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Chapter 29: Receive Inheritance Part 2

Seeing the four objects issued by the man, Qin Tian's eyes instantly shined brightly like stars in the night sky.

Standing not far from them, Qin Tian could immediately know that his cultivation path would definitely be far easier and extraordinary if he could get one of the four objects.

Especially the big sword, the purple lightning bolt, and the star's pearl!

Qin Tian felt as though the three objects were the most valuable treasures in the entire universe.

Just as Qin Tian was filled with admiration for the treasure in front of him, the man suddenly extended his hand towards the purple lightning bolt.

The bolt of lightning gave a feeling as if it could destroy anything! However, in the man's hands, the bolt of lightning looked very tame as if it was a child who had returned to its parents' arms.

Holding the bolt of lightning in his palm, the man who called himself the Heaven Suppression Godking then spoke. "This lightning, this is the most valuable inheritance from me."

He paused for a moment before continuing. "Godking is a cultivator who has comprehend and united all Primordial laws! Those who reach it have reached the peak of cultivation in the universe. Even for the most powerful world, they do not have more than ten Godking.

The power of Godking is inconceivable! To destroy a galaxy and even a big star, they can do it easily.

With their power that goes beyond imagination, everything that comes from them is of course a matchless treasure. Even just one strand of hair from Godking can make Primordial Gods angry with greed. "He explained about Godking to Qin Tian while smiling while Qin Tian who heard his words panted.

"And this little bolt of lightning! This is the most valuable thing of Godking so even Godking's children and disciples don't dare to think of seeing it.

It is because; this thing can only appear after Godking is dead."


The man's words were like Thunder in Qin Tian's ears so he almost fainted when he heard them.

"Do you know what is most valuable from the body of a powerful expert?" The man suddenly asked which made Qin Tian regain consciousness.

"Hah?" Qin Tian was stunned for a moment before he thought about the man's intentions.

If it is him, the most valuable of his body is of course his spiritual world because that is where the source of his power comes from.

If the spiritual world is used for cultivation, it will greatly help improve one's cultivation because it contains the purest spiritual energy.

Of course, to get one's spiritual world is not easy because after a cultivator is killed, that person's spiritual world will usually also be destroyed because to kill a cultivator one needs to destroy his spiritual world first.

If you have to compare it, the spiritual world can be said as a second soul for a cultivator. It is a source of energy for the cultivator's body. As long as it was there, no matter how severe the cultivator's injury was, their bodies would definitely heal again.

After a person's spiritual world is destroyed, that person will no longer have an energy source which means he is paralyzed, returning to being an ordinary human. Only after that can a person be killed.

Of course, if one could directly destroy the soul of a cultivator, that cultivator would still die even without his body being hurt at all.

However, to destroy someone's soul directly, only those who have power far above that can do it.

As for if a cultivator dies naturally with his depleted age, his spiritual world will also spread by itself.

The correct is; when a cultivator has become very old, his spiritual world will also gradually weaken. The day when a cultivator's spiritual world is destroyed and scattered is the day when the cultivator dies.

In essence, it is almost impossible to get someone's spiritual world unless that person voluntarily gives it up.

But, in a world where power is everything, who wants to give up his spiritual world just like that.

Maybe, only when someone is seriously injured until his death can be ascertained, only then will that person want to give up his spiritual world.

"Is that the spiritual world?" Qin Tian answered the man after realizing that the spiritual world is the most valuable in his body.

However, at Qin Tian's answer, the man just shook his head and said. "Indeed the spiritual world is very valuable, but that is only for low-level cultivators. For powerful cultivators, the most valuable is their comprehension of the law." He explained to Qin Tian in a relaxed tone.

Comprehend of the law?

Qin Tian finally understood.

He had indeed heard, strong cultivators, the true foundation of their cultivation was their comprehension of the law. However, because Qin Tian was too weak, he was not clear as to what it was.

Looking at Qin Tian, ​​the man continued his words. "Right before I died, I managed to save my spiritual world and then condense my comprehension."

The man took a deep breath before continuing. "I then refined both into the most valuable legacy of Godking. People call that the core of Godking. I then divided the core of my Godking into five parts, and this bolt of lightning is one part of my Godking core."

"As long as you absorb my energy and comprehension stored in the core of Godking, you might still be far from being Godking, yet that is enough to make you reach the final realm of the three Primordial realms.

Of course, because the core of Godking contains Primordial law, in order to truly absorb it, your comprehension of law must at least touch Primordial law first. In other words, you must reach the peak of the Immortal Gods realm. That is the highest realm in your galaxy right now.

And because I divided it into five parts, what is called the Godking core is also nothing more than a shell from the Godking core. You can call that heavenly lightning. And to make it truly become the core of Godking, you must gather the five heavenly thunder and then combine the five.

Even though heavenly lightning is only a shell for Godking's core, it is still an incomparable heavenly treasure. By combining it with your spiritual energy, your battle power will surge several times stronger.

In fact, even if it was used by a weaker Primordial god, their combat strength would still increase.

Of course there is a limit to increasing one's combat strength. After all, a realm of cultivation ultimately has a power limit that they can release. Whether it is technique or treasure, in fact, it can only help cultivators further explore the power of a cultivation realm. "

Although the man explained everything casually, yet Qin Tian really almost fainted after hearing every word that came out of his mouth.

After all, everything he said was too unbelievable even for the gods.

"Alright! I'll give this to you. With my help, it becomes very tame and very easy for you to refined it." While saying that, he then threw heavenly lightning in his hand toward Qin Tian.

"As for the others, heh, you must rely on yourself to refined it." He added with a mysterious smile on his face.

Their distance was so close, in an instant, the purple lightning bolt had entered Qin Tian's body.

If the heavenly lightning really rages, even a god can die while refined it.

However, the moment it entered Qin Tian's body, it was truly docile and calm as if Qin Tian's body was his home.

In just a few moments, it had fused with Qin Tian's spiritual world.

Although there was no change in Qin Tian's body, yet when the lightning blends with his spiritual energy, he can feel his power currently surging in an enormous amount.

The quality of his spiritual energy is now at its peak.

According to his estimation, his current strength might only be obtained if he reaches the late stage of the Semi-Transcendent realm, in other words he has combat power that can cross two levels of cultivation.

Shui Yao could only cross one level of cultivation after she obtained cultivation techniques from her aunt.

Perhaps, it was because she had only just comprehend the technique and had not mastered it fully so that she could not let go of her full potential.

Nonetheless, compared to Qin Tian who had risen in one step, Shui Yao was absolutely nothing.

Basically there are two ways to increase combat strength.

One way is to use high-level fighting techniques that allow one to unleash a very strong attack that goes beyond the level of one's own cultivation.

However, this method is actually rather vulnerable because in combat, one cannot continously to use combat techniques.

As for the second, it is by increasing the quality of spiritual energy.

Improving the quality of spiritual energy is actually very important because it will determine one's potential.

To improve the quality of spiritual energy, there are two ways that can be done, one of which is by cultivating certain cultivation techniques, and the other way is by the help of cultivation treasures such as heavenly lightning.

Of course treasures like heavenly lightning are so rare that only those who have destiny can get such a thing.

Compared to using cultivation treasures, those who want to increase their combat strength with cultivation techniques are much slower because they need to increase the quality of their spiritual energy little by little.

It might can be faster if they get certain resources or cultivate in magical places like the Floating Spiritual Cloud.

However, the higher their realm, the more difficult it is for them to improve the quality of their spiritual energy.

"With just one heavenly lightning, you can increase the quality of your spiritual energy to its peak. And if you succeed in getting four other heavenly lightning, even though it will not improve the quality of your spiritual energy again, but the power of your lightning will definitely be far more profound and full of momentum."

The reason why the quality of Qin Tian's spiritual energy will not increase even if he gets four other heavenly lightning is because only one heavenly lightning is enough to increase the quality of Qin Tian's spiritual energy to the limit. And it won't stop even if Qin Tian reaches the Immortal God realm. After all, heavenly lightning is something that comes from Godking.

However, even though the quality of his spiritual energy could not increase again, that did not mean he could not get stronger.

With the power of lightning becoming more profound and more profound, the way he fought will also become even more unpredictable.

That probably won't make him able to fight those who have power above his strength.

However, it will make it very superior compared to others at the same level.

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