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In a world that was unimaginably vast, there were seven great sects that became the goals and dreams for everyone who wished to walk the path of cultivation.

Every few years, the seven sects would hold a grand competition covering the whole world to select the most talented new disciples.

Whenever it was held, the nobles and even the Princes of countless Kingdoms and Empires, would eagerly leave their own kingdoms to join the competition. All that was done only so that they could join one of the seven great sects.

Qin Tian who is the Prince of a small kingdom but has talent and cultivation that surpasses the Prince of the Great Empire also left his own kingdom.

However, when he first left his kingdom, he accidentally encountered the remnants of the soul of a long-dead Godking.

He then found out that Godking was the supreme being in the Universe. They are kings of the gods and manifestations of heaven itself.

Through this Godking, Qin Tian then found out that the universe was much wider than he could imagine.

Millions of Galaxy, God who can destroy heaven and earth, Godking who can shake the universe.

When all of that was added up, the world he had long regarded as boundless, instantly became a small place that could be easily destroyed.

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    Writing Quality? -Since the writer is creating a Orginal Novel be wary of words being mixed up like "he" or "her". So just look at the rest of the sentence and you'll get the general idea. Also some parts when hes explaing some general infromation thats needed may seem like too much sometimes, however keep in mind its the authors passion showing through. Otherwise its pretty good qaulity. Stability of Updates? -So far no general hiccups. Keep in mind authors in the beginning may burn out. I dont want that here but its a reality. Story Development? -The author has done a great job of mixing both present information, future possiblites, and potential relationships that we as readers should keep in mind. Character Design? -The MC is develping slow and steady based off his upbringing and adventuring into the world. Nothing off putting like annyoing arrogance, cold blooded killing machine, pansy, however some people might not like the amount of romance introduced already. Keep in mind by Ch 72 theres 1 for sure harem member, 1 in the process but will take a lot of time to come around, and lastly 1 more that has her own interesting qualities. The MC isnt a pervert, but a young horny dude that wants to be with beautiful women if given the opportunity. While some novels create female leaders with no substance this one dosent. No close friends yet since most people his age are too weak. Lastly, while one of the tags say Overpowered its mainly because its still in the beginning and the author has givin the MC a strong foundation few can match in his current realm so there arent many strong enemies yet to match him so be patient if thats a issue. World Background? -Th author has done a good job contrasting his present situation, the plethora of galaxies out there, and how the MC will get there step by step. Not too much is given beyond the scope of his current realm as that isnt needed yet so sit back and enjoy the ride. That leaves 1 potentailly MAJOR issue for some readers.. why am I putting it way down here? Well its the MC raping a potential love interest (Not the one in the beginning) and while I would not read any novel that has rape there is one exception. Its where the MC is forced to have sex with a women after being given a power boost to offset the rapid rise. This situation if done right is where the MC feels remorse towards his actions and is willing to take responsibilty then I am letting it slide assuming it wont happen again. This novel is the execption. Others Ive read that do the same are "Ancient Godly Monarch" & "Chaotic Sword God". Both great novels that have a rape sence. If youve come this far get to it and read!!

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    Story and character development is going in good direction and hopes if goes on like that. Harem member are also good and hope they get enough screen time unlike other novel where they get separated for 200 to 300 chapters.

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    Up to chapter 35 review. So first I'm going to give honest props to a self-published work that's pretty decently written especially considering that English may not be this person's primary language. I'll also say that although it seems pretty quick I generally lean towards faster powerups and faster fights. The MC definitely taking the starting strong route and keeps it blazing - and no antagonist really gives him a fight of any consequence so far. Now to the parts I don't like. While I guess I'm ok with the s*xy but not quite ultimate beauty being his first, it really felt like it went super fast. As in underage fast. More problematic is that there were then developments to show this will probably end up as a harem novel as of course his immature eyes start wandering. But then we get to Chapter 35. I don't know why this is a thing in some CN novels but it is very disturbing when now this happens at an underage level. So I'll just say it - r*ape is wrong and even more so against children. You and all the sick f*cks who love this kind of violent behavior can go to hell. I hope you find mental help before you end up in jail living out all your decadent fantasies. As for me, I'm done with this story.

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    This story is awful. What's worse the tags are wrong. The protagonist is a complete White-Knight (righteous hypocrite) character who 'righteously' expands his harem. How does he do this? Conveniently the MC will meet Heavenly Beauties, and soon after there'll be great opportunity for him to save them. They of course can't help but swoon - if they aren't falling for him fast enough, his cultivation technique will have him lose control, leading to him r@ping them. The victim becomes a tsundere and realises who her true love is - the MC... If this wasn't enough, this novel has the annoying tendency to 'power-up' the entire harem every time the protagonist's power increases. Artefact (necklace) given to harem member 1 turns out to be a godly artefact and she suddenly becomes tyrannically powerful! How a novel could go so wrong is beyond me. This is a shockingly poor novel.

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    it was great up until a certain chapter where there was a very explicit R-18 r*pe scene... no tags on the book about it. imo the scene wasn't written well at all and completely changes my view of the MC .. kinda disappointing as the start was great.

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    First of all the MC can be ridiculously stupid to the point where you have to wonder how he survived alone in school for so many years while he’s good at cultivation he’s not exactly the best at anything else. This MC is without a doubt scum he raped a girl and later asked if she held a grudge which just shows how dumb he can be. Hell he even thought that they had a “special” relationship after that. The updates are frequent although the writing quality could use a bit of work. So far everything has been really predicable so you will probably see future events coming a mile away. If you are looking for a decent and smart MC than leave this is not for you this MC is a scumbag. As for the world background it’s decent but I wouldn’t say it’s great.

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    Very good. Really like the book so far and hope the quality continues throughout. I would recommend this book for people to read and I hope the author doesnt drop it for a long while.

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    Cliche and boRing, But you can use it to waste time if you skim the bad parts Lvk j k jchoi pufzpufxipjdog pig upf if if if ti upd pudoudupd

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    I can only say that it is at the isekai level of wish satisfaction. At first it seems that the MC is promising but around 40 chp everything starts to lose meaning. Very poorly made harem, similar to a harem isekai. The MC only wins the others because his level of cultivation is above; He does not know sword techniques (etc), nor pills, formation, forging, etc.Summary: Find another

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    when will be new chapters come .why dit it stopped here.can anyone please tell me why it stoopes in alasta world .why there is no story after it

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    Knew nothing about the Book but when I saw In The Kingdom Of Qin Boom I knew I met that cool interesting book. Was cool and nice to read ..

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    The book is good no doubt about it, the author has a different sense of writing which is called "camparism" he like to compare things to much without proper info just based on behavior and looks which is sometimes annoying. Every chapter has comparison of some kind in it. Overall if you're a knew reader without reading other great cultivation novels this is good one for you for old readers the cliches are too much, the harem tag will kill this book because the mc seems horny all the time and is attracted to every female he meets. I enjoy harems but mindless one's are horrible to read, Other than those it's a good book the author can do better though with proper research for his readers.

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    I think it's pretty good, but mc doesn't really have any edge in terms of maturity, you know something like an expert's memory or experiences. in this novel mc is just showing his talent left and right. I have read far more stories where a scheming expert could destroy stronger opponent. In this cultivation world full of uncertainties, i think that those who have knowledge is far more ahead of everyone, so this mc is just not my type. Author also doesn't reveal any sign of the girl's v**ginity being taken after int*rcourse, it is just said that his girl has mature body even on such a young age, who knows if she's a sl*t.

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    A nice work. I think if you looking something good than you can give it a try. A good mc with a harem wall yes some time he is also OP .just give it a try .

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    Good, bookmarked. Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good. Btw baru tau lu nulis novel baru, semoga ga drop aja kek novel sebelumnya...

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    this author=mc is... hard to find worse! save yourself the time! this author=mc is... hard to find worse! save yourself the time! this author=mc is... hard to find worse! save yourself the time!

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    I have no clue why this novel quit releasing but it is a classic that i wish could finish out because this book is a great read with good character building and story telling!

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    Really great book to read! it is just theres no update till now, was it axed or dropped? would appreciate it if someone would enlighten us!!

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    Very gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood

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    Author Saubi1234