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In a dying world ridden with poverty and corruption. Where evil grows by the day. A young schoolboy is thrown into the middle of a war that has been raging for millennia.

The protectors, or gods as they were once called. weak from all the battles and the ignorance of their creation who just refuse to acknowledge their divine presence are on the losing side of the war with the dark forces.

Their greatest enemy and the greatest threat to earth had been freed, and he in turn had freed his powerful minions. Revenge on the Protectors was his first goal,then the complete destruction of Earth would follow.

In a last-minute bid to ensure that earth is not lost and that there is at least some form of protection for the world. the last 12 protectors feed all their powers into an accessory that falls into the possession of Ethan who manages to unlock this power.

[ Congratulations, you have been granted the multi-God system! ]

"You've got to be kidding me!" Ethan mumbled under his breath before bursting into laughter.
"A system of all things. in today's era?" he asked the man by him who just looked on puzzingly. what was the boy talking about?, and by the gods, what was he doing? the man asked himself as the boy started tapping the air as if orchestrating a choir.

Will Ethan continue the fight with the dark side? Or will he choose to do his own thing in a world where he has nothing to lose?


Just to be clear. The world is completely fictional so do not compare it to our real-world or even the universe :#


P.S I don't own the cover. If the owner has any issues, I can take it down.


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    Pretty great read but please don't add any romance or harem ever. It ruins the story and even if you ever decide to add romance, just make it a sub plot. But harem is big no. #Anti-Harem Army

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    the story is great and all but why did you make Hades the villain anything based on Greek mythology you all make Hades the villain he is in fact technically the nicest God in Greek mythology I don't understand why they make him the villain

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    The story starts on a sad note as another teenage boy is woken up from a beautiful dream. But the premise of the novel is very interesting. And the way the novel is structured I would suggest that you should give this novel a chance...

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    I like it, so far I read that is good to the plot and the first chapter is kinda like Wow, and realize it was a dream... and I didn't know what else to say because didn't want to spoil anything. All of you should read it and check it yourself.

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    seems interesting but I couldn't read that far when I see op I expect op and well the mc wasn't it. give it a try but depends on you if you will like this type of mc

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    This novel has a lot of potential and I'd love to see it grow the only thing I'm regretting about it is that it's not popular enough........

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    Good job author, you improved chap after another, great story with amazing writing style, i loved the mc and your descriptions. The plot was well written and your knowledge made great touch to the chapters keep up the good work

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    The story is nice and has a blend of everything you could want in a story..there are twists you would not expect and that's the best part[img=recommend]

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    The author is an evil genius who led me to believe this was going to be a typical harem story only to finish up with this outrageously great story. Despite appearances, the story's concept is carried out in a very unique manner, leaving me and many others unable to put it down. The characters have been fleshed out, and their interactions are logical. While the main character is the focus, the other characters and the setting as a whole serve a role. Despite my appreciation, I will not pretend that this is a perfect story, nor do I believe that it is appropriate for everyone. Nonetheless, I've thoroughly enjoyed this narrative thus far, and the only criticism I have is for the grammar and spacing. Otherwise, great potential!

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    very captivating... I have no doubt about the future of this book. its gonna be a wonderful piece. The update stability is good. The story development is right on track and the character design is very good.🔥🔥

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    This story is really a beautiful story with the way it's going, the author's way of writing is what I love the most🌹🌹🌹🌹. Words aren't enough to describe how I feel for this book.😩🌹

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    Apart from minor grammatical errors that are even inconspicuous,this book has all the qualities of a great novel. The action scenes are unlike the lazy ones you see all around here. The action scenes are perfect. The characters are likable (well,those who need to be) and the updating stability is awesome. I have no regrets for adding this to my library.

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    A good book by all standards. Started pretty well and there's love where love should be and hate where it should be. Of course,I'm talking about the mc and his mother as well as his dreaded stepfather, "Dred". I haven't finished everything so far but this work is solid enough to make me want to review.

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    So far so good, but the writing quality… It’s actually terrible. But the update stability so far is absolutely amazing! Story Development is decent so far, I’ll give it a 4, Chara Design seems good so far but I haven’t read that much so I won’t comment on it, world background is actually real good with info dumps that don’t really feel like info dumps but we’re learning a lot about the story TL;DR: Great story with bad grammar, but it’s easily fixable

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    Author Fortune_daine