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3.78% Fighting For Eternity / Chapter 8: Beast attacks Stone Village

Beast attacks Stone Village - Fighting For Eternity - Chapter 8 by Sabin_Subedi_Fei full book limited free

Chapter 8: Beast attacks Stone Village

Fei face was pale when this information was transmitted to his brain.

He flows black dragon fist art; his body creates extreme pressure. His blood was boiling, muscles were aching, the bone was stiffing. A large amount of Spiritual qi spurs out of his dantian to his fist.

Unlike his blue qi, this qi was black; it was refined through the black dragon aura changing its color.

Fei raised his fist and punched a tree in front of him.


Fei's fist blast the stem of the tree into pieces and the upper part of the tree fell.


"Damn" Fei was really shocked when he finds out its power.

"Holy molly Fist art is powerful but it consumes a lot" Fei face turned pale and half of his qi inside dantian was used.

'I didn't reach Body refining tenth layer but I am feeling overpowered right now' Fei thought and mover using five lazy steps to run away.

Fei didn't even dare to check his sword move, without wasting a breath he moves towards the stone village. Now he was approximately three kilometers away from the end of Sky High Forest.

He looked at his pet space and saw a White lotus sleeping. While running he asked the system "System what should I do with flood dragon bones, muscles, and blood?"

"Host can use System forging to upgrade Black sword with flood dragon bones. The system can also forge a soft armor for the Host with flood dragon muscles as for blood Host can use it for cultivation or alchemy. 'System warring without spirit fires or higher realm fires doesn't refine flood dragon blood'"

"Ok upgrade sword and forge an armor," Fei said

"Deducting 125 divine points" System rang and turned silent as for Fei

He was using five lazy steps and running at fast speed.

At the time in stone village

"Ah" a middle-aged man cried before he could say anything else his heads were cut off by a wolf claw.

Everywhere beasts were attacking common people but doing nothing to the cultivator, it's almost like cultivators were ignored unless they attack themselves.

After knowing that beast was attacking common people, most of the sects didn't pay attention to except some people who had the heart to save others.

"Brother Zhao stop those monsters from left, Sister Qin stop those monsters from the back. I will stop them from the front." A white and clothed teenager yelled and slash his sword toward a huge bear beast, cutting it in have from the neck.

"Eat my fist" A big robust teenager clenched his fist and punched at the wolf monster in front of him bursting its head.

"Sky ice sword" more than hundreds of ice swords were condensed in the sky, it was a speculating view.

Under the hundreds of Ice Swords were hundreds of monster beasts.

"Fall," Cold beauty in blue dress said.

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With her words, hundreds of Ice swords from the sky were falling and piercing hundreds of beast under it.


Blood spattered everywhere but there was no sign of a decreasing number of monster beasts.

Although many sects didn't care that much but still post a mission that inspired some of the sect disciples to take part in it.

Of course, the number of disciples was near to thirty.

The white cloth swordsman's name is Xiao Zhen from Peerless Sword Sect. The robust dude was Zhao Tan from Peerless Sword Sect. Almost of them were from the Peerless sword sect except for cold beauty with slender falling hair.

Her name is Qin HuiFang from the Ice Crown Sect. Naturally, both sects are from Xu state which is why they were here.

In addition to them, there is also a five-element sect where Fei is joined.

"Kill" By the act of Xiao Zhen, Zhao Tan, and Qin Huifang, other disciples with them fired up and start attacking them.

After 3 hours, of running, Fei finally reached the end of Sky High Forest.

"Finally out of Sky High Forest" Fei took a deep breath and said

"Let's continue" Fei was again using 5 lazy steps and moving forward, he heard "Brother, wait"

He looked back and saw five cultivators nearly at his age. But their strength is Qi Refining 4th layer and the one who called him is Qi Refining 5th layer.

"Hello" Fei politely said

"Hi, my name is Zhao San and these are the brothers of my sect. We are going to the stone village. We previously saw you act which inspires us and my big brother is also there so we thought about going to the stone village. In the way we thought we would catch up didn't expect, you to choose a different route. Finally, when we saw you out of the forest, we thought we could go together." Zhao San politely explained.

He was wearing white pants and a blue shirt on the top. He was good looking with short hair. His height and body were also short.

Others also look nearly the same except for their height and body weight.

"Oh, then please come. By the way, my name is Xia Long Fei." Fei politely introduced himself.

Then they start their journey to the stone village.

"Brother Fei, which academy are you from?" Zhao San asked on the way while running.

"I am from the five-elements sect and you guys?" Fei said then asked

"We are from Peerless Sword Sect. Since our sect is closer to the stone village, it releases a task for us. But not many people apply. Brother, you are not sent from the sect with the task, right?" Zhao San make guessed and asked Fei with a smile

"Yeah, I was in Sky High Forest. I just heard about beast tide previously" Fei said

"Brother Fei, since you were in Sky High Forest did you see thunderbolt 1 and a half months ago?" Zhao San asked with bright eyes and expectation of getting answers

Fei was shocked at first but soon recovered and said "Yeah I did see it but the power of thunderbolt was too high. I didn't dare to go near it. But I got some clue that a person passed that thunderbolt."

"Really, did you see the person, who is he? How strong is he?" Zhao San was like a kid asking questions to Fei with stars in his eyes

"Well I didn't see his face but his strength should be very strong," Fei said in the awkward face after all, How can he explain the person who was passing thunder tribulation was him? He shook his head and run

"Yeah, he should be very strong to pass thunderbolt. It must be at least Law condensing Realm." Zhao San murmured in a high voice.

"Boss your imagination is very high, even if it is law condensing realm cultivator, tribulation shouldn't be such horrifying," A chubby face boy said

At that time Fei was a little shocked hearing about the law condensing realm. After all, he was so busy, he only knew about Body Refining Stage, Qi Refining Stage, and Soul Refining Stage.

He knew before but now he forgets those names. All of his attention was on how to a breakthrough the tenth layer of the Body refining stage.

He looked at Zhao san asked, "Brother Zhao, what are the realms after the Soul refining stage?"

"Brother Fei, you don't know" Zhao San said in shock, others also looked at him in shock

Fei was embarrassed by their look but still said "I was in Sky High Forest for 2 years, I didn't know much"

"Brother Fei, you are so strong but why are you in body refining layer seventh; you are in the ninth layer now" Zhao San frown and asked Fei to look at his cultivation realm. When they were running, Fei speed was not much slower than theirs.

A few days ago when Fei killed that person, his cultivation was in body refining layer seventh and many around him saw including Zhao San and his group.

So what shocked in so much is that Fei cultivation increased two layers in just ten days.

"Ahh, I had some opportunities on my way" Fei rubbed his look embarrassedly and said but didn't explain much.

"Oh, that's why?" Zhao San also didn't ask seeing Fei not explaining about his question.

But Zhao San continued saying "After Soul Refining Stage is Awakening Realm. In this realm, the cultivator awakens his spirit roots attribute and martial spirit. It is divided into three stages namely: Attribute Stage, Initiate Ability Stage, and One with the Martial Spirit Realm. At the attribute stage, the cultivator awakens their attribute from nine elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Metal, Ice, Thunder, Light, and Dark. From these Light and Dark are rarest, Ice and Thunder are also rare, and commonly seen attributes were the first five elements. Of course except these cultivators can also awaken other attributes such as beasts, weapons, nature, etc. Then comes the initial ability stage where the cultivator can gain the initiate ability of his martial spirit. Lastly is one with Martial Spirit which increases the power of cultivator by merging with martial spirit."

Zhao San completely explaining about one realm in one breath and again continue "After Awakening Realm is True Qi realm, where Spiritual Qi is transformed into True Qi. It has a nine-layer, with each layer amount of true qi stored in dantian increases when it reaches a hundred percent is the peak of the ninth layer. Unlike Spiritual qi, true qi is very powerful, not only can that true qi also increase the power of martial arts by a certain range but it also heals cultivator faster."

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