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18.18% Fighting For Eternity / Chapter 46: Five Element Holy Mountain Trail

Five Element Holy Mountain Trail - Fighting For Eternity - Chapter 46 by Sabin_Subedi_Fei full book limited free

Chapter 46: Five Element Holy Mountain Trail

Turning the body into fire seems overpowered since a physical attack won't do any damage to them but if it is spiritual attacks then it would hurt the entity ignoring the fire.


At that time, a fire inside his body fired up like an explosion.

Inside his consciousness, the red fire appeared like an explosion, it erupts inside his consciousness trying to leak out. And it did, red fire leak out of his sea of consciousness spreading throughout his body.

He felt his concept of fire is rising like a star.

Level Four Concept of Fire Peak

Level Five Concept of Fire Breakthrough

Level Six Concept of Fire Breakthrough

Level Seven Concept of Fire Early Stage

His concept of fire reached level seven early stages which were a huge breakthrough. It will be a huge help for him in the fight. His intention is to access Fire Intent. If he can create fire intention, he can use it on sword-like sword intention.

His fire body has become a huge help in his overall strength. Now with his body, soul, and qi, he can fight against the soul refining stage completely even if they are geniuses. Well, at least this is his guess.

Of course, Fei obliviously won't rely on his fire body every single time. Fei also has many points to consider like the dragon elephant scroll in his consciousness. Nowadays it's vibrating so much making fei unable to concentrate some times.

"System physical status" Fei commands in his mind and a blue panel which only he can see appeared.






Stats Points- 0'

'Cultivation Arts- Supreme Dragon Elephant Secret Art, Ancient Heavenly God Force Art, Soul Reincarnation Eternal Evolution Art'

'Auxiliary Arts- Holy Heaven Pagoda Art, Ancient Chaotic Dragon Transformation Art, Star Core Flame Body Tempering Art, Nine Elephant Spirit Secret Art, Mountain and River Body Refining Art'

These were his current status. His strength has increased but more importantly, his endurance and stamina doubled. Without thinking too much, fei walked out of the pagoda.

Today is Outer competition day and the whole sect is fried up excluding the inner court or higher-level court. Fei walked out of his room, finds fatty Lu waiting for him on the door.

"Brother Fei, you're finally out. I thought you are going to miss this competition" Fatty Lu seeing, fei sigh a relief, he knows fei doesn't like other disturbing him on cultivation, nobody likes that so fatty Lu was worried a little that fei wouldn't arrive on time.

"Hehe little late, let's go" Fei chuckled walking out of the house with fatty Lu.

Fatty Lu and Fei walked for ten minutes reaching a big ground. Standing at the big ground, there were countless disciples like fei, looking at a higher stage where the examiner will appear. There was a big mountain on the east side. This was Five Elements Holy Mountain. This is for the test, one needs to walk as higher as they can to get a better ranking.

This was the first trail and there is a total of three trails. First being Five Elements Holy Mountain, Second being Azure Forest and third being Fighting Arena.

Five Elements Holy Mountain is a place where all disciples climb. It is like walking but each step causes tremendous pressure on a person. Five Elements Holy Mountain contains a different array that produces gravity, soul pressure, and five elements.

There are a hundred steps and only those who climb up to sixty are eligible to move forward. After all, there are more than fifty thousand outer disciples participating and only five hundred can be selected as inner disciples.

While fei and others were looking at the stage, some peoples were flying in the air heading towards the stage. One by one, five elders with different faces landed. First was a middle-aged man like a bodybuilder, standing with a solemn face in red color rope. The second was a lady beautiful as jade with a charming smile in blue rope. The third was a short height guy without any facial expression standing on stage in gray rope. The fourth was another normal-sized elder in white rope. Finally was a slim guy with silver rope.

They were five different ropes representing five elements. Red represents fire, Blue represents Water, Gray represents Earth, White represents wind and Silver represents metal.

Seeing these elders flying, there was a wave of discussion in-crowd.

"Are they elders?"

"Of course they are otherwise how to do you aspect us to compete?"

"They can really fly"

"Yes I have heard inner disciples can choose spirit level art and there are some flying arts on a spirit level. I really want to try that"

"You think it is so easy, First enter inner court"


While disciples were chattering, elder in red rope coughed turning everyone silent.

"I see everyone is enthusiastic but not everyone can pass. There are nearly fifty thousand and only five hundred can enter inner court so do your best"

Red rope elder turned silent, and then the silver rope elder speaks "Everyone here should know the rules but I will still review it. There are three rules: first is you can't abandon or kill anyone, second is you can't use external power pills and third is you can take others earning"

Everyone nods their head including fei.

Seeing that, the silver rope elder turned silent, and the gray rope elder starts "You have to go through three trials to be inner disciples, first is Five Elements Holy Mountain. It might sound easy but once you start walking, you will understand pain. There are two rewards on Five Elements Holy Mountain, first is on the eighth step and the second is on the hundredth step but the second reward, until now no one has got. To pass this trial, you need to climb up to sixty steps at least"

His words were cold turning many of these disciples frighten. Seeing it, blue rope elder chuckled and said "Now, now everyone doesn't need to get frightened. It is not very hard just need a better body, qi, and soul"

Finally, the white rope elder speaks "Okay now that first trail is explained, everyone is given half an hour to get ready. After that you can start climbing, there are no rules except you can't take rest for more than ten minutes at a time"

This sounds little relief since one can at least gather his stamina taking rest for ten minutes.

Everyone nodded and sat cross leg to be at their best.

Fei did the same; he sat cross and thought carefully how to increase his stamina and endurance. His goal was the hundredth step but it will be very hard if he can't come up with some.

Since he chooses his goal, he will achieve it.

After thinking for some time, he finally thought about a perfect idea. He immediately runs Dragon Elephant Art and supplies magic power from the dragon elephant phantom into his body. Usually, spiritual qi can't regain stamina that's why people eat food.

The main reason why they can stay without eating for a long time is that they temper their body so many times that it could hold a large and large amount of stamina in each cell. While cultivating they do not use even one percent of stamina for single unless they do other activities rather than cultivation.

Spiritual qi can't regain stamina through magic power isn't the same. Magic power can increase the amount and restore stamina in a blink of an eye but using magic power to restore stamina might degrade his body cells which would make his foundation unstable. Unless he practices Dragon Elephant Art to second stage Dragon Elephant Spirit Body where his body cell will transform with the power of the dragon elephant.

On the second stage, his body will totally change into the body of a Dragon Elephant not shape but his body quality. He would be able to do a bunch of different things with his magic power like restoring stamina, increasing short of endurance to three of four times higher.

Now he can't use magic power to increase endurance by such folds even one level higher would be hard but it does increase his attack power, defense, and speed. It also increases stamina and endurance but to some extent only.

Fei directs magic power into his cells but doesn't activate it. Magic power contains powerful energy but once fei activates it, magic power could only hold for some time providing user endless power. Now fei doesn't want this since he needs energy for a long time not short. His cells got full of magic power but that magic power isn't activated still it contains enormous energy leaking out of it.

Magic power can be transformed into a different state. Now he is not activating magic power so they transformed themselves into a liquid state which is why pure gas is leaking out of it. This pure gas is not a pure magic power which is why; it can't show the true power of magic power. It can't increase his attack power or defense but it increases his stamina.

This wasn't his own idea instead he got it from Linger. She explained this idea to him. Fei body doesn't have many changes instead he is supplied with endless stamina. It is not restoring his stamina but an increasing the amount of stamina in his body. With this magic power inside his body won't end quickly and he can try his best to reach the peak of this mountain.

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At the same time, a bell ring indicating their time to rest is over. Now the first trail starts.

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