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16.98% Fighting For Eternity / Chapter 43: Picking up another fight

Picking up another fight - Fighting For Eternity - Chapter 43 by Sabin_Subedi_Fei full book limited free

Chapter 43: Picking up another fight

Fei and fatty Lu were walking to a big field on the ground between different mountains. This was a place for outer disciples to reside. In the middle of the big field is Arena where the Outer court examination will hold.

Fei didn't visit the inside arena instead went towards a big building with a Library written on it. Fatty and Fei didn't go inside the library, they went at the front door where an old man was sitting for disciples registration. This old man was wearing white clothes and had white hair and a beard. He looked taller than fei but he was sitting so no one can determine his height.

There needed two points for registration, first is disciple shouldn't stay at outer court for more than five years and second is disciple should at least reach Soul Refining Stage.

There weren't many disciples around the old man. Seeing fewer disciples, fei and fatty walked at front bowing a little saying "Disciples wants to register"

"Name jade" Old man didn't think to make many scenes and spread his right hand.

Fei and Fatty Lu took out their name jade and put it on the old man's hand. Name Jade is important for disciple's identity. It looks like stone shape glass in white. It records there total years of in the sect, martial arts they choose, and many more.

"Hmm, you can register" Old man put it on the stone where at the middle points a place where jade can be stored. Its shape was the same as well it contains something talisman around it which can identity Name Jade.

Talisman is a very important job on this continent. Since talisman could defend, analyze, attack, and escape, it is the most versatile object to keep. It is a very respectable job and fei also wanted to practice talisman. But now all he has to do is focus on entering the Inner court.

Taking back name jade, fei and fatty walked away from registering a point.

While they were walking away, they heard some cruel words aiming towards a girl "My young master gave you enough time. From now you belong to my young master"

Including fei and fatty, other people around them also heard and listen with interest. They heard a small cry from a girl "Your young master gave me twenty days, now it is only ten days. There are still ten days to gather money. Why are you forcing me?"

She seems scared in front of two rough-looking guys. They were buffy and look strong. When they hear her, they frown and said: "But you haven't even earned half and my young master told us to you brings you." Saying it, one of them stretches his hands trying to catch her hand.


A figure in the speed of air appeared in front of a rough guy and caught his hand.

Rough guy startled and tries to pull back his hand but he couldn't so he shouted in anger "Who?"

"Aren't you guys bullying too much?" The figure who caught a rough guy hand was none other than fei himself. Fei was a little angry with such bullying and no one wants to come forward. When fei merges with another soul from earth, he got some ideas about Rules and Regulations followed in the earth.

Of course, there were some bad people but most of the people living in the earth were living in harmony. Fei also wanted to see such a world even if this is the world of cultivators; common people without cultivation shouldn't be bothered.

"Who are you? And what this got to do with you?" The rough guy saw fei and sense his cultivation then he shouted in anger.

Fei was just the Soul Refining layer first whereas he was Soul Refining layer third and fei dare to act in such a way, he was very angry. The reason why he was so angry wasn't because of fei but his own arrogance. In the world of cultivators, most of the peoples are very arrogant and if they got a chance they will always bully weak.

"It doesn't matter who I am but you shouldn't bully others so much," Fei said and let go of his hands.

"Oh yeah, then I am bullying you" Rough guy sneered since his fist was released, he didn't talk much just punch at fei.

Fei didn't dodge or attack, he just caught rough guy fist with his hand like its nothing.

"What?" Rough guy startled and tried to force to release his hand.

"Ummmm" Rough guy pull hard but wasn't successful.

Fei found little funny looking to the rough guy who was jumping and trying to free his fist. Fei sneered and press his hand a little.

"Ahh" Rough guy felt little pain and shouted in a small voice but most of them could hear him. They started whispering all around.

"He is suffering in pain!"

"But why? It is clear that the handsome guy realm is lower than rough guy but why is a rough guy suffering?"

"Are they playing a show here?"

"But they were clearly bullying that girl before so how could they play a show?"

"Who is this guy?"

"I have never seen this guy insect before"

At that moment when everyone was whispering, one person who looked the same age as fei shouted "He is Xia Long Fei"

"Who is Xia Long Fei?" Most of the people staying were new so they didn't know this name before.

"He is a legend. It took him eight months to reach the peak of body refining. On the way, he never fought people with the same level strength as his. He always fights leapfrog challenges and always wins. When he was as Body refining ninth layer, he fought against Qi refining first layer unfortunately later he couldn't proceed to Qi refining and was labeled as trash. One year ago, he did his entire one year task in advance as leave sect." One of the disciples who were the same age as fei explained

"But didn't you say he couldn't reach Qi refining stage. So why is he in soul refining stage?" One of the new disciples asked

"Hehe, he succeeds and got back to the sect, now if those guys learn about him, what is going to happen," the Previous disciple who explained about fei said in glowing eyes.

Hearing them fei didn't felt much difference but rough guy sweated in fear. If he hadn't seen fei cultivation, he might still have some courage to face fei but now, he doesn't have any courage.

"Xia Long Fei doesn't mess around. Our boss is awakening realm cultivator" Rough guy whose hand was caught by fei shouted in fear.

"Oh!" Fei made an exaggerated expression in O shaped mouth. Then he sneered and clenched his fist punching at rough guy stomach.


With a large sound, a rough guy falls on the ground.

"Awakening realm so what?" Fei made an arrogant sound with his strength.

Fei walked near another rough guy who was standing motionlessly and asked "How much does she have to pay?"

"Itt's one hundred and fifty spirit crystals" Rough guy saw his partner lying on the ground with heavy injuries; he could only say anything in fear.

Fei didn't talk much, took out a hundred and fifty spirit crystal in a cloth bag. He throws in tough-guy face and said "Go away"

The rough guy didn't have any courage to reply; he just picked up his partner and ran away.

Fei slowly walked towards the girl and said with a bright smile and confidence "Sister, you're problem is solved but if he still harasses you. Then you can contact me inside sect"

Fei then moved away towards fatty Lu and both of them start retreating towards a different ward.

"Brother Xia Long Fei" Girl was in white clothes, she was beautiful but not much as Luo Xe. She had little tears in her eyes. She felt burst in her heart. It was a very comfortable feeling for her like security. She didn't move from beginning to end. She also heard others gossip. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

She was a little tall, as she moved away to different ward murmuring fei names in her heart.

At this time,

Fei and fatty Lu reached a small house. Fei was filled with emotions since he left this house for the whole year. This was the same house where fei used to stay. Both of them moved inside the house, when he heard a call from a girl.

"Young Master"

Fei had reached at the door when he heard a sound, he turned back and saw a small girl, height nearly reaching fei chest. She got two dimples on her cheeks and had a round face. She was wearing a pink dress. When her eyes stare at fei, tears started falling down. She didn't even hesitate and moved in fei arms.

"Young master you're finally back"

Fei felt a burst of emotion in his heart. Fei also caught her in his arms and while rubbing her hair said "Sorry for making my Huan'er wait"

Her name is Long Huan but fei simply calls her Huan'er to show intimacy.


Fatty Lu couldn't see Huan'er clinging into fei arms anymore, so he coughed and blink his eye to correct their position.

Long Huan's face turned red like burning sun, she looked down and said in a small voice "Young master must be hungry. Hunter will make food for young master" Saying it, she runs as she was chased by someone.

"Haha" Fei finally laughed

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