feel another orgasm coming for her, and it's a big one.


My goal was complete.

I came loads and loads inside her as a little symbol was formed above her pelvis, a symbol of [Eternity's Love]

And then it happened, Saeko became a Goddess.

Her looks didn't change much, besides her skin becoming smoother and her hair becoming softer with more luster, but her charm was intensified plenty of times, putting even so called goddess of beauty to terrible shame.

Her power also rose exponentially, i'm going to have to ask Aya to train her in the inner world so she learn to control her powers and not accidentally blow this world up.

I could fix it if she did, but do you know how much work it takes to repair a world full of billions of souls? that's like 10 minutes of work man, i have things to do.

Oh well, if they blow up they can consider it as a worthy sacrifice! i'm so generous.

After the transformation, Saeko recovered her stamina and looked at me with a hungry gaze.

"Awh, my little sister can't even wait for her older sister to join in the fun before she starts again, ah! the sad life of the big sister."

Saeko heard a voice and was alarmed since she didn't even sense anyone being there, even with her new powers.

Saeko was ready to defend me with all she has until she froze.

She saw an otherworldly beauty with long white hair and red eyes walk out of thin air.

"Saeko, meet Aya, your new sister." Saeko realized and dropped her guard and immediately went into a bow, or tried to until Aya stopped her.

"Ahh come on now sister, No need to bow to me. All i want is your full devotion to our husband here and we can all be a happy family!"

After letting them catch up a bit and asking Aya to train Saeko later, we started our next round, now with 2 challengers.

I gave an evil grin and jumped into the fire.

(A/N: Summary: Eden and Saeko got together, eden told saeko about his background and they made love as he turned her into a goddess, our good old Aya decided to join in and they had a threesome. Aya will also be joining us later when we make our way to the takagi mansion.)

(A/N: i got a few questions about how the laws of fate work in this story so here's the answer.

Everyone and everything has a line of fate attached to them. Upon becoming the Entity King and Entity Queen, eden and aya no longer have these lines at all, completely exempt from the plays of fate, fate now works for them, directly under the Entity King.

Eden's Goddesses still have lines of fate, but they are locked and Fate can't mess with them unless the lock is broken, to break the lock you have to be way stronger than the lock maker- Eden. And nobody is stronger than him so tough luck haha.)

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