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Author: Cocooned CowTranslator: CKtalonEditor: CKtalon


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With the strongest experts from the 33 Skies the Human Emperor, Lin Ming, and his opponent, the Abyssal Demon King, were embroiled in a final battle. In the end, the Human Emperor destroyed the Abyssal World and killed the Abyssal Demon King. By then, a godly artifact, the mysterious purple card that had previously sealed the Abyssal Demon King, had long since disappeared into the space-time vortex, tunneling through infinite spacetime together with one of Lin Ming’s loved ones.

In the vast wilderness, where martial arts was still slowly growing in its infancy, several peerless masters tried to find their path in the world of martial arts. A young adult named Yi Yun from modern Earth unwittingly stumbles into such a world and begins his journey with a purple card of unknown origin. This is a magnificent yet unknown true martial world! This is the story of a normal young adult and his adventures!!


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    Author and Translator’s Thoughts

    • CKtalon Translator

      Hello, everyone! CKtalon here. I'm happy to collaborate with Qidian on the novels, True Martial World and Absolute Choice and I look forward to posting at my regular pace in the past. Through my interactions with the authors of the said works, I'm very happy that they can officially be given their due recognition to more foreign readers.

      True Martial World (TMW) currently has more than a thousand chapters released and translated. It is one of the few Chinese web novels out there that is translated nearly in sync with its release in China! It is written by Cocooned Cow, who wrote Martial World (MW). TMW also happens to be the sequel to MW, with some connections happening mid-story. It is of the eastern fantasy genre, meaning there are lots of eastern mystic elements. The storytelling is meant to be a rich, detailed and logical and it tells of a young adult named Yi Yun. He comes from modern Earth and had stumbled unwittingly into a world where strength reigns supreme. He begins his journey to the peak of existence with a purple card of unknown origin!

      If you like a story about adversity and wit, embellished with humor, you should definitely follow TMW!

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    One of my most favorite novel... ^-^), The story is well done, everyday reading for each chapter is enjoyable.. goodluck and thank you for translating..

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    Website : qidian china Views : 7.52 million Rating : 8.2(447) Chapters : 1333 Status : ongoing Word count : 3.32 million author rank : platinum

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    tl;dr - used to be good, now it's crap that either makes no sense or is wasted chapters praising how much better the MC is than everyone else TMW started out really nicely, the world was well made, and the characters interesting - until about chapter 500, when I realized it's the same characters, with the same issues, same challenges - with different names. This used to be my favorite novel, but it's gotten so repetitive and monotone I can barely force myself to read it. The Author's original Martial World (it's on Wuxia World) is fantastic, but it seems that he's out of ideas, and simply wastes whole chapters sucking up to the MC, showing how cool he is, keeping calm at all situations and has the devil's tongue, rendering everyone speechless with his witty answers, instead of progressing the non-existent plot. It appears the author simply makes things up as he goes, and has no concrete idea what he wants to do aside from adding infinite plot-armor to the MC, to show he is infinitely better than everyone else in the story. Also, like several other reviews mentioned, it appears as if no one aside from the MC has a functioning brain, speaking for no reason and doing dumb **** only to prop up the MC, to showcase his incredibleness. So far I'm still reading, hoping this novel will crawl its way out of the hole it dug itself.

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    So for anybody who is wondering, TMW has signed with QI and has withdrawn from WW. So this is indeed the same novel, True Martial World. On another note, this is one of my favorite LN and you should give it a shot. 1000+ translated chapters so far :D

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    Ok so for translation quality and update stability they both get a high score as Cktalon is a beast in those areas, next story development, this story started nice and got drowned into its own fillers people don't realize it when they read bulks of chapters but when you read slowly you realize the author is just trying to milk it and add a lot of unnecessary things, pointless interactions and fodders. Character Design : as in alot of other CN's the characters are bland and lack realism and life overall it seem they are just puppets that present us the show. World Background : Meh, author tried a replica of Perfect World at the start but he lack the imagination of Chen Dong and his eloquence in describing his world, it end up looking like a game path where mc has to go from area A to area B in full boost without caring about neither of those areas in depth.

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    For those who are planning on read True Martial World all of these 1 star and spam you see is from some of the WuxiaWorld community that is upset about Cktalon leaving them to come here.

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    bit.ly/3LyRF1N 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

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    Is this the same tmw as the one on wuxia world? What happened?.............................................................................................................

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    The main reason I gave this novel such a low rating is that the author seems to constantly forget about previous things that YY has learned and/or characters that contribute to his power ups. One key example is his aspect totem, the 9 neonate. It is supposed to grow along with YY since it is a "beast mark of life" which allowed it to go through a heavenly tribulation back in the Tian Yuan world. However, nothing has happened to it since then. YY has grown multiple realms (nearly 4 full realms if I'm not wrong), but the 9 neo is still at the 1st tribulation which doesn't make any sense. He has eaten how many high level resources and nothing made it go through the 2nd tribulation? I call BS. Another example is the godly OP bow he received from the God Advent Tower spirit. From what I remember, it was made from divine beast parts which is on the same level of his 3-legged golden crow(don't quote me on this, didn't feel like re-reading that whole arc for this review). YY could use around 5-10% of its power when he was at the yuan opening realm(again, don't quote me on that), but he has never even touched the bow since leaving the Tian Yuan world. It's almost safe to assume that the author completely forgot about the bow entirely. Lastly, I gave this novel this rating because the author once said back when this novel used to be on GravityTales that he would flush out the main story within 500-800 chapters. This notice was around chapter 550 or so, but I have yet to see where the main story is supposed to go. I can see that YY will fight with the White Lunar Empire soon and obviously win due to plot armor and 1337 hax, but nothing about what happens from there. There is no big bad enemy at the end of the tunnel, no dark forces watching from the shadows, nothing so much as an inkling of knowledge on who/what YY will be fighting to end the story. I guess you could say that I've been waiting for something to be revealed and yet I feel disappointed every time. You could take my rant/review for a grain of salt, but this is just how I feel about this novel. I've been reading almost since the beginning, and I've just longing for the author to come up with more story telling that doesn't involve near useless random/stepping stone characters. Thanks for your time. :]

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    Ok guys i love all the novels here and i am so grateful for the authors, but after reading About Qidian intents to take down Wuxiaworld, their attempts to destroy the community of novels i cant support this app and their page, i am so sad, good luck.

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    Good story with nice character development, just a shame that Qidian has started with ad crap, i will have to drop this and 2 other novels i read on Qidian since i refuse to watch ads just to read novels, a shame really. If they want money they should get it through paypal/Patreon or through REAL bonus chapters and not the daily releases, what a joke.

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    Two words: THE BRICK! Five stars just for the brick. Fancy divine heavenly sword? Pwned with the BRICK! Peerless dragon tooth sabre? Pwned with the BRICK! Unholy trinity devil blood spear? Pwned with the BRICK! Too manly for proper weapons. Just hit with the brick. ^^

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    Very goo 💲💲💲🔰🔰🔰💣💣💣🔮🔮🔮☀☀☀🍄🍄🍄🍥🍥🍥🍙🍙🍙🍣🍣🍣🍶🍶🍶🍺🍺🍺🐙🐙🐙🐉🐉🐉🐣🐣🐣🐢🐢🐢🐀🐀🐀🗿🗿🗿🗻🗻🗻🏭🏭🏭♨♨♨🚶🚶🚶🔝🔝🔝🔚🔚🔚🔚🔜🔜🔜♋♋♋💮💮💮💯💯💯🔞🔞🔞⚠⚠⚠🆓🆓🆓✴✴✴✳✳✳✔✔✔💥💥💥🔥🔥🔥💫💫💫↕↕↕↔↔↔↘↘↘↙↙↙↙⤴⤴⤴⤵⤵⤵⭐⭐⭐🌟🌟🌟❇❇❇✨✨✨🌠🌠🌠〰〰〰〰♠♠♠♦♦♦♣♣♣🔘🔘🔘

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    Well this story is all about reincarnation, transportation into another world, weak to strong, etc. The translation quality is excellent................................................ Stability of updates is erratic......................................................... Story development is smooth and slow with a lot of fillers......... Character design is nice, the description of character gives one vague idea of the character... The one thing I like about author is the way he/she (can't really predict what's the gender by name Cocooned Cow 🐄🐄🐮🐮, anyway) builds up the suspense......................................................................................... And lastly the world background..... It changes every time after approx.50-60 chapters................................................................... The novel is a lot fun. Although some pennisless vaginal (for males) and vaginaless pennial (reffering females) readers troll the author, ignore them after all, as they say shit about author and still read the novel, SO THEY ARE ACTUALLY EATING THE SHIT THEY CREATED.

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    I really cant understand how its possible for this novel to achieve a raiting like that. I mean are all the people that are putting a raiting out there even reading the same novel i am or have they even read half of it? Now let me start with my honest and (as far as possible) objective opinion. First of all even after all the harsh things i did say so far im not saying that this novel doest deserve any attention as the story in itself is pretty enjoyable to read. Otherwise i would not have read it for more than 1400 chapters. The thing is im not willing to put a 4-5 star raiting out there for any n novelovel that doesnt make my eyes start to bleed. As you can see i dont have anything to criticize about writing and update quality. The world background is also pretty good in my opinion. The big problem is the story developement and chatacters which in my opinion are the most important parts about a novel. The thing is the problems here are not easy to ignore. The author pretty much create a new stage for the mc every arc and discardes it completely afterwards. Items, abilitys people he met are completely forgotten a few chapters after first mentioning them. The timetable doesnt make any sense either at some points and important aspect of the story are just ignored from one moment to another. Sometime its like reading one filler after another without context between them. Obviously some "forgotten" things are easier to ignore than others but its definitely bad writing either way. The author just creates too many loose ends and doesnt bother about connecting them afterwards. Some examples with spoilers: •The bow he could only draw up to 10% because he was to weak will probavly never be drawn further because its never mentioned before. •The evil energy + demon puppet just disappeared •His totem and all about it •His avatar •the fact that xinton got first in that ancient battlefield 60 years ago. How the fuck should that be even possible if protagonist is struggling for survival (as always) even now? •and my personal favorite the cultivation supression while beeing inside that ancient battlefield. Progressing only in story because of that supression and few chapters later its suddenly gone without giving a fuck. These are probably not all the problems but definitely the most annoying for me. It might also be possible for me being wrong about some of the mentioned things but all in all a novel with problems at its core should be at a 3.something raiting as a good read while being bored and not 4-5 as there are enough outstanding novels that dont get anny attention. Btw im not a native eng speaker so im sorry for butchering the language here and there.

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    Yi Yun will always have a place in my heart. One of the most memorable characters I've seen. Reading his adventures always brings a smile to my face. Thank you CKTalon and Cocooned Cow for bringing us this great novel!

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    One of the coolest Xianxia novels I've read. It's much better the prequel Martial World. The translation is also excellent!!

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    I like it even if die i came back become ghost for read. I don't have word for tmw. I can say if u read start to last translated chapter you will like. I like lonely mc with harem i love it i am selfish i need selfish mc.

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    Instead of progressing the story, author is showing his writing skills by explaing every single event usi g 2 chapters, MC sneeze and 2 chapters gone, MC sh** and 3 chapters gone,MC wipes his a** 2 more chapters gone.... end of your week!

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    One of the coolest Xianxia novels I've read. It's much better the prequel Martial World. The translation is also excellent!!

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    Author Cocooned Cow

    Translator CKtalon

    Editor CKtalon