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28.57% Flemington Family Series / Chapter 9: IX. The Surrender

IX. The Surrender - Flemington Family Series - Chapter 9 by Nikki_Larousse full book limited free

Chapter 9: IX. The Surrender

The night came as Magnus was seated at the head of the table. The dining hall was illuminated with candle lights but somehow, it felt lonely as his grandmother and brothers were not around. He sighed before he was pulling the napkin and put it on his lap before the servant was serving his dinner.

He looked at the grilled meat on his plate before he took a knife and a fork. There were some vegetables on the side as well as sauce. If Magnus did not know any better, it was like an ordinary steak back in his time.

He cut through the meat into smaller pieces before biting it for himself. He was looking around for the usual figure of a flimsy cap that hid her auburn hair and the small, lithe body that would be wandering near him.

There was none of Casey tonight.

Magnus furrowed his brows before a servant came up to him and asked if anything was wrong with the food. He shook his head before he smiled and told him there was no such thing. The servant was surprised to see that Magnus explained to him.

Perhaps the old Magnus Flemington was cruel to his servants.

After dinner, Magnus went to the drawing-room for he wanted to have some relaxation before his sleep that night. It will be the first time for him to be alone in there, whereas usually he was accompanied by his grandmother. There was none tonight.

He did not send for any tea for he has an ale in one goblet as Magnus was sitting in front of the fireplace. He was looking at the crackling fire while sipping on the ale to keep his body warm for the night.

He sighed before he was leaning back in his chair and closed his eyes. He did not want to attach to this world, to this man that he had assumed his identity with. But it was hard when all Magnus wanted was to stay right here, and enjoyed every company that he had; the old dowager—his grandmother—James and William.

When he looked back on his life before this occurrence, he did not have anyone else Granted, he had his colleagues but they were likely to prank on him. Not the kind of familial love that he felt about James and William Flemington. Magnus sighed before he drained the goblet and went to his room.

The steps were creaking as he moved upstairs to his bedchambers. His eyes were adjusting to the dim lighting of the past with only candles and gas lamps. Magnus was not complaining, he did enjoy the lighting as he was living his life in the past like the ones that he always read in his history books.

Magnus opened the door as he was looking at the dim chambers. The fire crackled in the fireplace as Magnus was making his way to the bathing chamber. He did not call for his valet that night for he wanted to be alone.

After all, it was Saturday night and he wanted to give his servants a night out in town. They're probably having some fun at a tavern or something.

Magnus took out his cravat and let it slipped to the floor. He was working on his waistcoat as he dropped it off from his shoulders and it piled up on the place where his cravat had fallen. He tugged on his shirt, baring his chest and back as he was looking at the copper bathtub. It was steaming with water before Magnus was fumbling with his breeches.

"I can help you with that,"

He jerked in his place before Magnus turned to see that Casey was leaning against his doorframe. He blinked his eyes before he shook his head.

"I don't think you would want to help me with anything, Casey. Not tonight," not when my control was almost slip, he thought as he was working on his breeches. He felt the body heat before him before Casey turned him around and helped him with his breeches.

He noted that Casey did not wear her usual flimsy cap or her apron. She was wearing her dress and Magnus can see her cleavage from his vantage point. He turned away as Casey slipped the breeches open and was about to drag it down.

It was one thing when the valet was a male, but it was another thing for when a maid was helping him to get dress. Magnus gripped her wrists before Casey's beautiful face was turning to look at him, question in his eyes.

He breathed out before he was trying to control the desire inside his blood as he was trying to remember the engagement to the princess and he will not be dallying with a maid. He was a man of honor, a lord of a manor. He will not succumb to seduction that easily.

"Casey," he groaned before the maid was coming closer to him. Good Lord! What was she trying to do? Seduce him? if that was her mission tonight, she was succeeding greatly for Magnus can hardly control himself.

"Casey," he grunted as Casey's eyes were dropping to his lips.

"Yes?" she replied softly as he gulped.

"I don't want to ruin you. Please consider yourself," he said, trying to be honorable as he could until the end. Magnus knew that if he did not have his honor, then he had nothing. and he was not suitable to call himself lord of the manor.

"But I want you, Magnus. I want you tonight," Casey said before her clever hand was pushing his breeches down. He felt the cold air before he sucked a deep breath. Have mercy! Magnus was sucking on his breaths even more before Casey was pulling it to the floor. She knelt in front of Magnus and gripped his length.

His cock twitched even before Casey was stroking it with her small hands. She pulled and pulled as Magnus was shivering in delight. No one ever did this to him back in his time as he was a reclusive scholar that did not have time to date or having fun.

This was a new experience for him.

"Casey," he croaked before Casey was standing up and she was undoing her dress. She removed the lacing and she was shoving it down her shoulders before she was standing naked, in her chemise that was.

"I want you, Magnus, I cannot deal with it if you will not have me tonight," Casey said before she was pushing Magnus to the copper bathtub. He stumbled to the edge before Casey straddled his laps. Magnus reached out to stable her as his hands were gripping her waist.

"Casey, you know I can't. I am engaged—"

"Not now. Not tonight. Please love me," Casey said as Magnus was feeling her hands on his lips. He knew that this was a dangerous path but he cannot resist himself anymore. Kissing her fingertips, Casey turned to look at him with wonders in her eyes.

"So be it," he whispered before he was pulling Casey by the nape and kissed her. He claimed her mouth like a starved man on kisses. It was the only thing that Magnus can think of right now.

Casey, Casey, Casey…

The chant on her name embedded to his brain before she was moving up and down his length. His cock twitched even more as Magnus groaned before he was kissing her throat and jaws.

"You will be the death of me, Casey," he mumbled before Casey was pulling his hair to kiss him on the lips.

"And I hope you will love every second of it," she replied before she kissed him. Magnus cannot think of the statement that she gave before Casey pushed him inside the bathtub The water splashed everywhere and she was straddling his laps even in the water.

The water was sloshing against their naked skin before Magnus was trailing his mouth to her throat, then her chest before taking one of the hardened nipples into his mouth. Casey moaned before his tongue was doing a circular motion on it.

Casey was feeling his skin against her palms. She was roaming his body before she was moving up and down again as she was trying to feel him all over her skin.

"Magnus," she whispered his name before Magnus released the nipple with a pop and took the other one, giving the same attention. His hand seeks the heart of her and she moaned as Magnus was slipping against her slit. She was wet despite the water around them before Magnus was slipping one finger inside her core.


Oh, indeed for she was tight. As if Magnus has an experience himself. But he can only say that he knew when a woman never laid with a man before, her core would be tight and he can only slip one finger inside her for her muscles were not used to the invasion yet.

"Magnus," she whispered his name as Magnus was sucking on her nipple before releasing it with a pop. He then moved to kiss the water on her flat stomach before they locked their eyes together.

"You are the most beautiful woman I ever saw in my life, Casey,"

"I bet you say that to all the women," she jested before he shook his head. Then, he gripped Casey by the waist and told her to stand. Then, he was latching between her legs before she was gripping the bathtub behind his head. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Goodness! Magnus,"

He was sucking and licking on her clit when there was a patch of auburn hair between her legs. It would seem the curtains matched the drapes then. Magnus continued his assault on her as he was pumping one finger in and out of her as he was licking and sucking on the clit.

"Magnus!" Casey shouted before he felt his finger was being clenched around her walls and then he was lapping on her nectar. It tasted sweet, like her.

Then, Magnus slid her against his hard body before he was pushing the tip of his cock to the entrance of her core. They locked eyes and Casey bit on her lower lips. Then, Magnus kissed her and slammed into her core, drowning all her screams.

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