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Eternal Life Begins with Taking a Wife

Eternal Life Begins with Taking a Wife

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Author: Cucumber Lover


4.33 (71 ratings)

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Transmigrating to the Immortal World, Shen Ping has been cultivating as if he was walking on thin ice for more than twenty years, but he didn't have cheats and had ordinary qualifications, so his cultivation progressed slowly.
When he finally decided to give up completely and become a loser to enjoy the world... Come on, chicks!
Right after his night of satisfaction, he looked at his lovely wife who was curled up like a kitten in his arms.
[You have diligently cultivated with your wife for one night, gaining talisman-making experience +10]

[Current wife affinity 60]

[Bonus: 0]

[Talisman Master: First Order Lower Grade (1005/1000) Breakable]
He then realized that the way he opened the world of immortals was a bit wrong!


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    please don't be harem. I hate it when a title clearly shows there is only one love interest but then out of nowhere 10 "accidents" happen and he has 10 wives all of a sudden.

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    Unlike most novel, this one is rather believable. The mc is a middle age uncle with poor cultivation and timid. The first 20 chapters are about the struggle of mc to rent in more secure area. No massacre, no unbelievable cultivation method, no son of heaven and no instant leveling. Even the neighbor is an aunty. Heck, even the most dangerous situation is a serial killer targeting a widow. Tldr, the struggle of uncle mc SoL with weak dual cultivation as the golden dinger.

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    Read raws and this is just amazing...................And if anyone knows how to find lasst weeks books her plz tell.......................................

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    I have read up to chapter 200 in the raws and this story is amazing. It is much more slow paced and slice of life then most of the translated novels here though which may be off putting. It is harem but still has actuall romance in it which is super rare in these types of novels. The romance feels impactful and help drive the story. There is also a lot character growth and changes in character as this novel shows the passage of time for the main characters and side characters. Unlike many cultivation novels which are a constant blitz ahead this one seems like a long winding journey. This is probably my favorite novel webnovel has translated. There are downsides though which is mainly translation. This is because the story uses a lot of metaphors and similes that don’t translat perfectly. I do however over highly recommend.

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    As a person who read the raws, I don't recommend it. Just don't. If you want to save your BrainCells then do yourself a favor. If you're an experienced reader you've probably seen this Plot/Setting already. But this one is much worst.

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    This one isn't horrible to read, however as a harem hater this does lose a bit of points in my book. As of chapter 20 there isn't too much world building and time passes at a decent rate, the characters while not completely dull do feel sort of lifeless especially his wife and dao companion who barely even have any dialogue so far. Overall though an ok read.

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    The objectification is strong with this one... It's rather unfortunate that one of the actually good translators is busy with this novel, but as good as the translation is, the model of femininity depicted here is despicable at best and made me drop it in Ch 5. If you don't care about the better half of our species or like it if woman do not get any personality, individuality and freedom, the MC has a rather slow start and does not get any overly op abilities - as of yet - which is a welcome change in the current trial read. Well, too unfortunate for the rest.

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    Synopsis: Cultivate by sleeping with wife Readers: 24 reviews (one of the highest reviews in trial stage) and 4.5 rating (again one of the highest rated in trial stage) 😂 will update ratings again after reading

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    Please put these series back into the Voting Pool. Naming Technique of the Night Drawing Cards With My Lifespan: Starting By Gamifying Reality Spirit Realm Walker

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    For Writing Quality, for me it is already good enough for reading so that 5 star, in story development, it is slow in the beginning and it will progress more faster at the later chapter so it alright for me (for the one who want to know when it will begin, it was on 200 chapter in the raw, to be exact when the MC arrive at True Treasure Pavillion Headquarter), and for me that another 5 star (yeah I don't have any prejudice with story as long as it is didn't scream plot armor at every moment with bad storytelling). For character design, don't bother, even I who read the raw didn't know what appearance they have (the MC, and his wives, and his acquaintance), I only know their name, so that 3 star for me (yeah it was my pity to grade that high). For updating it was 5 star just because the author still updating the story till this day (the raw at the moment is 313), yeah you really want to grade it 5 star because of that. I already have enough of author who drop the story out of nowhere. For.world background, sadly there wasn't any detail enough beside the usually cultivation info, but it will be better at 250 chapter in calamity arc. So overall it was 4.4 star from me. If you like slice of life with enough realistic kind of experience in cultivation genre then do try to read this, after all you will know that this will mostly focus in slice of life cause of the title, if you want a battle kind of novel, this is not yours taste

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    Hahahahaha I love this book. Title is poor though. Author you should rename this as ‘Dao of 10,000 euphemisms’

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    I want mc to be more bold but this is good. But this kind of slow story need to be long and mc character need to grow after some time. Waiting to read more.

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    Chapter 7.. Harem. Harem is pure trash. Writing quality should be translation quality which is just enough to not get brain damage. Story development is meh. Character design is inconsistent. Update Stability is essentially free stars. Since this book is bad 1 star. World background barely even started, don't know enough so average 3 stars.

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    till this moment i love the way story developed. I hope it doesn't dissapoint me . Hope to find raw

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    this is quite enjoyable, there's no young master that randomly hates MC at every corner,and nothing is over exaggerated,MC develops slow and steady,and is quite cautious,he will not go out of his way to endanger himself for others,and the problems he faces are quite realistically portrayed I highly recommend this💯

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    I'm gonna write a proper review for this webnovel because it deserves it.I've been following the english translation of this since somewhere around chapter 90. And I do not regret my choice. The only regret that I would harbor towards this novel would be the fact that it's too good. Too something that I have been looking for. Too perfectly tailored for my taste. Well, let's start this review step by step.Writing Quality: Chinese really are masters of literature. Readable and easy to understand. Not MTL since it shows that the translator really put effort into delivering the correct translations for this novel. Though, the xxx scenes might be a bit confusing since the author doesn't really go into detail into it that much and just makes it vague, leaving us with poems to strengthen the foundations of our Dao.Story Development: Not too slow and not too fast. Necessary time skips appear from time to time and pushes forward the progress of the story and it does not feel rushed at all. It slowly dives and unravels the cultivation world around him but also at the same time gives us a sense of longing of what will appear from the next chapter.Character Design: Have you ever heard of Han Jue? He's basically him but hornier (in a good sense since it's necessary for his development). Cautious, clever, patient, caring, thoughtful, and determined. You may call him dull and boring but he's a true cultivator in a realistic sense. Those who call him that may have gotten too used to hot-heated and impulsive MCs who always offends everyone he meets before being betrayed.Updating Stability: They should release at least 30 chapters a day to satisfy me.World Background: Vague since all he do is stay and cultivate in his courtyard. What we have gathered so far was basically from the cultivators that he conversed with. Han Jue version .5 basically.

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    This is a honest review it started pretty good.I read for the harem aspect its purely fiction afterall.Anyway after 300 chapters it kinda derailed.At the start it was thrilling how he trys to save his family.Then when he gets too powerfull it kinda lost colour after 300 chapters.The system is useless and his harem becomes bland.Im not hating it was pretty good early chapters i was gonna rate it 4.5 when i read it upto 45chapter but the more u read it the more bored u get.

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    Why no update for these 2 days? Please don't stop

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    Yo author, i have been following this series from chapter 200 or so. everyday i wake up early, just so i can read the 3 chapters every morning. and this is the only novel i have been so consistend to read every day. i don't know what is happening this week for you, to be so inconsistend, but i hope it solves itself fast, so that the chapters can keep coming. i hope this is not like all the other novels where after some time, the consistency of the chapters keeps dropping. I shall pray that that shall not happen.

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    Why the inconsistent update? I follow this everyday

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    Author Cucumber Lover