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Life is full of dangers in this world, only the strong have the right to raise their voice. A world filled with countless creatures, fighting for a single thing.

How can a boy who walked out of the lowest region fight in such a hegemon with a sealed dantian? He who vows to kill the heavens learns about his true enemy, prepares the strongest War legion, and conquers the Universe.

He holds the system, condenses the god force within the dragon elephant's body after passing through endless reincarnations. He is ready to fight, he is now ready to embrace beauties, he is ready to blow war horn for his legion.

Let's read the legend of Xia Long Fei who is determined to achieve Eternal Life, not knowing what does it means?

His talent surpasses Heaven but he is not satisfied, he wants to grow until when he will never have anyone above.

The system, High-Fantasy, Action [Detailed Battles], Martial Art, Adventure, Cultivation [Unique Cultivation Arts], Handsome MC, Weak to Strong, Bloodline, Martial Spirits, Divine Vein, Naive to Smart MC, Ruthless and Polygamous MC, Overpowered-MC, OP-enemies, Beast Companions & Monster Pets, Multiple races (Vampires and so on. etc.), Mature (Above 18), Immortals, Gods, Demons, Supreme Artifacts, Real-life based Gods.

: Though content might contain real-life things, but everything inside is fantasy, so they might have the same or different history in the story.

If you want to know more about the Cultivation Arts, Bloodline, Martial Spirits, and Daos, then follow me on discord :https://discord.gg/g9VUbAQ3.

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    Don't me mind the stars. This is the review after we reached the last volume. This novel itself for its own story is too bad. My character pacing was too bad, the world background wasn't explained, updates were not stable, story development was way off the mark. As for the writing quality, don't even get started on that one. But actually, I got a pretty damn good idea and this idea is going to save this novel. I have started a series 'Eternal Series', I've got the idea for five stories including this, while a total number of stories will be eight. Fighting For Eternity is going to be the first and the last story for this series. This story holds much more than a casual story. It holds the idea, spoilers, and background for other stories. So I suggest reading it if you like the first hundred free chapters. My second book 'Magic and Martial War God' and the third book 'Eternal Faith' follow a different yet connected story with Fighting For Eternity. So you can read the free chapters on all three stories and then finally decide whether to read it nor not. Of course, If you don't read one of these novels while not reading the previous one, it doesn't matter. You just need to enjoy and if you can't find enjoyment, drop it.

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    Each chapter is as long as twice or thrice of normal fantasy novels. Though I read 90 chapters only, it took me 2 days to do so and I think that much must be worth 200+ ch. Also the story and plot is awesome. I love OP and here it is OP. Moreover it's balanced as the mc also gets to suffer a lot but this is what makes it intriguing. The mc has potential to surpass the heaven itself as the heaven were fearful to even seal his talent. (That in itself shows the enormous potentials it has). The novel also has many twists and turns like how he got other bloodlines from System, how he got new physique in lucks and opportunities and there were events out of expectation, like the betrayal of his adoptive grandfather(to which there is reasonable story as well). Most importantly, The mc knows when to take heed of system and so it's not dependent on system. The MC's hardwork is more provident as you read the chapters and understands that Mc has the determination and understanding that only he himself can become stronger. I don't think that giving arts and techniques to others is bad since every mc has his friends, brothers or subordinates that they bring to the top in a cultivation level, moreover once you read you will realise the it's not that much OP techniques given to other, compared to what our Mc itself have. With the best world building you could ever have, I already have the general view of the Martial world, also called outer realm, only by reading the 90 chapters. The universe is the world they live in and there are outer realms where mc is born, also dragon realm, heavenly realm, and wonderful plot along with that hidden in a story where the heavenly realm is the plotter villian of his parents and him. There is also that Nine heavens and ten Earth mentioned by a random war spirit which could possible be past life mystery. Updating stability is awesome, It only took me two days to finish the novels but author released 4 chapters in that time, leading from the growth of ch90 to 94.. Also the author is talkative and answer your queries, he is tolerating the cricitism and answering to that! He is the best author you could get.. Moreover as you slowly read, you will realise the awesomeness of growth type novels as the MC's personality slowly changes.. As for writting quality? You could hardly get spelling or grammatical mistakes, equal to impossible. Hmm I'll only say this, for me this novel belongs to the best of the novels in my heart. You might feel dissapointed with the turns of events and sometimes unreasonable but what you don't know is that, there is no unreasonable acts in the novel! and if you continue reading, everything will be slowly revealed, just like a wonderful art of revealing.

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    This is one of the best books Ive ever read so far, I like the story plot because of how the main character have the strength equal to the heavens. Kudos to the wonderful creativity of the author.

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    Whoa! Really a unique style of writing, I must say, this is my first time reading this kind of fantasy genre and it was super intriguing. The way you describe the scenes are lit and yes, even the plot itself is interesting. I would recommend this book to all Fantasy lovers! Enjoy, and thank you Author!

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    The plot is a bit unique as most cultivation novels with a heaven defying protagonist don't have transmigration in it as well. But I haven't seen much reference to the transmigration aspect in the initial chapters, as in character doesn't behave like a 21 century person, he's very used to the new world. There are several noticible grammatical errors. I'm not sure if that is due to lack of skill or just due to rushed writing, because the author updates very often. The general writing is a bit off in some parts, not sure if it is intentional

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    World of cultivation, strong prey weak and our main character got a deal in his dantain. He got system and many other powerful resource. This little bad since many character is given so much resources from start but if author explain it well then it will be a good novel

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    Another non Chinese author trying to write a Chinese book with nothing new except the system and doesn't realize a lot of people have gotten tired of the regular Chinese cliche.

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    the story is good with and the world cultivation is on point. i am not familiar with the Chinese culture but it wasn't a problem to keep up! good job!

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    thanks for your hard work so keep up with new chapters and updates of your great work. Hope you don't drop this story and also update and post new chapters for ALL of Your SSTORIES.

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    World of cultivation, influential victim sickly and our main character got a proceeding in his pain. He got conformity and many other efficacious resources. This little dangerous since many characters are given so many sources from start but if the author explains it well then it will be a conforming novel.

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    A fantasy novel isn't my strongest genre, but I like this one. The synopsis is intriguing and can attract readers who are into fantasy. However, I recommend the author to explain well those that needed an in-depth explanation for the sake of those who don't understand the terms used in the novel, besides Webnovel has readers all over the world. A few mistakes, but it's a good book. Keep it up, mate.

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    I have not read the book completely but I am truly impressed by the dedication of this man. He is writing an eastern fantasy, which mainly contains Chinese fantasy and he is writing it in English and he is born in Nepal.

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    The plot is very intriguing. I like how it started. It shows the author's writing style and imagination. I highly recommend this to anyone who are into this genre :D Great job author-nim :D

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    Shameless Author here, with a shameless review. I wrote a novel recently, which is Call of Ring. It was my very first attempt at writing, and there may be some mistakes and errors in it, but I still feel extremely proud of it and enjoy it thoroughly. Please give my story a try and leave some comments for me. Thank you! https://rb.gy/5s05wc

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    Hey there! Here are some web novel recommendations for whom share the same taste with me. If you like this story, my recommendations are worth a try! https://docs.google.com/document/d/19R5KkqHOOHSMDkF4fHscVmxWcYGh0OntYsv8NglzsQo/edit?usp=sharing

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