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Getting a Technology System in Modern Day

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Author: Agent_047

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For others it takes dying and reincarnating for them to get a system but what happens when you get one without dying?

Aron Michael is an average student set to graduate within a week, but he was expelled for a random reason. Due to that, he had heavy student debt and no diploma to help him earn the money to pay it back. But one day he got a system that called itself the [Advanced Tech System].

follow the story to watch him develop from your average Joe to him being the owner of the largest company in the world.

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This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual companies is purely coincidental. The portrayal of names, characters, positions, and companies in this book is entirely fictional and not intended to represent real-life counterparts. All content in this book that may share names, characteristics, positions, or companies with real-life entities is purely coincidental and does not indicate any conflicting part to their real-life counterparts.

The author and publisher do not have any intention to defame, discredit, or infringe upon the rights of any individual, company, or entity mentioned in this book. This book is meant for entertainment purposes only and should not be construed as factual or a representation of real-life events or people.


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    Author's shameless review here. well give it a read and tell me your opinion I will write another review after we reach about 30 chapters. Thanks.

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    The first chapters have a few spelling mistakes and a little bad writing but it gets better(I hope) as I get used to this writing thing, as it is my first time writing a story.

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    The chapters are in the process of being a edited by an editor so the mistakes in the first chapter's should soon disappear and make the book more readable. This will also be the reason for when you will be seeing a lot of coments at the end of chapter but a little to no paragraph comments since the whole chapter is being replace by a new one in its place causing the paragraph comments to dissapear.Thanks.

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    I find it incredibly ironic that a novel about an “advanced technology system” didn’t use the advanced technology known as spellcheck.

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    You are doing great with the story.... nothing much to say . Just that it feels like mc s not so powerful and I think you should start giving him powers . ...... PLEASE DON'T DROP (as many people with good interesting plot leave the story hanging.)

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    chapter 457. I have spent like 100 usd on this book. and I feel disgusting for having done that. the "coincidences" just started becoming BS. like how many times are bad things going to happen exactly when they need to for the Mc not to be able to do anything about it? what really got me was that the author added a pointless enemy that just became more than he ever should have. I wish I could get a refund.

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    This is my personal opinion so don't take offense in any way. The beginning of the story was nice to read and had some mystery to it because of the magic. But now it's about politics and side characters. The Mc doesn't use all his resources efficiently despite having an ai, like using his money or threatening the government with Gaia os. The writing style is OK but in some chapters very boring as it's only an explanation of how he builds or creates things. Dunno if the author just wants to flex his knowledge or just waste our time as it doesn't have any relevance to the story itself and it's not in depth enough to truly learn something important. The character is just some standard character. Nice to his family and friends, naive and an idiot and genius at the same time. He majored in engeneering I guess but discusses with his ai how to run an enterprise out of nothing. While he does have a better brain the knowledge just appeared. Few trustworthy friends, family and employees around him. The world background seems to be normal world around 2013. It's readable but at some point it gets boring as only side characters are mentioned. Mc doing a random task like stealing knowledge. So final evaluation : the Mc is stupid and naive despite having a far better brain. Author writes too much useless stuff like those explanations and mentions those side characters too often. To be honest I expected more action with cyborgs or Hacking.

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    love the book but had to leave the discord because one of the authors admins cheshirephoenix abuses his power and insulted some dude he disagreed with. i got sick of seeing him gaslight dude for his own behaviour. like if u saw it and agree

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    The pause in uploading is from the webnovels side as my book was migrated to another system that I have yet to gain access to hence the sp in uploadin. They are still pilling up and will be released at once when the access is restored.

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    everything was pretty good since I love scheming protagonists, the way he built his empire was explained, the way he used his technology knowledge, and really I liked the way the author built his story but then, this Ricky guy was introduced when it's completely unnecessary, and then instead of getting rid of him, the author drags out the matter involving him, like how? the MC has AIs capable of spying,detecting, hacking anything on earth at that point, they control the satellite outside the orbit but couldn't catch the rebels, and then the story drags out again, the Ricky guy acts as if the MC is his nemesis and all while the MC doesn't even know him, I mean he appeared out of nowhere with his goal of eradicating the devil, dear respected author, do you know that we readers ( well most of us) hate it when the story keep getting dragged out unnecessarily ? like every time the MC gets an update, and goes into a coma, something happens that he'll have to resolve when he wakes up, the ai ends up being completely useless at the moment, and it has happened 2 times already. I think it's because Mr author is making more challenges for the MC or he wants to make the Ricky guy a major antagonist but he's the author so he knows his story more than me. i just wanted to point out a few things that's all. otherwise the story is pretty good and maybe I'm just impatient. and also thanks for all the hardwork mister author!

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    LV 14 Badge

    initially the story started out good and was very interesting but now after 400+ chapters it's become dull and boring. There has been a new villain introduced whose existence doesn't make sense with the restrictions he has been operating in moreover the plot feels forced. I will probably check in 100 more chapters if there has been any improvement but presently it's not worth spending your money on.

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    this is by far the best out of all similar type of novel out there, the story is great, writing is good and a half, characters needs a little work, the the biggest problem I have is the info dump, please have your information dump in auxiliary chapter, and the time skip should be highlighted, and pov changes could be little smoother.

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    Mall cops with 1/10th of the tech available would have found your main villain ... but the mc and all his AI's are somehow unable? srsly? Terrorists operating with sticks and stones manage to make fools out of a global spanning technological Empire?

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    There is way too much of the novel spent in virtual reality, wherein to be honest things aren’t as interesting in there as they are in the real world of the novel. It would kind of be like if there was a novel about a farmer, where he’d watch the growth of his corn or how to make more ridges on the cob. Spending so much time in there is such a big disconnect from the rest of the story, especially with the limited amount of real people in/aware of VR.

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    The story is good . .. .. the plot is also great . .. .but just one request , start powering up the mc . .. .. keep it up and PLEASE DON'T DROP.

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    No one asks him, how did you build thousands of companies and people working alone in a few months???? Let's not write any story that has some logic.

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    It's really good but I'm wondering what happen to author are you still alive bro??? Why aren't you updating don't make us nervous Anyway this Novel deserve 4star but I'm biased so I'll give 5star

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    i really found a gem today ended reading more than 80+ chapters in a day and still want more author is this really your first story?

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    you know the story is good when you go to Google enter the name in and start trying to see if you can find any more chapters.

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    Sei is it dropped now? Because we got no new chapters for over a week now.

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    Author Agent_047