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20.75% Fighting For Eternity / Chapter 53: Thunder Emperor Palace Map

Thunder Emperor Palace Map - Fighting For Eternity - Chapter 53 by Sabin_Subedi_Fei full book limited free

Chapter 53: Thunder Emperor Palace Map

"It took long enough but at least it's successful now. I didn't think black bead would give me sky swallowing beast blood essence. It is thoughtful of it. Well as long as it doesn't bring any damage to me, I will reluctantly accept it." Fei murmured after he checked the interface. He knows black bead must have its own spirit that's why Fei said those last words.

At this moment, inside black bead space everywhere was covered in blood. The black-figure was floating on the air, just when it heard Fei muscles on its head twitched showing an angry look.

On another hand, Fei was completely unaware of it, learning Five Elements Spiritual Art. He uses the system to learn it. At first, Fei didn't understand why to create the Five Elements Origin but after reading texts, he slowly began to understand.

He finds a reason to create the origin of five elements was to upgrade his physique when resources are enough. Yes, Five Elements Spiritual Art has a way to absorb plenty of five elements rare treasures and to upgrade it. This was something unexpected to him. It wasn't that Fei is unaware of the matter of devouring. It's just that Fei didn't think such a unique way would be in earth ranked art.

After all, bloodline, physique, and martial spirits are something that can't be upgraded unless they were already top-level martial spirit but due to lack of energy, they could reach its true rank while awakening like a Yellow Dragon Martial Spirit.

So even if there is a way to upgrade, then they must be at least divine level art or even taboo art. So it was hard for him to imagine such art being earth level art but when he reads further, he understood why this art is earth level.

Because it grows up with Five Elements Physique, so in a way when he reaches earth rank physique then, his martial art will be heaven ranked. Five Elements Spiritual Art was divided into three parts: Physique, Cultivation, and Five Elements.

Physique refers to upgrading his physique, so there are various pills and herbs that are required which are written on it.

Cultivation refers to the absorption of spiritual qi from the surrounding. It is also a qi cultivation art.

Five Elements refer to fire, water, earth, metal, and wind. There are many ways of increasing its quality inside dantian even its realm like the concept to intent which is all written on the Five Elements part.

Fei starts cultivation. He intends to increase the quality of his five elements. Fei was quietly absorbing spiritual qi from the surrounding. Spiritual qi was sucked in by his spirit roots then it follows towards his dantian. But when it reaches inside dantian instead of getting towards his spiritual roots, it was sucked by an orb. This orb was a mixer of five different colors i.e. red, blue, gold, gray, and white.

It is Five Elements Origin. After it was sucked inside of it, different five elements qi were produced. IT was pure Five Elements Qi. After it was produced, it got sucked by spirit roots. Now Fei doesn't want to increase his cultivation so he let five elements qi to be stored inside spirit roots.

With this, now he can produce a better quality of five elements qi. The quality of qi also determines fighting power. Now Fei relies on his body most of the time so he needs to temper is qi more.

After practicing Five Elements Spiritual Art, he stood up and walked towards the fourth box. This was an interesting box. He circulates the Five Elements Spiritual qi inside his body. His spirit roots start pouring five elements qi out it.

Five Elements Qi passes through his meridian reaching his fingertip. Fei touched the box with his finger and the box opened.

"hu" Fei sighed a relief then bend a little to look inside. He saw a jade in it. The moment he touched jade, it releases a ray of light piercing through Fei forehead entering his sea of consciousness. Before even Fei could react some information appeared in his mind.

This was information about Ancient Thunder Emperor Palace. This information reveals in ancient times, thunder emperor who could control the power of thunder was the strongest emperor. At a great war, he died. But before he even participates in the war. He builds a Thunder Palace.

This thunder palace includes his entire heritage. Including this, jade also informs about two different topics. These two topics were from the Five Elements sect ancestor. First was the reason for his senior sister to turn against him. The reason was simply that he found the thunder palace map.

Yes, this jade contains a map of thunder palace and without a map, one can only depend on his own luck just to make out of that palace alive which shows the importance of that map. No wonder his senior sister will turn back against him. The next information is about his family. He only had one thunder and a wife.

Although thousand years have passed, with their cultivation as long as they don't get into any accident they may be alive. So now Fei needs to reach them to inform them about him. This sure was a pain in an ass but Fei couldn't complain after getting so much of benefits. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

After closing the fourth box, he walked out. He reached the place where Yan Chufen and others disappeared. As same as them, he also disappeared. The next time he appeared was on the ground. He looked around and saw some figures.

He saw some elders, a fat man, and a middle-aged muscular person. He immediately realized their identity. The fat man was the vice sect master and the middle-aged muscular person being sect master. He walked near bow a little said "Greeting Sect Master, Vice Sect Master, and Elders"

Middle Aged Man nodded seeing Fei wasn't an arrogant person; he coughed a little saying "Xia Long Fei, from now one, you are a pro disciple of Five Elements Sect. We won't enquire about the rewards you get from Holy Mountain. Since you are promoted to pro-disciple you will get some rewards. You will get a Blazing Dragon pill, a hundred middle-rank spiritual crystals, any spirit rank top tier cultivation art and three spirit rank middle-tier martial arts, five awakening pill, and one spirit rank middle-tier weapon."

Sect Master continued "You can also choose me as your master"

The sect master eyes were glowing to accept Fei as his disciple but he frowns a little seeing Fei hesitant. Fei was seriously hesitating, he took a deep breath and said "I hope sect master will forgive me but I can't choose a teacher now."

Although the sect master was a little angry there were many elders around so he behaved well and asked: "Why?"

"Sect master previously I couldn't cultivate which is why I had to take a different path." Fei was a little nervous but still said.

"Different path, demon path" Sect master thought little then comes up to some chilly words. His words even shocked others looking at Fei.

Fei also understood the current situation so he calmly said "Not a demon path but this" As he said, a lotus appeared above Fei with five petals on it. Petals were in five different colors which are representing five different elements.

Fei learned this trick from Five Elements Spiritual Art. This represents he is cultivating Five Elements.


"Five Elements"

"Really Five Elements"

"Someone finally cultivated five elements"

One after another, every elder said in disbelieve. They couldn't believe someone really practices Five Elements. Sect Master finally took a deep breath saying "No wonder you won't come under my teaching. Well since you could practice Five Elements, cultivation, and martial arts you can choose from any peak."

Saying this he turned around and leaves.

"Haha good boy, now someone finally cultivated five elements. You can come to my earth peak for guidance at any time." Gray rope elder slapped Fei's shoulder laughing and saying.

"Hehe, junior brother is always invited to Water peak" Blue rope elder giggled with her beautiful face, turning her waist around leaving.

"Boy, you can come to my wind peak at any time" White clothes elder said and leave.

"Haha, little Fei don't forget to come to my peak" Vice sect master who was little fat said the same thing throwing a badge towards him saying something before leaving "With this badge, you can come and go out from one peak to another. No one will stop you."

"Humph" Red rope elder snorted and leave without saying anything.

Fei clearly understood 'This must be Zhao clan elder." But Fei didn't care too much. After everyone congratulates him, they left. He also found he was at Peak of Holy Mountain for four days. He hurriedly left for his house to meet fatty Lu and Hao'er.

It took five minutes to reach home. Just as he reached home, he heard some noise from inside "Where is Xia Long Fei? Tell him to come out"

"Young master isn't at home. So please come back later" Hao'er crisp voice comes from inside.

"Since your master isn't here then you should entertain me isn't it?" A gloomy laugh comes inside of his house.

"What are you doing?" Hao'er voice comes from inside.

"Hehe just trying to time pass. Let's see if he is fast or I am" Gloomy laugh come again

Sabin_Subedi_Fei Sabin_Subedi_Fei

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