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Emperor's Reckoning Emperor's Reckoning original

Emperor's Reckoning

Author: Big_Yellow

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Chapter 1: Summoned

The dripping sound of rain was crashing on the window while thundering blasts from up above occasionally came down. The chill atmosphere was striking in every corner of the room, if people were to wear thin clothes they would surely have their teeth chattered. However, in this room, one young man was leisurely enjoying his hot bath despite the cold.

He had a ripped figure but his muscle was lean enough to make him look like a thin young man if he were to wear a slightly loose cloth. His long black hair was tied in a knot and his deep black eyes seemed to contain the universe it's self. He had a really charismatic face that would make people tend to gather around him the more one got to know him.

"Ah yes, this is the best weather for me, cold outside and warm inside ... so comfortable," said the young man as he slid deeper into the bathtub.

While occasionally blew out a bubble under the water his mind wandered to god knows what.


"Ah, my hands get wrinkled... I shouldn't stay too long in the bathtub", said the young man before he continued, "Hehehe this is the benefits of living alone, I can go naked around the house, this is true freedom HAHAHA",

"Alright, some warm chocolate milk would do me good."

As he was stepping down the stairs to his living room, a flash of lightning illuminated the room from a nearby window. He instinctively covered his eyes while the thundering rage of the weather came down with a loud noise.

"Damn that thunder was so close,.. hm? what is that light? it's coming from the fridge" said the young man as he walked near it. "Maybe is a calling to another world? heh, no way right, man I'm so thirsty." as the young man held the handle on the fridge...

"Hmmm.. somehow I have a bad feeling about this....",

"You know what, I trust my instinct," the young man let go of the handle and walked away from it...


The fridge was shaking and the young man turned back to look at it with a really nervous expression.

"Okay okay, I know I should open that fridge because fridge shaking by itself is not normal, but no I ain't gonna fall for that," said the young man as he ran to his room but only to stop in front of the door.

"Oi... this time is a black light..." black lines covered his head as he didn't know what's going on anymore.

"Ah, right this is a dream hah so stupid of me, maybe if I close my eyes everything would be back to normal."

The young man shut his eyes in the hope that he would wake up from this weird dream.


The door suddenly opened crashing the little hope left within the young man. He knew how much it was for them. Gritting his teeth he opened his eyes and was greeted with a black vortex that was slowly sucking him.

"H-hey, since when did I ever keep something like this! Gah, where is my phone! Oh right, I'm still naked."

A tiny black light slowly came out of it and didn't waste any time before it flew right toward the young man with the surprised face.

His body and mind suddenly unified under one word, 'RUN'.


The fridge opened and a white vortex appeared, A tiny white light coming out and soon flying to chase the young man too.

"This is a dream a DREAM !! I MEAN COME ON! DON'T YOU GUYS USUALLY USE A TRUCK?!" as he continues to run to the entrance of the house only to stop in front of the door...

"Of course why wouldn't there be a golden light !! ah, damn it !! I'm still naked!! You gonna send a guy naked?! AHH!!!" as he turned back only to saw the other two lights.


The three lights enveloped the young man as he disappeared from the earth.

Big_Yellow Big_Yellow

Enjoy :D

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