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Found the one I lost

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Kara thought that shifting to her new university is change. She thought that she would start new, make new friends, but what happens when old friend that she dose not remember return. And he remembers her.

Kyle has a bad past but there is something in his past he wants back and will do anything and everything in his power to get it back.

Join Kyle and Kara in their journey filled with past, present, friendship and romance. And see how they overcome everything.

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this the auther's shameless review. well I think expect for the fact that I update my book very slowly rest of it is fine. anyway I am going to let you readers decide that and thank you for giving my book a chance

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This story has potential and so does the author. However, this potential is very raw. To put it bluntly, there are so many grammar, punctuation and spelling mistakes, including in the synopsis; and I found the read to be lengthy and thus tiresome. It almost feels as if the author had blurted out everything that popped into their mind and published the chapters without re-reading. I am aware that this review may come as a surprise, and I apologise if the author or anyone reading this is offended. I wish the author all the best.

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This is one good book I'd say with an amazing storyline. It also has a unique plot to it. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a great book to read.

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I see good potential in this story. Characters are decently designed and has depths in their stories. My only issue is that chapters are shorter than I expected but the pace is still a bit slow (Just from personal experience since all the short chaptered story that I've read are fast paced). The pace could be a personal choice of the author though. Oh, and I just want to point out the little typo on the sypnosis. I think that's "does" and not "dose". Regarding the update stability, I have no issue with that since authors have personal lives too. The world background is fine since it's set in modern times. Overall, it's a nice read~

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The book has potential. I don't usually read this type of book, I mean, the realistic genres. I'm a fan of fantasy. But I like it. If you keep working on it, I'm sure it's going to turn out to be great!

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I really like the FC, The development of the character is good. And you can immerse yourself in the story. Nice work man. But somehow the words inside the chapters are to short. keep up the good work add more chapters.

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bunch of grammar mistakes, but in terms of potential i can see it do alot. but, the rate of uploading really is bad, to make it in this industry you gotta upload more and consistently. really hope you do well author! come on, you can do it!

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Keep it up author! The story begins to develop interest once one reads a few chapters. It is well written and descriptive, and the characters seem to be strong.

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The story has a lot of potential and the premise is extremely interesting. Though I believe that there a lot of areas it can be improved and with a little re-editing of the first few chapters here and there, the story can reach greater heights. 1) Try to use something like Grammarly to make sure that you don't have any obvious grammar errors. 2) The chapter length is a little short. It's not a big problem but since the POV shifts between characters it felt like I did not get to spend enough time in the first character's head to understand them before i was put into the other character's head. Either way you can easily combine two of your chapters together to make a single one. 3) Other than that just a little polishing here and there and you are set! Best of luck author! Keep on writing!

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Great storyline and the characters have interesting background. Overall I see a lot of potential and this story Is a good read. Recommend this.

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