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God-Level Game Developer System: I Brought In-Game Items To Real World

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Author: ShadowKatake

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After his death, Weiss S. Albus woke up under an unfamiliar ceiling. What came after a successful transmigration was none other than the memories of the previous owner’s body.

Transmigrating into the modern world Blue Star, Weiss was confronted with a system screen in front of him.

[Weiss, two months from now, the invasion from another world will destroy Blue Star. You need to prepare and let the entire human race have the power to defeat those invaders! Become a God-Level Game Developer!]

Hearing the sweet yet resolute voice from his system spirit “Alice”, Weiss immediately made countermeasures!

Invasion from another world? Create the Idle Tower Defense Game and make the defense of Blue Star invulnerable! Those flying lizards (dragons?) were shot down from the sky by a homing meteor turret!

Lack of experience in dealing with a wave of monsters? Zombie Survival Online has been developed! Waves of evolved zombies, the hands of the military were numbed after playing the game!

The humans need summoned monsters to fight alongside them for support? The Pocket Monster Game was created just for that purpose! Armed with dimensional pocket balls, the players gazed at the monsters and shouted “Gotta imprison and enslave them all!”

As if that wasn’t enough, mages and warriors from another world invaded Blue Star! Weiss immediately developed Fantasia Online and let those aliens get a taste of their own medicine!

After awakening the God-Level Game Developer System, creating game worlds that was no different from reality itself became the norm for Weiss Albus!

“Invasion from another world? Let the human race treat this as nothing but a game! I, the God-Level Game Developer, approve!”

Life is a game, but a game within a game? Only the God-Level Game Developer Weiss S. Albus can develop it!

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    ShadowKatake here, and I'll answer any questions you have about this novel in the comment section under this review. But for the predictable questions, I'll answer them in this review. Q: Is there romance? And if there is, is there a harem? A: Yes, there is romance. However, there is no harem. It's literally in the tags and I don't deceive readers with those tags. However, I didn't add the romance tag in this novel since the romance tag appears on top of other tags so if I add it, my novel will be labeled by Webnovel as "romance" instead of "system". Q: Are there any lemons? A: No. Q: Is the MC smart? A: Yes, he is. In fact, he is portrayed as a perfect character who is bored with life and wants to entertain himself to relieve his boredom. He isn't power-hungry but rather, he wants to have fun. In his past life, he is the peak of what a human can achieve and he is a prodigy. So, I will never write a situation where the MC makes stupid decisions just for the sake of plot. Although intelligence and wisdom aren't directly synonymous and the MC is just peak prodigy-level talent and is more towards academic knowledge, I can at least guarantee that the MC isn't stupid enough to reveal his system to even his family or have plot-induced stupidity just for the plot to progress. He isn't Beta and he won't be taken advantage of by others. And if he seemed to be taken advantage of, that's the MC letting others take advantage of him so he can take more advantage of those who had taken advantage of him. Q: Who is the FL or the MC's love interest? A: It's the system spirit of the God-Level Game Developer System. Think about it, who is someone you can trust, useful, and won't be used as a hostage against you? The system, of course! If you can't trust even the system, might as well transmigrate without the system or just test your luck in the next life. Q: Will the novel revolve around the MC? A: Well yes, but actually no. Remember, the MC's golden finger is the God-Level Game Developer System. He creates games so I will introduce perspectives from the players who played his games as well. However, the MC will always outshine them so he won't be overshadowed by any side characters. Q: Is the MC good or evil? A: I can write a separate review just to explain this but to cut it short, the MC's alignment is True Neutrality. He just does things for fun and to relieve his boredom. However, he won't make others suffer unless he deems that they should suffer (such as his enemies). To elaborate, the MC is the type who will answer "sacrifice one life to save five" if he is asked to solve the trolley problem. He is also literally creating games to train humanity and let them have the power to fend off against otherworld invasions. Q: Will the MC steal and plagiarise games from his past life? A: No. The MC calls himself a prodigy for a reason. He won't stoop so low to copy existing games from his past life. (Btw, by past life, I meant in real life Earth. I don't intend to infringe any copyright so the games I created in this novel are all created by me but with some inspirations from already existing games, but not blatantly copying it. However, there are some games in MC's past life that aren't available in real life Earth such as Fantasia Online. MC will copy that game but not completely.) Q: Is the grammar good? A: I can't say that it's top-notch, but it's readable and light to read. It's at least better and more readable than most of the novels in Webnovel. All in all: If you have any questions, just comment under this review and I will answer them. This review literally has more word count than my synopsis ;)

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    here's a summary of the early chapters just in case you didn't understand the sypnosis MC is an 18 year old prodigy (the kind where he is only limited by the world itself), but he is very bored bc he has already tried everything that he can (being a master of all of them), then a meteor suddenly came crashing down into his world, and so he spends the time he has left playing a game, which was created by a higher being (ofc it was kept a secret from the world), and just as he defeated the final boss and was about to receive the reward, the meteor came crashing in and killed everyone, but thankfully he reincarnates into a parallel version of himself (with the only big differences being that he has a gamer girl for a sister now) and gets a system for having contributed the most in defeating the final boss (other contributors gets a golden finger as well but not as op as MC), and so he sets out to have fun in the parallel world while creating games and saving the world from an invasion now onto the real review the thing I love most about the novel is it's power scaling. it's simple, easy to understand, and can scale really high if you wanted, just my cup of tea. then there's the characters. First, MC and his sister are the heirs of a very influential clan/organization (don't worry, there's no competition for the heir like those other novels) and although his sister is a prodigy in her own right, she knows and accepts that MC is more talented than her. Second, bc MC and his sister came from a very influential background, no one messes with them, although the higher and lower powerhouses don't mess with them, there's still idiots who doesn't have any sense of danger at all and only come to regret it when they are death's first target of the day. but that only happend once as of reading chapter 109, so you don't need to worry about MC face-slapping everyone and their ancestors left and right. Third, the system spirit 'Alice', if you have seen the character panel you would know she's the female lead and is important to the story, so I wouldn't give any major spoiler, just that she loves MC immensely (and vice versa). Then theres the other side characters, and honestly? they're not half bad, I wouldn't say their the best but they are certainly not the worst. And although I said all of this, most of the chapters takes place in the perspective of the players playing the game (most notably MC's sister) which isn't necessarily a bad thing just that I'm afraid of getting burnt out from reading them too much, luckily this novel doesn't revolve solely on the games and have thoughtful world building. And so this novel is a 10/10 for me, with the only thing that's a bit dull is author's fondness for emphasizing certain things. but that's a minor thing and you can just ignore it all together. so I would highly recommend that you read the free chapters first before deciding what to do next.

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    why make the MC a narcissist i hate how in the early chapters he's like "I'm the best at martial arts and i'm the most handsome someone can get"[img=faceslap] but otherwise good novel :)

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    This novel is a 2/5 isn't the worst thing I've read but definitely isn't the best the story is bland and the chapters tend to repeat themselves alot if you are looking to pass the time then give it a shot you might like it but imo it's bad

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    Very, nice novel, which I strongly reccomend. The only thing lacking as of now is a little bit more POV of MC, but I saw on dc that the author noticed it and will change it.

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    Its a bit strange the MC has a womans name from RWBY as a first name and dubledores name as a last name but other then that its a great story

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    Interesting and originalish Would reccomend

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    A nice beginning and interesting Game Developer Novel.

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    10/10 this is very good!!! you made me do task on the reward section just to unlock the next chapter!! which is my first time 👉👈 anyway... this novel is very Good 100% recommend if you like game maker MC and also OP and hot waifu like Ceil, hope Alice Avatar is Alice like on wonderland like on the gif

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    Have read all current chapters. 55 i think and im deeply in love with this novel and await more chapters desperatly[img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update]

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    bro don't stop writing this novel.I don't want to wait 1 to 2 months or more 😂😂😂😂😂😉😗😗and yes I like your novel keep pit up bro

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    story concept is nice but chapter uploading is very slow,so update chapter frequently that way we readers have more games development fun😂😂😂😂😝😝😝😛😝😜

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    Okay here is the review I have for reading 20 chapters I got to say that this novel is good for the most part it still going on so this is only for 20 chapters i might change the review if the novel becomes bad In the future but for now it good. enough of that the reason I say this it because how the novel is made the the characters are good and the world background is good i don’t see any flaws so far. The only thing that the author should change is the novel summary because it quiet misleading I have seen this novel a couple of times and when I read it I thought that the novel was going to be about a guy that steals games from his previous life which made me not want to read it the summary is misleading not only that but it makes it look like the main character is stupid but he’s not it does not go with the story So other then that the novel is one of a kind I hope that this novel has a bet more update but still good update. Will for me since I have to read other novel and I thought this novel had like 60 chapters and when I finished I was shocked that it was short time goes fast this is one of my top ten novel that made me think that time goes fast anyway read it if you like 👍 Sorry for the confusion about my writing but I think it good I wonder I just don’t know when to stop writing…… will…

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    Author ShadowKatake