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66.66% His Accidental Wife / Chapter 16: 16 | That Completes the Trio

16 | That Completes the Trio - His Accidental Wife - Chapter 16 by Lou_Guzman full book limited free

Chapter 16: 16 | That Completes the Trio


It's been a while since I stood in front of this door. A door I've been afraid to open all because I didn't like the feeling of being alone. Who doesn't? Slowly but surely, I reached for the doorknob, gripped it tightly, and twisted it. A cold breeze of wind slapped me on the face as I observed what once was my 'homeʼ. I took one step inside, then another until I was inside. Holding in my breath, I passed by the foyer and kitchen where I used to learn cooking several meals. There were still plates in the dishwasher, spoons and forks left unwashed. Cringing, I turned left and felt heavy. Broken picture frames and beer bottles greeted me in the living room where I once spent valuable moments with family and friends. 

I should have gotten a maid to clean this. Or at least someone. 

Ignoring the painful memories those bottles and frames signified, I entered the bedroom. Tears rose to my eyes as I took in the sight in front of me. Jars of flowers on the floor, fallen, the flowers decayed. The items on the vanity all scattered around. And broken pieces of glass. Nothing had changed. This was exactly how I left this place when– when mom died.

I ran into the bathroom and opened the sink, splashing cold water onto my face as I sobbed. I gripped the rim of the sink as I attempted to calm myself. Was this how it was always going to be? Whenever I get reminded of my mother, I start bawling my eyes out? Somehow, I keep connecting even the most unconnected of things to mom. Wiping away my tears, I decided to finally stop being an emotional wreck and clean everything. Heading out, I opened my closet and grabbed sweatpants and a white crop-top. After changing into my clothes, I pulled my hair up into a tight ponytail. 


I heard the door open. The heck? I grabbed the broom and stepped out, cautiously walking towards the foyer. I saw a man's silhouette and swung the broom backward, ready to attack. As I was about to hit the intruder, I was stopped. The unnamed intruder grabbing the broom. 

"What the– Adrianne?" Liam's confused face greeted me. 

"What're you doing in here Liam?! I thought you were a burglar!" I bounced on my heels as I shook my hands, trying to release the nervousness I felt. 

He chuckled. "I was about to enter my condo until I saw that the lights were on. I thought you were a burglar." My shoulders relaxed as I let out a laugh. "So, what're you doing here Adrianne? It's been like, what, a year since you've been here?" he asked. 

"The asshole who is my husband is an asshole." I rolled my eyes, recalling the moment he called me a bitch. 


"He called me a bitch for crying," I answered. 

He clenched his fists and opened to say something before a voice spoke first. "Want me to scratch his eyes out?" a voice with an Australian accent spoke behind him. My eyes widened. "Arvo, drongo," she greeted. 

"Sienna!" I opened my arms widely and hugged her. 

The blonde Aussie hugged me back as she rubbed my back. She pulled away, a huge smile from ear to ear showcasing her dimples. "Now, when were you planning to call me?" She placed her hands on her hips. "It's been nearly a year since we've talked!" 

I laughed. "Lots of things happened." 

"And you didn't spill the tea?" 

"Just remember that tea spills, so be careful about where you spill exactly," said Liam.

Sienna chuckled. "You sound like my dad."


"Which one?" Liam asked. 

"When did you get here Sienna?" I asked, ushering everybody over to the living room. 

"Before I tell you about my travels, what happened to your place?" She gestured to my living room and pointed to my kitchen. "It's festy!" she exclaimed. 

"I plan on cleaning today." I smiled. 

"That's going to be hard yakka," she told me. 

I groaned and tilted my head upward. "I'm forgetting, you speak slang." 

She laughed. "I'm helping ya. You're a flaming galah. Leaving your place unattended." 

I scratched my head. "No need to call me an idiot." I puckered my lips and glanced at the two of them. "Why were you with Liam? Are you seeing each other?" I asked them. 

"What? God, no!" Liam exclaimed. 

"You're one to talk. As if I'd date a guy like you. You're a top bloke and all, but you're not my type." She rolled her eyes at him. "No, but I was with him because I was asking about you, I came to visit you but you weren't responding to my messages." 


"It's been almost a year since we've seen each other and all you can say is 'ohʼ?" she glared at me, her eyes burning through mine. "The last place we've seen each other was in Australia when you came to visit me and my dads. And that was nearly two years ago." 

I quietly laughed. "Sorry." I did the peace sign with my fingers.

I felt terrified of Sienna, mainly because I've lived with her for a while during my college years and I know her like the back of my mind. We went to the London College of Fashion together. Well, that's more of where I met her. 


I walked around in the halls of this magnificent school here in London, wandering about, trying to figure out where I should go. I had a class at nine and it was already eight-thirty. I had thirty minutes before I was late. My eyes scanned every room, every wall. I checked my smartwatch. 

8:50. Shit. 

I started running. I was certainly lost in this enormous institute. Remind me again why I went here and declined the offer of my father's colleague? I ran and ran until I hit something.


More like someone. I collided into somebody as I tried to get to my first class. Please don't tell me my day is going to be worse. 

"Shit! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to bump into you," I apologised repeatedly, gathering my belongings that had fallen upon my collision.  Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

A blonde stared back at me, frowning. "Geez mate, in a rush?" she asked, fixing her hair. 

"I'm about to be late to my first class," I panted. Yeah because I was too busy taking in the sights of the fricking school! 

"When's your class?" 


She looked at her watch. "You better get going, mate, it's ten minutes before that class." She looked at her watch again, "Crikey! I'm about to be late for mine!" 

I can't help but laugh. "See you later then." I stood, "Hey, I never got your name." 

"Name's Sienna King, yours?" 

"Adrianne Chanelle, nice meeting you." I smiled. 

"And I, you. And Chanelle, like the famous fashion brand. Are you...hold on. Are you the Adrianne Chanelle?" She gasped. 

"I am, yes."

"Oh my– I never expected to meet a Chanelle in real life!" Her smile grew bigger. "Your mother's designs are the best!" 

"I couldn't agree with you more," I said. "Let's walk to class together?" 

"Do you even know your way around this school?" she asked, raising an eyebrow. I shook my head repeatedly. "I guessed as much, now, hold onto my hand and let's figure out this maze they call a school." 

I happily held her hand as we attempted to figure out where our first class was. 

At least now, I didn't feel much of a loner..

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