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I'm a Snake?

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Author: Enkamos

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"The hell? Where am I?"

[I am your land survival system, you are the new owner of this snakezoid body]

[Obey me, and I shall teach you the secrets of survival with the aid of body upgrades]

"What the... are you on shrooms?"


The world that William reincarnated to, was weird. It wasn't necessarily littered with 'merlins' who could taunt actual dragons with their powers, but those who did have powers, could not be underestimated either.

Once he reincarnated in this world full of snakes and lizards, William had expected to deal with a couple of fireballs at best, but no, it was dangerous to walk around without getting his head blown up.

There were plenty of magicians who wielded intelligence-based powers, for example, which to some extent made them invincible too! Those weren't even the most powerful magicians, no! People were so attuned to the environment around them, along with their own bodies, that plenty of powers originated from such sources!

Follow William's journey as he skims through the system's sarcasm, to grasp his rightful rise to power. Follow his journey on shifting a whole country's politics to his will, to achieve some ulterior motives, regarding his ascension to another realm!

- I have no clue to whom the original cover belongs to, feel free to contact me for this matter.

- Regarding the update rate ~ often times this novel will seem like it's barely updating, or not at all, but note that it's not dropped, I will finish it. You can start reading it now, or add it for later and wait for it to complete, but either way, feel comfortable that your time and money won't be lost with this novel. If not more, it promises a plot and world worth waiting for.

- The novel will be 4-5 volumes long, or approximately 360-480 chapters ~ 600k words max. It seems short in comparison to some other novels in the app, but it's only because the MC is destined to become overpowered at the later portions of the novel.

Other tags;
Shapeshifers, shapeshifter MC, shapeshifter love interest, snake-people, lizard people, demons, demon MC, harem, light smut, realm, realm splitting, time dilation - light physics included, city building, ruling from the shadows, power lust, sects, religious sects, magic, IQ, intelligence upgrades (with brain lobes described), intelligence based powers, body tampering, expansive ancient history/mystery, pyramids, pyramid building, multi dimensional characters (ex. eight dimensional).

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    The past few months I usually read the first two or three chapters of any book before leaving it to rot in my library for a couple of months before I remove it completely from there I started to read this book with that mindset but I was surprised after I finished the first chapter to find myself wanting to read more The story is well written as the author seem to take his time to write it and the pace and the development of it is phenomenal for me After finishing the 19 chapters that was available at the time of this review I knew that I would stick with this story until the last chapter of it It's been a long time since I got invested into reading a story like this and I Hope the author don't drop it and continue writing this story to the end Thanks for writing and keep up the good work!

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    Soooooooo anyone knows if this novel is good or not ?

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    LV 13 Badge

    This novel won several imaginary awards that I made up! 😄😄😄

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    I was reading the first two chapters and was instantly confused. You don’t need to explain everything bruh. The mc was so dumb he was like what do physical upgrades do? And i fell over and died. The author tried to write a mean system but it was not mean only stupid. Bruh why do you want your host to die? Well i just wrote a paragraph of insults from the first two chapters. Please read at your mental health’s concern.

    View 2 Replies

    This is a very fun story to read. Excellent flow of language makes it easy to read. A very entertaining MC, with plenty of comedy and drama. It always has you looking forward to more. Keep on writing.

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    I can already tell this will be good, but I abhor genderbend, and no matter how good this might be gender bending is a no no for me... Is there genderbend?

    View 6 Replies

    Good job author, l enjoyed the novel so much. Keep up the good work, l will continue reading the novel because it's enjoyable .[img=recommend]

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    Author Enkamos