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Vahn was an atypical youth. Due to a rare mutation, his blood had the potential to target and attack ailments within the human body. Touted as a universal cure, people had elevated his status above the norm and given him the classification "Panacea". In the media, he was hailed as a great hero who would usher in a new era or human wellness. However, behind the scenes things weren't so bright. Being a unique individual, Vahn spent his entire youth locked up in a lab with various scientists and research teams using his body and blood to perform endless amounts of experiments. The only solace in his suffering was the various anime and manga made available to him between experiments. He often imagined himself as the protagonist in a world of his own, finally in control of his own destiny. For years he nurtured this desire, until at the age of 14 he died when an organization had tried to kidnap him from the lab...

"Finally, I don't have to suffer anymore..."

This was Vahn's last thought as he faded into the endless black abyss...

"You poor soul."

Author's Note: If you would like to support the author and the team behind EPIC and future projects, feel free to check out libraryofakasha.com. There, you can find extra chapters and several other novels posted by myself and a few people from Discord.

Cover by Sinlaire, Edited by Frozen: https://www.deviantart.com/sinlaire


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This is a work of fiction that draws heavily upon the original source material of Danmachi. Please support the official release and know I claim no ownership or credit regarding the existence of pre-existing characters or content.

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Ok. I am bored as heck, and so, I decided to make a proper review of this without being biased. Story - 4.6/5 Characters - 4.8/5 World Building - 4.4/5 Romance - 4.6/5 (smut) Writing - 4.9/5 _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Ok, so here is a little summary of the book so far: MC is born with an unknown mutation that makes his body pretty interesting for scientists. Long story short, he becomes a lab rat for years, dies, meets a "system", and goes into the world of Danmachi. Now for the story:- One word - Mysterious. It's basically about going from one world to another. Why? In order to get stronger. Why? To go to another world. Why? To save a certain someone. Now the mysterious part. It's the MC's mother as well as the MC himself. What is he and what is she? Why is his body made up of certain energy and why is he able to travel from one world to another. Simply put, the ability wasn't just handed to him by some god, or it happened randomly. There is something set in motion. You could say, gears of fate turning. The plot itself does feel a bit TOO slow at times, but it manages to pick up later on. Characters:- A really good portrayal of the characters. This is a fanfiction at its core, yet it doesn't follow the plot AT ALL. The MC is in the world of Danmachi years before the plot of canon begins. What does this have to with characters? Well, have you wondered what the characters would be like if the dumbo-harem-aura didn't affect their personality? Well, this is it. MC does get to have a relationship with the girls, but that doesn't affect their personality. Each girl acts in their own unique way and no stuff like "everyone did (insert comedic/dramatic reaction)." The characters are properly fleshed out, and if you pay attention to the core of their personality, there is a portrayal of the weakness of all sentient beings. World-Building:- I don't need to say much about this one. It's a fanfic, basically borrowed worlds. The author describes it well and tries to show a clear image of what it's like. In the end, though, it mostly depends on whether you've seen the original anime/ played the original VN. Romance:- This one's a tough one to describe. How do I put it, "MC loves to love, and his partners love being loved." Basically that. MC is mentally unstable due to what he's gone through in his past life. This makes it very hard for him to differentiate between a lot of stuff. (eg. love & like). This makes the relationships seem almost unnatural, but you mustn't forget that the world isn't Earth. The girls in the anime are totally different from the monstrosities here. It isn't the MC that is mentally unstable. Most of the girls he's with have been through SOMETHING. They all have a past, a wish, and a dream. Also, lots of smut. Writing:- Very good. Mistakes are kept to a minimum and the grammar is fantastic. No headaches while reading. Chapters are also pretty long.

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I mostly write this just to help people understand some of the premise and not be disappointed if they are looking for something else. Now, this is not a wish fulfillment story about travelling across various anime worlds and fighting and adventuring. This is a story about the life of a 14 year old who has spent his entire life in captivity, being exploited by others . Literally. He was found to have panacea like blood as a newborn and was kept in a research facility since he was like a month old. He has not been loved or cared for at all and is just used as a blood producer. His common sense comes only from animes and mangas. Now, you have to understand is that what he does and how he acts is entirely different from normal considering he is a broken, ignorant child. He does not process emotion as casually as we do and is basically just a giant bleeding heart because of his past. Because of this he will not act like shounen protagonists or wuxia MCs at all. They are hot blooded idiots who like fighting, want women and are usually extremely ambitious. Vahn is none of those. He is someone who has been given a life and freedom and just wants to experience it. To him, fighting is a nuisance and despite his claims of being a battle junkie, does not like having fights to the death. He does want to explore, but he has no urgent desire to make it his immediate goal. Understand that this is a rather realistic story of Vahn's growth despite the fantasy tag. He mostly just wants to live in peace and love because of the fact he never had it for the first 14 years of his life. He appreciates it. Some of you like to think of him as a generic japanese protagonist but thing is he grew up watching them as well as suffering great injustice so he has an actual reason to be so merciful. If you expect an MC that goes around all excited and battle hungry or has some vague reason to become the strongest, this is not it. Also, I'll just adress another issue that is going to come up as you progress. He has a huge harem. As in over a dozen girls after the first 100 chapters or so. And the reason for this is because he is a capable male that is highly empathetic and thus becomes attractive to most women who live in a rather shitty world. Also, since he himself has no resistance to others, he accepts basically everyone. He craves love and if someone gives it he'll take her. So yeah, it can become rather unbearable to watch him forsake higher power just to mess around with the harem members and basically start a slice of life but if he doesn't do this, it would be highly unrealistic. This is not a one dimensional novel about fighting progressively stronger enemies and becoming the greatest of them all for no particular reason and neither is it for exploring universes and collecting women. It's about a shattered person trying to enjoy life and fulfill his desires. He wants to explore but won't just leave his family behind for it. He wants to become strong but won't neglect his reason for becoming strong for it. I hope you found this useful.

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Writing Quality: 5/5 - While there are occasional typos, ****y tiny grammatical errors or punctuation errors, they do not detract from the story in any way. The writing is excellent and just draws you in. Stability of Updates: 5/5 - The author pumps out chapters like a madman all in order to feed the addicted souls he has created. 'Nuff said. Story Development: 5/5 - The story starts with a nieve and broken main character, Vahn, and through interactions with the world and the characters in it, he grows. Vahn still has a lot of growing to do and I, personally, look forward to seeing the man that Vahn will grow into. Character Design: 4/5 - I would love to give the author 5/5 stars just for the design of Vahn, but I prefer to be honest and forthright. Because this is a fan-fiction many of the main characters were already designed by the original author of DanMachi. That said, Einlion takes those pre-existing characters and completely makes them his own without violating the source material. While reading this story you will be hard pressed to find any reason to complain about the use of the pre-existing characters, their reactions, or their believability. World Background: 4/5 - Again, I would love to make this 5/5 stars, but the story takes place in a pre-existing world. Just like the characters though, the world is not violated or discarded it is embraced and honored. Fan-fictions are a tough genre to write in, you have to take a world and characters that already exist, and are loved, then make them your own while writing your own story. Einlion does this exceptionally well and is crafting an amazing story that follows a unique and amazing character. The only thing I could possibly complain about is that I found this novel now instead of a year from now, I can't binge read it nearly enough. On a final note, if you are a fan of DanMachi, or anime in general, and looking for a story with a unique and entertaining main character than I strongly recommend reading this story.

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This novel started as gem for me, really good fanfic and actually the first good danmachi fanfic tbh, the story is really good, the fight scene and progress is smooth, and author really have a great mind to make viewer heart goes roller coaster UNTIL 140++ chap where the romance start, dont get me wrong i love harem, but too much is gonna ruin the story for sure, atleast for me, suddenly the mc became s*x craze, and mostly he do is f**k, find new chick, lil bit progress, f**k again and repeat, tried to endure it till now, i give up this gem , its kinda sad to part ways, but cant stand it anymore, i wish your next work is great at this but more to development and story than harem hunting

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Details.. I like all these details.. Thank you.. It helps me a lot... Keep up the good work.. I want inori!!!!! INORI!!!! Best!!!! MAKE MC VIST GUILTY CROWN, KICK SHU'S A$$!! HE DOESN'T DESERVE INORI!!! INORI.. Well i hope all these nonsene i sprouted above explaoins what kinda novel you are about to read..

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Dude.... You are writting an amazing world here... the quality of the writting is excellent and i dont believe i have found any mistake, the character development is marvelous dude... each individual character is seen as a person with alll their characteristics. About the development of the story, while i find that its somewhat... well, really fast paced i would like it to slow down. Its like you want to climb a mountain but you dont go by foot but by helicopter. So far the MC is soul tier 2 and tier 9 is the highest known currently since the path is an artifact lvl 9, if mc goes to soul tier 3 to fast it will make things feel rushed. Now speaking of danmachi, to be honest i would find it a waste should the MC leave, currently danmachi is cataloged as 1-4.... But a way exist to make it 1-5 and so on i believe. So it would be awesome if the world can level up too, and there exist the posiblity of even mixing up worlds with portals so as to make that MC could come and go between worlds. Even the MC could get a portal skill to come back to Hephaestus and the others. IT would be awesome if you can make it with the help of MC that people can go beyond lvl 7, which is ottar from the freya family and reach lvl 8 or higher. I say it again, it would be a huge waste and terrible mistake in my opinion to leave behind danmachi should the mc go to another world. This is beacause danmachi universe didnt existed before the mc went inside, the path i believe created that world, gods and all. So its fine to think that the path has the ability to make universes that are weaker than it, who says you cant make other universes and mix them up? Even more you can put it that inside the laberith is a portal to another world too, and to make things easier it was found a portal in floor 60 for example that can send you back to the surface or from the surface to floor 60 if you have reached it.

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This story is one of my most favorites that I have ever read, from Royalroad to Webnovel, I've been reading stories for years. I've loved how this story showed me the gradual change in the MC, how his hard work made him grow stronger physically and mentally, however unfortunately, the story ended up following the usual harem template... I'm not saying that harem stories are bad, in fact I love a lot of stories like that, however when every character introduced is a romantic interest.. no, more like a sure fact that the character is immediately gonna join his harem... Because for some unknown reasons they immediately fall in love with him and act the same way as every girl that has feelings for him, relationships between the MC and the female characters are either Harem member, possible and future harem member and non-harem member, not a single friendly relation. The story quickly became bland. Also there's no friendship between the MC and any other Male character, in fact there's not a single interesting guy that the MC can befriend. The weird fact is how the female characters always end up falling in love with the MC in a matter of days, there's no developing and gradual romance in this story with the exception of veeerrrryyy few... I like some of the girls because of their personalities and gradual development, however for most of them, they just pop out like popcorns and the MC ACCEPTS every single girl that says "I Love You" as if they've had enough interactions to fall in love... and he can never say no. I love this story, this is why I'm frustrated with how it is developing. .. though I'll keep reading hoping that it'll get better, I'm just sad it developed that way.

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The story started out quite well, it was interesting, it had action, but it turned to sh*t at the 200 or so chapter mark. I mean don't get me wrong, your writing quality and updates are still awesome, but the way you introduced the heroine's from Danmachi was in a word slutty. They became generic Dating Sim gals on easy mode. They easily- no brainlessly fell for a pathetic guy who can "Emphatize" with them. In 3 mere months nonetheless. (F*ck! I can do that, hold my beer) I won't go into anymore details about this as I've already read a few reviews that were more specific about this topic. As for Vahn, I just plainly don't like him. You have great skills author, but Vahn is ****. He's just a cheap knock off of Bell. Without his plot armor "The path" he can't even compare. He's just a sad child that didn't know how to belong in the world, but somehow became a great socialite that could get every heroine(although braindead) to bed with only a few interactions. Give an autistic person a chance to reincarnate as a normal one, then give him "The Path", a handsome face and a large dick. I guarantee he'll do a better job than this faggot. Anyways, Writing quality - 5 Stability in updates - 5 Story Development - 1 (because 7/10 chapters are more on Vahn's daily life flirting with who knows how many girls especially in the early chapters) Character Design - 1 (You designed Vahn enough said) World Background - 1 (Danmachi is a great world don't get me wrong, but it's nothing new. I already read about it in the original don't want to read the same thing here) Overall : 2.6 Little advice bro, criticism isn't bad, you can learn and grow from them. But if you insist that everyone is wrong and you are right then you'll never be number 1.

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Just read it... The author keeps things steady, let's just say he has a great foundation. He is even making his own plot. E.E I suck at reviews... Just read it person who is reading my review....

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At first I was good for the fights! Character development: Ok The reason for giving 2 star: Harém, are too many members in the harem! Ok Vahn, it's a white paper! Even so, at every meeting with the girls, at least some of them were already members of the harem! It is all good to have presented visions of each one of them. But I do not think this justifies this harem! System: I did not like it! It gives you the feeling that you're restricting MC! Well, not that he is, for he is not! That's all I feel! Action and adventure: At first I was enjoying this, I know the purpose of this is the battle of Vahn's social life! But even so, if you can incorporate more of Action and Adventure into the future, it would be great! Romance: None! At first, it is by the harem that it exists! I wonder ... if it merged [Enkidu], the Emperor's Domain, and Vahn's blood, would it extinguish the Divinity of a God permanently?

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Endless Girls : Infinite Harem :( Writing Quality = Amazing Update Speed = Like a Speed demon But unfortunately, even though author makes such well-written characters. Why does he have to add almost every girl into the MC's harem? I don't mind harem, but if girls just for some reason just keeps falling inlove to our MC and other men are almost nonexistent, the story feels dull. Especially as if the story, the MC's character is driven accordingly to his harem. I don't even care if his harem gets left out if he travels other worlds, infact I'd be rather welcoming of that idea. I really like this novel in the beginning, it was very fun. We see our MC grow up, shape up for every encounter. Our MC desires *******; to have fun, but he seems binded again albeit not to chains but to his harem.

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Writing Quality is top notch, really nice read. Stability Of Updates are probably the best on this site, not going to lie. Fantastic job. Not going to give credit where's it is not due, author only designed a couple characters fully. World Background is danmachi. As far as Story Development... every chapter after chapter 100 is him flirting with some girl with sprinkles of danmachi drama here and there. I mean overall i still read 550 chapters of this book and it was a great binge but you can only read so many chapters of Mr.Hands

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Look author I liked your story up to chapter 30 and a few, I gave some chances for the story is continuedi to read, more know already is in chapter 70 and still you did not leave the danmachi, in addition to the MC still be so weak that comes to discouragement. I then stopped reading, more from what I saw and the revisions of the story, is still in the world of danmachi, and his story came in chapter 500. This is insane if I've ever been discouraged in chapter 70, do you imagine I read until the 500? Damn I'm just wasting my time, in my opinion you've spoiled the story since Chapter 30, for a ****** reason. Women trying to change the cool way of the protagonist. This was not to my liking, you instead improve the MC, spoiled it completely, until it seems the story of 'Heir to the world' the only difference is that it does not have NTR. I just wanted to give my opinion, nothing against you, author plus your story totally discouraged me, even left me with depression, I had never seen an MC that started legal, more fic ...

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Author ... I have to say. Although it was good every chapter ... it's just that it turned out to be a harem road! I came to read because of the dungeon, equipment forge, recovery of torture caused in the past life and finally find the woman he loves! But as I said this became a path to large-scale harem! Overall the writing, launch stability is great, the story was good up to 100 chapters, but over time the trip to the dungeon got rare! We hardly see combat with the monsters and after that that had to stay 3 months without entering there I stayed down! When Vahn entered that orb, I even thought I was going to learn Magic Erebea ... it just never happened ... And he reincarnated there not only to recover from the trauma caused in the past, but want to protect himself, have to stay stronger than anyone, there is no logic to continue being weak not to protect everyone, although at some point he goes to others universes, at least make him cold and calculating, if they do not provoke me I do not kill them, but if they do I will kill them! If you read Immortal Renegade, you will see how good this personality would be in Vahn, Wang Lin was once innocent but could still be strong base of innocence? Not Okay, I already wrote something that did not have it here!

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Just rename it Endless Impregnation Path: Infinite Harem Relationship Cosmos. Seem very spot on. For any story-wise chapter there is 5 to 10 relationship drama with harem that author think helps bild his hero character. Vahn is no hero, every ounce of his strenght is there becouse it was basically gifted him from birth. Vahn was detained for his super blood is a heroic deed that got him over9000 carma and a super cheat, seems cool right? But he basicaly done nothing, its not like its his choice to save people with his blood or not, for what reason its his good carma, if so, doesnt that mean that every cattle out there will have amazing carma, they sacrifise lifes to feed us, dont you think? There you go, we got emotionaly handicapped person with cheat pover as a hero and next 200+ chpt 80% time various girls(basically EVERY one in danmachi universe it seems) will shape him to be of some use.

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It's a great story. Though most people are turned off by the fact that the story so far doesn't take place in a "popular" anime, I think it's full of creativity and different from all the other ones fan-fictions you'll see on this site. Definitely recommend it.

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This is my first comment and im the type of reader that usually stays silent and create an account for the sole purpose of reading. I know that author would probably critizise me (like seriously i have read some of the bad reviews and none of them is heartfully accepted by the author which kinda ticks me off since most of what they write is kinda true or similar to what i have in mind). So moving on to the reviews, like most people said it starts off quite well in the first 100 chapters but quickly goes downhill as girls quickly fall for him for no apparent reasons (except for some of them), probably the moment they met tiona, aiz and others from the loki familia. I understand if its only Tiona since she is an amazon, but for the others like aiz to fall for him so quickly is kinda inconsistent with their canon characteristics which kinda disappoints me. It also disappoints me that author makes all the notable girls in that world to fall for him and makes the story terrible as there are too many girls falling for him and making the story goes out of hand. Moreover, since vahn is still in his first world i can’t imagine how bad it will be when he goes to other worlds and have all the girls throwing themselves at him like whores and taking all the notable girls within that world like danmachi ones. I think author has some talent for writing action since the action scenes are really quite good in my opinion so i think its a shame for the author to drop the action and focus solely on slice of life. Author also have good writing skills and grammar since they are easy to read and understand with only very few mistakes.

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The first 100 chapters were fine. A few bits that made it obvious author was finding their feet with the writing, pacing etc. A good mix of character growth, leveling up, fighting, etc. Pretty much what I was expecting. But then. Oh dear god. It's almost like the author's bad-romance-obsessed twin took over or something. A *hard* veer into pure fluffy harem land that's lasted about a full length novel. Holy cow. It's the literary equivalent of trying to finish a bottomless chocolate milkshake. Nice when it's accompanying a good steak or burger, but after a while you get a brain freeze and go into a diabetic coma. That was about 30 chapter ago, and it *just won't stop*. Not to mention, the harem just keeps growing. I'm not sure why the author has the MC trying to go the Solomon route (1000 wives and concubines) but that seems to be the case. So instead of legit character development with some sort of defined story-arc, it just blends together in this repetitive merry-go-round of dates, fooling-around, and an occasional bit of (not very good) emotional drama. It's like watching a bad soap-opera. I have no idea why or how the author thought this might be a good idea, beyond possibly catering to a patreon base which can't pick a best girl (or three-five) and instead gave us *this*. When it's harder to keep track of your characters than in George R.R. Martin's ASoIaF, you've messed up. We passed that territory dozens of chapters back, and *just kept going*. After a while, it looked like the author had recognized that problem and was going to (finally) bring things back in to the story I started reading. Even the characters were discussing how this story-line had become the literary equivalent of a cultivation novel's heart-devil. But no, it was just an excuse to focus on *yet another* "best girl". I'm also unsure if the author has spoken to a girl. I'm not exactly the moral champion of monogamy, but poly relationships are like chemistry; any reaction which requires more than three individual (molecules) coming into contact at a time gets *very* improbable, and adding people is an exponential issue rather than a linear one. In other words, finding the right(ish) girl? 1 in, say, 20. Two of them? 1 in 400. More? How much are you going to strain our belief... ... Not to mention scheduling issues. Even if they double up they'd get less than a night a week. Love's not an assembly line, and if you think it is I shudder for any partners you might have. At this point, I'm scrolling through, hoping to find the end of this interminable harem bonanza before my patience with the story evaporates entirely. I am impressed by the sheer quantity the author has managed. But perhaps a bit more thought into the story itself would keep the quality a bit higher. The author is capable of it, or at least managed a full novel's worth of it. By sheer fluke seems unlikely, but I wouldn't dispute it if someone said it was written by someone other than the more recent parts. I'd like that first part, the part that's kept me going through chapter after chapter of this rom-trash, to come back.

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I am having a real time continuing this story, it is frankly boring and super cringy. Almost every chapter I end up cringing, this novel seems more suited to a young audience rather then anyone with any amount of maturity... rather then action and a struggle to grow and improve it seems like everything just falls into his lap, especially women.

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A Masterpiece for the first novel this author created, it has been so many years since i read something with a writing and description top-notch, combined with a amazing history and protagonist. And the Author talks and comment everyone like he was truly happy for his work and feedback. Anyone who puts this effort deserve respect.

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