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20% Flemington Family Series / Chapter 6: VI. The Alley

VI. The Alley - Flemington Family Series - Chapter 6 by Nikki_Larousse full book limited free

Chapter 6: VI. The Alley

Magnus did not know what has gotten into Casey as they were led astray toward the alley that seemed to be abandoned from the bazaar. Casey was gripping his hand and for a second, Magnus sensed that her hand was as smooth as a baby. If he did not know any better, Casey did not have the hands of a working maid.

Which baffled him a bit.

They went into the alley as Casey pushed him inside first and she was looking out for something that Magnus did not know what they were running from. Perhaps Casey knew that he was not supposed to be out and about in the bazaar but she did not seem to say that.

To Magnus, it would seem that Casey was the one trying to run away from the bazaar.

"Casey, what's going—"

"Hush," the maid said as she put her hand on Magnus' mouth. His skin tingled at the touch and so, he was silent until Casey aware that they were closed together in the alley.

Not that Magnus was complaining.

Her soft, voluminous body was pressed against his waistcoat and shirt. Magnus can smell Casey's scent that he did not notice before.

Wildflower and honeysuckle.

Magnus was trying not to think of anything but a certain part of his anatomy—his cock—was ever the opportunist in any situation like this. Not that Magnus was experienced in this area. Back in his time, he was a celibate scholar since he'd much rather spend more time with his myths and books than chasing other women.

Such a statement will make Lord Magnus Flemington pale in comparison if they knew the truth.

"Casey, if you are to tell me—"

"Shush, they will hear us," she urged before Magnus gulped.

"What are we running from? That would be important for me to look at whoever you are so afraid of," he finished before Casey's stormy orbs were looking at him. She was considering telling him but there was something that stopped her from pursuing it.


"Yes?" he said softly. Then, there's some murmur of voices as Casey was cursing under her breaths.

"Tarnation," she said softly before she was pushing Magnus into the alley even more. They were stuck in the narrow, abandoned alley with their bodies pressed together as Magnus was trying to conceal his erection from his maid.

What a bloody mess he was in right now.

Casey did not help him either. She was still pushing forward as there was no space between them when the voices were drawing closer. Magnus wanted to try to look at who was it that Casey was so terrified of.

But then, the maid has another idea.

She pulled Magnus by the nape and in a flash, she was kissing him. And Magnus did not know what to think at that moment. Only one thing came to mind: soft.

Such soft and smooth lips Casey possessed and he was kissing her lips right now.


Never had she planned to kiss a man in a back alley, let alone her master of the state that she worked at. Casey did not know what was driving her to kiss Lord Magnus Flemington but as she heard the voices were coming from behind, she kept pressing her body to Magnus.

Everyone knew that Magnus Flemington was not a rake, not like his brother James or a cold-blooded lad like William. But there was something about Magnus that drew Casey toward him.

Perhaps it was the eyes that shone whenever they stared at each other for the first time that morning in his chambers. Casey never dared to look at him before but that day, she was determined to look at him.

Just a peek, she thought and then, everything was undone as she was drawn to him like a moth to a flame.

The basket in her hands was forgotten as Casey was gripping the lapel of Magnus' coat before she was pushing her lithe body against him. He was hard and muscular, no wonder if women threw their bodies to him for a night of passion.

But Casey cannot afford it. she couldn't. and she wouldn't. Not when everything was at stake when she left the castle in Red Cast. She just had to put away her feelings for Magnus away if she wanted to be undetected by anyone.

"Wench," someone murmured before Magnus broke the kiss. Casey was in disarray before Magnus shoved her behind him as protection of some sort. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Excuse me?" Magnus asked. Casey's heart swelled at the display of Magnus defending her honor. Even when she was only a maid.

"I say that wench is ought to spend the night with me. I could make her come in the most wicked way possible," the constable said before Casey was patting her flimsy hat. They're in place, thank god.

"If you treat as such to a woman, I can assure you, sir, they will not be willing to be in your bed and warm them," Magnus said, knowing too well what that meant. Casey felt the heat on her face before the constables laughed.

"And you, my lord. Since you're dallying with a maid. Surely you would not stoop so low now to have your needs with her," the constable said before Magnus was stepping forward. Apparently, the constable did not know who she was.

That was such a relief and an insult at the same time.

"Why you little—"

"Leave it," she whispered to Magnus as she was pushing him against the wall with her hand. Magnus turned to look at her before she was shaking her head. The constables laughed.

"Well, it would seem that the mighty have fallen." One of them said.

"He did fall 2 months ago, remember? The runaway carriage accident. It was a miracle Earl of Kensington was still alive," the constable said before Casey turned to look at them. By the looks, they were new. Only just starting out to protect the city. She will do well to remember their faces when she was back in the safety of her chambers.

But not today.

"Off with you," she said as if she cannot control the authority in her voice. When one was raised to demand control, she was the finest of them all. The constables turned to look at her and narrowed their eyes to slits.

Yes, remember my face because the next time I met you guys, it will be you who run away with your tail between your legs, she mused before they were stepping forward but Magnus growled in warning.

"I suggest you do what she says. You don't want me to intervene now," Magnus threatened them before the constables were looking at each other, and then, they stepped back. But not before they were glaring at them.

"Today's your lucky day, wench." One of them said before he spits on the ground.

"But the next time we find you, your lord will not protect you now," the constable said before they were ushering toward the bazaar. Casey sighed with relief before Magnus was picking the basket that she bought the produce for tonight.

"So, you're afraid of constables. I can see why," Magnus said before his eyes twinkling with mischief. At least he did not bring up the kiss incident just yet.

"Casey, about what happened—"

"Shall we get going? I'm sure the Cook will be most put out if I was late," Casey said as she was taking the basket from Magnus. He clenched his jaws but nodded. Casey sighed inwardly before they were out of the alley and she was walking behind Magnus as they went to the stables. Magnus was retrieving his mare.

"Let's go," he said as he put on his gloves before he helped Casey to mount the horse as if she did not know how to do it. But for now, she let his hand lingered on her waist as they were set and moved toward the estate which was on the outskirt of Warydeval, the Elopement town.


"Where the devil have you been? I have been worried sick and grandma threatened me to skin me alive if you're not back before sundown," James said as Magnus was tugging the gloves before he put it on the top of his hat and the butler took it away. He removed his coat before he turned to regard his younger brother.

James looked like he'd seen a ghost.

"And why are you flustering? I am fine, and I can take care of myself, thank you very much." Magnus said before he was moving across the parlor. He knew why James was worried. He had been riding with Casey before he went to the stables so that the groom will take care of his mare. And Casey slipped away from him by the time they were in the courtyard. He looked at James and he noticed that his brother was a bit ruffled.

"Are you drunk?" he asked James before his brother scowled.

"If I was drunk, I would not be home by sundown," he replied before Magnus was making his way toward the staircase. He ignored James before he was remembering the kiss in the alley. What was Casey thinking? Trying to seduce him when he was engaged to the princess? Magnus shook his head for he did not think that his life would be much more complicated before he was only a mythical creature scholar.

At least then, he only has to argue with the writers of the books that he was reading, not a real person that was curvy and soft against his body.

And for once, Magnus did not think about trying to find his way back to his time.

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