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Falling in Love with the King of Beasts

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Author: AimeeLynn

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[COMPLETE] Reth stalked towards her, chin low so the shadow cast by his hard jaw cut across the thick fur collar of his vest. His hair had fallen over his eyes in the scuffle, so he peered at her through it like a lion in the grass. With each step, his graceful, rolling gait reminded her of a predator stalking its prey. Despite the forest floor littered in twigs and leaves, he didn’t make a sound.

“Wh-who are you?” Elia stammered, backing away, her hands up. He met her step for step until she came up hard against the tree behind her—and didn’t stop until he loomed over her, so broad his shoulders and chest made a wall in front of her. She could feel the heat rising off his skin in the cool, night air.

“I am the Leonine King.” His voice was a dark, husky gravel. Behind him a chorus of wheezes, howls, and chirps of agreement rose from the people watching. “And you are?”

“Elia,” she breathed.

“Elia,” he growled, leaning in closer, bringing with him the scent of pine and rain and the musk of something distinctly male. “I am Reth.” He said the name with a strange, guttural roll in his throat. “I am the King of Beasts. I am Clan Leader, and I am Alpha of WildWood.” Several snarls rose from the crowds behind him then, but he ignored them.

Elia swallowed as he leaned in until the scruff on his jaw rasped her cheek. “I am the King,” he said, “And you will be my mate.”

The forest behind him erupted.


Elia is a poor university student until the night she's taken to the world of the Anima—ruled by humans whose ancient hearts pulse with the blood of animals. There she's forced into a battle to the death. But when Elia survives, and refuses to kill her final opponent, the King must either kill Elia himself, or take her as his mate.

Reth, the brutal King of the Beasts with the blood of lions, shocks everyone when he chooses the weak, human Elia to become his Queen. He promises her every comfort of his wealth and position—but he is clear: She will not warm his bed. He chose her to defeat those that were trying to corner him into blending his Leonine line with the Wolves.

Elia needs the help of the Anima to become stronger and rule them well. But the vengeful Wolves see only a weak human that brought them shame. As Elia and Reth grow closer, the wolves are determined to destroy her. Will Reth and Elia admit their feelings for each in time to fight for the Kingdom—and their lives—against the villainous wolf-tribe? Or will the wolves kill Elia and steal the throne?

[Mature content - no sexual violence]

Cover Art used by paid copyright permission. Illustrated by Aenaluck--see more gorgeous art and support them on www.patreon.com/aenaluck

Parents Strongly Cautioned
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    I cannot believe I waited this long to read this book. I added it to my reading list a couole of months ago because the plot sounded interesting, but I thought it was a typical werewolf book (and that genre is something I’m not really drawn to). So, I didnt read it until last week. And IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT. It gripped me from the very first chapter! I could not “put the book down” until I was caught up with everything. This book has love, drama, tastefully written love scenes, suspense, and more! I fell in love with all the characters in the book, especially the ML and the FL and their love for each other. The ML is a very strong and dominant character, yet very tender and loving. I also like that he has a very strong sense of what is right and wrong. The FL isn’t a dominant but I like how she sticks to her beliefs, and values even in the face of death, and living in a new world. But, she also tries to respect, and understand the new culture thrust upon her. So happy I found this book and author. I love her writing style. She pulls you into this world and makes you feel how each of the characters feel. She builds this wonderful world, and sets the pace of the story wherein it doesn’t feel rushed but also doesn’t feel drawn out. It’s a great little escape from the real world 😊 I cannot wait to see what happens!! I already know this is one of my favorite books because I’ve already started re-reading it😆 And while I wait for the updates, it’s time to expore her other books. I know I won’t be disappointed. P.S. I don’t know who cares about grammatical errors, but I do especially when reading something. The book probably has a few but I don’t really remember them, which means I wasn’t stopping, and editing/correcting things in my head while reading. So not only is the book amazing in the sense of its content, but it’s also a very easy, and smooth read 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

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    I have read so many werewolf/beast stories over the years, and none of them have been as compelling as this one! The author has not only created a diverse world, full of traditions and rich dialog, but also developed characters with tenderness, flaws, intelligence, and a realism that's very difficult to come by in this genre! I cannot thank the author enough or recommend this beautifully carved novel enough! 💜

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    I absolutely love this book and auther. The way that she developed all the caricatures is amazing and her progression of the story wonderfull. I couldn’t help to love each of the good people, hate the bad and be angry at all of them at some points. Once you are drawn in you can’t get free until the end…then you start looking for Aimee’s next book.

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    What a great read!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀. I wasn’t trying to find another novel I am reading a few at the same time. But this Novel was included in recommended reading! THANK GOD!! I am hooked. I’ve spent all my coins and getting more!! So excited!!

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    Genuinely my favorite story here on Webnovel so far - maybe my favorite in this genre ever. It has everything I love - beauitful understanding and incorporate of things like animal behavior, gorgeous descriptions of the world its set in, insanely - i mean INSANELY - hot scenes that are written so naturally that you can practically see them happening, a strong female lead, incredibly devoted love, really witty and fun conversations, wonderful friendships, important meaning and takeaways, mysterious plots against the couple, surprises, and - of course - the most drool-worthy male lead ever. Like for real. Reth.... 🤤 Read this book!

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    I was going to wait until I knew more of the story (I’m less than 30 chaps in) but I keep writing comments that are way too long so clearly I’m already too involved emotionally. My review might sound bad at first, but bear with me, it’s not. So far I like Elia, she’s taking all the shit thrown at her like a champ. Reth is still on probation, but it’s only because I fear his kingly duties might force him into some poor decisions. As a man, he’s been nothing but sweet and respectful and hot, really hot. I’m really looking forward to how their romance unfolds. I think that part will be amazing and sweet. I hate everyone else! Of course that’s because I’m completely empathising with Elia as the author intends, and so far the only good thing that’s happened to her is that Reth is a good man, who understands human ways enough to show her respect in a way she understands. I’m still waiting for someone else to show a slither of sympathy to Elia. It’s only been a day in the story, so I’m hopeful. The reason for my hatred is simple: beautifully maintained world building. The Anima have a culture that is utterly foreign, and they make no excuses for it. They have their ways, and Elia (along with the reader) is expected to keep up. And the whole experience rubs me the wrong way. Elia’s own human ways are ignored by most, and that denial of her is painful to me. To the point that I need to make long comments where I complain about how they treat her. So yeah, so far it’s a painful if interesting read, but mostly it’s painfully real. Because it’s what culture shock feels like when you’re alone and scared. And I’m really impressed that the writter can ellicit such a raw feeling in me. Honestly this just shows how good of a story this will be. Because a book that can make the reader feel strongly both good and bad emotions, has the potential to be great.

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    I just fell in love with this story and the author. I love her writing skills and the characters. More strength to you author Aimee and more ink to your pen 🤗 I'm rating this book 5.0 whoo! 🎉

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    I’ve just finished chapter 25 and i can’t wait for more, I’m loving this story so far, I’m finding myself checking for updates all the time, I might be getting addicted to it! I’m excited for when she remembers him!

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    This novel is amazing. The concept is something I've never seen done before, it's refreshing and enticing. Not to mention the incredible imagery and story that the author provides. The characters are also well thought out and all have their own distinctive personalities. Overall, it's a brilliant read and always has me coming back, wanting more.

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    Binge read 40 chapters in about a day. totally obsessed. everything you could want from a book. strong storyline, world building, and characters! So excited to see where this journey leads. definitely cannot go wrong with giving it a read!

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    What can I say but, WOW!!!! This story grabbed me by the ears and pulled me rIght in (see what I did there 😉). Very nicely paced development, and a very interesting story line. I devoured these first 50 chapters in a few hours, and they left me yearning for more of Elia and Reth![img=update][img=update][img=update]

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    This story has me on edge and I cannot wait for the next chapter. The authors creativity and writing ability make this book a must read. Keep up the great writting Aimee!

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    🥰🥰A very great and interesting book. I can not wait for more Cant wait to see how there story plays out? And all the different clans so interesting

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    Ooo I like this one a lot!! For me the most alluring aspect of this novel is the dynamic between the characters. There is so much potential in each of them and in how Reth and Elia will grow and develop together. The author characterizes them so well it's almost as if I can feel their aura through the text. Hmm I would describe the writing style so far as mesmerizing. Then again, I feel like my appreciation of Reth's nature (gotta love a respectful mans) skews my opinion of the story a bit. The air of mystery, or perhaps the intrigue of the unknown, contributes to the charm of the story in my opinion. Also it’s probably just me getting too lost in the story, but I somehow feel undercurrents of primal nature in the tone of the story. Again it’s probably just me being me. I will say though that the world building part of the story is a bit overwhelming. But I must also mention that the overwhelming feeling magnifies how Elia must have been feeling in her situation. Plus my brain was simply unprepared to envision such a vibrant, detailed world. All that being said, I truly enjoy this novel and look forward to how it will progress. (Oh also I haven’t read any of the author’s other works, but I must give them kudos and appreciation for what I’ve read so far. Much love!!)

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    I’m an avid reader and am thoroughly engrossed with this book!!! A female character that has strength and not a comokete damsel in distress. can’t wait to read more from this author!

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    keeps getting better as time passes....would love longer chapters though and more updates....seeing that we are working so hard[img=recommend]but iverall a great book..hope the author goes all the way and not abondon it though..i would like to continue the journey we have started...

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    great story plot and a unique concept...love the thought of a different cuture and of course hiw the males are at the females judgement regarding the choosing...good work author

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    I never imagined giving a review so early on a book but this story has bewitched my heart! Definitely it has a great story line and perfectly written! I love the fantasy created, the characters, initial plot that gives an enchanting atmosphere. I strongly believe that the ML and FL complement each other with the portrayed personalities. This book has become my new addiction and now it's seems that I will be desperately waiting for releases. Kudos dear Author for this wonderful start!!! 💖

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    I like the author's writing style. This book is fairly new but I'm pleased with the story so far. I hope FL will become a stronger person down the road because I dislike weak FL but with all that happened to her from the start of the story her behavior is understandable.

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    I really like the idea of the story and the idea behind the pure one selection and the barrier and all. like how even though he wants to tell her everything he chooses to stay silent and protect her for now and wait for the right timing. Am looking forward to the part where the past is revealed and she accepts him. He sounds so sweet and sensetive.

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    I thought I reviewed this story already but it looks like I haven't! Aimee had done a great job describing the world she sees.This story takes you on a journey to experience their trials and tribulations. Keep up the wonderful job Aimee! ♥️💕💖

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    Author AimeeLynn