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Eternal Temptation: Awakening Sinful Desires

Eastern 290 Chapters 1.9M Views
Author: Slow_down

4.91 (17 ratings)

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[ Try giving a read to the first 15 chapters, only then decide whether to read further!!!]


Asher, got the shock of his life when, under mysterious circumstances, he got a second chance.

As he ended up in the body of an 18-year-old, named Asher Blake, who was from the Same World which he was acquainted with.

However, even if the world he was in was the same as before, this was a Cultivation World, where the strong ruled over the weak.

Armed with his natural talents and a powerful cheat, Asher dived into a journey that was packed with Temptation, Seduction, and Mystery.

Along the way, he found himself being accompanied by a bunch of Women, each with Unique Kinks and Powers of their own.

As Asher continued his journey to explore this Crazy World, he succumbed to his Desires and had to face tough Moral Choices.

Amidst all these challenges, Asher learns that in order for him to survive in this world, he didn’t simply require his strength, but something more than that!


- NO Yuri
- NO Netorare.
- There will be MILFs, so you can expect Netori

Cover Art is Created by AI.


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    • Translation Quality
    • Stability of Updates
    • Story Development
    • Character Design
    • World Background

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    Shameless Author Review: I hope you enjoy my story, and I'll do my best not to waste your time with a dull plot. Character arts are available on Discord. Please give Votes and Reviews. Thank you!

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    so I've been reading this novel for about a month started reading it on a free trial and have slowly been using my free passes to keep reading it. This novel is a great read perfect balance of character development plot and the Gentlemanly stuff. MOST READ!!!!!!!

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    There are too few chapters for a proper review, so I will review it again when there are at least 150+ chapters. Writing Quality: I have not seen any mistakes so far. Maybe there are few, but they haven't been obvious enough for me to spot. Stability of Updates: 2-3 chapters a day is amaizing. Story Development: So far we haven't seen much, since there are only 30 chapters, but so far so good. There is a good twist with him reincarnating in his original world, which I haven't seen before and find interesting. There is a lot of potential there in my opinion, so I am looking forward to it. Character Design: Again we haven't seen much so far, but there aren't any red flags so far. The characters have to be fleshed out more. The first villain (if you can call him that, since he got dealt with pretty fast) was well written, since I really wanted him d*ad when reading about him, so job well done there xD. Main character and FLs have to be explored more for me to give opinion. World Background: Nothing much known because we were busy with MC's revenge. This is probably the one thing that we least know about so far, and I hope it gets expanded soon. Overall it has good start and I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes. Don't expect an extremely serious novel, since there are a lot of lemons, so read it if that's what you're looking for.

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    I would like to comment on my point of view. 1. The truth is I didn't understand very well about the astral nexus core, is it a dimension? or something similar. 2. and I would say that until now he has focused more on looking for women instead of training his techniques or increasing his cultivation level and I say this because most people complain that he does not advance the plot. 3. but well so far I have liked how this is developing and I hope there is a balance.

    View 8 Replies

    What are you waiting for? Go read the book.

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    story was good up to were I stopped I liked how the orphanage was saved by the mai n Character

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    LV 10 Badge


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    so far it's good enough for me, I can't review it since it has only 19 chapters needs more chapters but so far it's good.

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    I liked this Story so far. It's Good. Keep it up. 👍[img=recommend]

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    Good start and Lemons are interesting.[img=update]

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    Here for a good read. And that's just what I got.

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    this Novel is awesome but the discord link is outdated so can we get a new one?

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    This is great so far for my first read and cant wait for more updates. Does anyone have any recommendations that is like this one? Thanks in advance.

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    This book has a great story that keeps you interested.

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    words aren't needed in the face of culture

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    Quality is good. The story is good and entertaining. I had a problem with a few things, one where we get extended background and cut scenes for characters that a minimal affect and fhe cut scene could have been skipped. Second is the mass intoduction of characters at the sect brings the progress to a halt. My last is the extended fluff and repeated extended descriptions of already introduced characters. I am talking of chapters that are 1/2 to 2/3 of fluff with progress of 2 or 3 sentences. We had a whole secondary story of a play the MC was watching for 4 or 6 chapters. I ended up just skipping the play and didn't lose anyrhing to the actual story.

    Reveal Spoiler
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    It's awesome, Smut is done wonderfully, the plot seems interesting along with the characters, I am looking forward to reading more of this novel,

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    Author Slow_down