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28.57% Harry Potter and The Grey Side. / Chapter 1: Prologue: The Mannerless Dark Lord.

Read Harry Potter and The Grey Side. - Chapter 1 online

Chapter 1: Prologue: The Mannerless Dark Lord.

In some another world and some another timeline, Harry Potter might have been the greatest Dark Lord ever.

Or he might have died in the hands of the self proclaimed greatest Dark Lord ever... The first one was still Dumbledore.

Maybe he would have been the other guy, the other child born on 31 July and had his parents crucioed to insanity?

If nothing, he might have just been killed by a particularly large snake who used a girls toilet as her hideout, as a similarly particular Phoenix was feeling too lazy to get up.

Or he could have just fallen from a boom and died with an anti climatic scream, while two weirdos: a Gandalf cos-player with penchant for lemon drops, obnoxious robes and mind games, cried for the death of his pawn and a man with daddy issues, snake fetish and goth look, cried because he couldn't kill the boy himself.

... Conversely he could have been just killed by a newly raised sadist god who calls himself Truck-sama with a fetish for unexpected body slams, brain crushes, bones breaking and blood spraying. Plus their were rumors that he had been dealing in inter dimensional soul trading. Although it has yet to be proven. ( He has got good lawyers.)

Or if the particular author was getting too imaginative he might have choked on Pumpkin Juice and finally prove that pumpkin juice is a blasphemous creation and that Starbucks shouldn't serve Pumpkin Latte and Frappe.

Anyway, the Harry Potter in this particular Universe is born three years early, his parents kinda hate him, has his Boy-Who-Lived status stolen by his three years younger brother, hates his parents and is a good olde Slytherin with not a single good Gryffindor bone in his body ( or at least that what James and James Jr. say.) Did I mention that he is powerful and hates Dumbledore?


31 October 1981

Mr. Voldemort, a Dark Lord by profession was walking towards a lovely cozy cottage at Godric Hollows. His billowing black robes gave him an impossing presence. His face was hidden beneath the shadows of his cowl. His feets crunched in the newly fallen snow as he tightened his grip on his wand. He was excited.

Today he would finally kill the thrice damned Potter family and at the same time give Dumbledore a big middle finger. All his plans were going to fall today.

With a single strong blasting curse he destroyed the wooden door and walked in. The Fidelus casted around the cottage prevented others from seeing, sensing and hearing the chaos he was creating. He was expecting some fear, some attacks or even some begging on entering. All he was greeted with was silence.

Where were the Potters? Wormtail had promised that they would be here. Did he betray him? Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Clamping down such thoughts with his impressive occlumency shields he walked further in. Suddenly his ears picked up a baby's cry. Grinning he followed the sound upstairs. A baby blue door was all between the Potter whelp and him.

Another flick and the door exploded into splinters. His wand raised, he entered. A baby around 1 year old was sitting on the crib and crying. The baby had red hair and were already showing the signs of Potter Curse. Sitting besides the crib was another child. Maybe three year olds? He didn't know and he didn't care. But what grabbed his attention was the elf standing between him and them. Before he could start his Villain Speech...(its duty of every villain to tell the hero all about his plans and how he was going to die, in fact it was Rule No 7 on The Dark Lord Rulebook) he was interrupted.

"You know, you could have just knocked. Do you know how hard it is too clean wood dust and all those splinters... ", complained the older boy. The older boy had emerald green eyes and long silky black hairs.

Voldemort felt obliged to answer the question...even if he was going to kill the boy few minutes later.

" I am a Dark Lord. " He said, as if that answered everything.

"Except your robes, you are all white...actually you are too white. And etiquettes are what makes us different from animals. So next time please knock... ", the boy said seriously.

And for the first time Voldemort didn't knew what to say. He was a noble. A descendent of Slytherin and he should have followed manners. Maybe he will knock next time and kill. It will be hilarious. He should probably also send visiting letters.

To Mr. And Mrs Potter.

Lord Voldemort has decided to grace you with his presence on Samhain's evening at sharp 11 p.m. Please be at home as hunting and killing is far too tedious. If you have any preference, on how would you like to die, please send a Owl to my servant Lucius Malfoy.

Above all, as you have managed to run away from me thrice, I would like to pay for your Coffins. Just send a Owl with your size and preference to Hades Coffinmakers in Knockturn Alley. They make excellent coffins. Even I personally use their coffins. Their Fall Collection is quite good.

No need to prepare dinner as I keep a fast on Samhain. Although a celebratory bottle of wine for your deaths will be wonderful!

Yours Sincerely,

Dark Lord Voldemort

Voldemort couldn't help but laugh. Ofcourse not a normal laugh, but his patented evil laugh.

" So why are you here? ", asked the boy in a conversing tone. if it was some another day, he might have just killed him. But today was the day he was going to get rid of the boys in the prophecy. Plus it was after a very long time, that someone actually wanted to talk to him and not flatter or curse him to death. Maybe he will kill him with a painless curse.

" To kill your brother. " And you, was left unsaid.

"Please feel free.", the boy said happily. And this confused Voldemort. Wasn't he his brother? And wasn't he from the light family?

" Master...How can master make bad man kill young master brother. " Interrupted the appalled elf. She had been expecting a fight, not a tea time chat.

"Please, we just happened to share the same sperm donors. He's just a stranger. Plus he's better dead " Shot back the boy with a disgusted tone and continued, "And you should kill him soon. My parents should be reaching here any minute."

Maybe he will take him as an apprentice. Haha... Potter's boy becoming the next dark Lord. It will be another middle finger to that old goat.

Voldemort raised his wand towards the boy in the crib. Before he could spell the elf shot at him. Feeling the magic coming towards him, he moved aside. The wall behind him exploded. He will need to kill the elf first.

"Mipsy protect young masters. Bad man hurt master. Mipsy hurt bad man. "

"Shut up!" Wasting no time he shot the Killing Curse at her. Following it were several other spells. An exploding curse, a blood boiling curse, and another killing curse. As she was protecting the boy she couldn't move. So she did the next best thing and concentrated all her magic and shot it at him. She could just hope that the magic destroyed him. Being an elf, they didn't have any spells or chants. It was instinctive manipulation of magic that worked for them.

The raw elven magic, the dark killing curse and other curses collided. A mutation happened. They mixed and shot back at each other. The spells were now neither the killing curse nor the unstable raw magic. The killing curse had mixed with raw magic and strengthened it into something new. Now it was raw magic with death intent. The exploding curse and blood boiling curse had further mutated it into something different.


The room exploded. The elf died and vanished as all magic left her. Voldemort screamed as his body disintegrated leaving behind a robe, a wand and a wraith. Sensing his bad situation he cursed and vanished.

Meanwhile, the boys were affected by the aftermath and fell unconscious. A small piece of Voldemort's soul latched onto the elder boy. On his forehead was a scratch in the shape of elder futhark rune Eihwaz, made by a small part of curse striking him. Feeling the danger around him the boy's magic reacted instinctively and a golden shield popped up around him and the younger boy as it protected them from the falling debris. The younger boy was safe except for a V mark on his forehead caused due to a splintered piece of wood which struck him during the battle. But of course nobody knew that. And this changed everything.


It's a bashing story. Don't wanna read? Stop whining and go away. Or wait until I tell y'all why.

Hermione is not gonna be one the list. Their will be minor Hermione bashing, so all Emma Watson fans are warned.

I actually want to write another story but this time with normal Harry Potter beginnings. It will be a similar bashing story.

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