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Hunt or be Haunted (BL)

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Author: Moryoll

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“You, aren’t you scared of me?”

“Why would I be?” The man asked, the red half of his white and blue hair covering his equally clashing eye colours.

“I am a Hunter,” the dark blue-haired man said, frowning at the man, trying to look menacing.

“Really?” The man said, unfazed as he went back to looking at the eyeballs he collected.

“I could kill you where you stand!”

“Why don’t you then?” The man asked, not even looking at him anymore. “I am completely defenceless right now, aren’t I?”

It is the year, 3035. Mythical creatures such as Vampires and many more have suddenly come into existence. With them comes a divide, between humans and those creatures, thought to be myths and even amongst the creatures themselves.

Jel Okonjo is a Vampire, in fact, he may just be the oldest vampire to ever exist in that world. An all-powerful person that is rendered harmless the moment the sun comes up, like all the creatures of this world.

Or so they think. He has secrets of his own, being a creature that has lived for hundreds of years.

And it seems a certain shapeshifter has started to catch his eye. Is it because he has a deep secret of his own or the fact that his blood burns Jel, unlike the sun.

What could he have planned? And why all the secrets? What is true and what is false? Will they ever find out?

No One 17 and Under Admitted
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    This is a masterpiece. I love everything about this piece of work. It's not often that you find a supernatural work that is interesting and unique. The characters are very intricate and obviously well thought out. I got some good laughs while reading this, everyone was so weird lol. The novel had a few grammatical errors but they seemed more like errors in wording and weren't seen often in the novel so they didn't affect the comprehensiveness of this author's work. There's nothing much to complain about, the story flowed at a nice pace and every scene was described in great detail. While reading, I was literally inside the novel. Overall, this was one of the most entertaining vampire novels I've ever read. The author should consider turning it into a comic, I'd love to see how Jel actually looks so I could fan girl more lol. [img=recommend]

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    Interesting story you have here! I love all the different characters and the different personalities you gave them! The story invites you in as if you're there and makes you want to read on! Good work! ♡

    View 1 Replies

    Reviewing from chapter 10. I didn't expect the rich variety of supernatural creatures in this book, and I'm here for it! Writing quality is good and it's easy to read. The pace is smooth too. I still have a lot of questions regarding the story but they are surely be answered after I read the next chapters. Overall, this is a great read for me~

    View 1 Replies

    Fell in love with the characters and I'm not ready to let them go. the story is interesting with a few things left unexplained but they do not retract from the overall story. I would definitely love to read a sequel if ever written

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    Author Moryoll