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I became Zoro's Sword

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Author: MrITookAnotherL

4.58 (16 ratings)

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What if Zoro finds a demonic sword? A sword that has the soul of a reincarnated person. Will this devil corrupt Zoro? or perhaps befriend him and join the Straw Hat crew adventure?


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IDC IM GIVING MY SELF A GOOD REVIEW SINCE NO ONE WANNA GIVE ME A REVIEW.... just give me a review bruh, it dont matter if it's bad or not, i wanna know what people think about the fanfic

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Wonderful idea, could go far. Writing is run of the mill but for webnovel it could be considered masterclass. Would love to see it succeed but most ffs like this are dropped. Please prove me wrong and keep doing good, I appreciate it. I know saying this should be obvious but please stay away from romance and webnovel degeneracy.

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Note this is my outline if u steal this your werid asf since this is mostly made by my thoughts But I will teach u now to make a chapter outline in 2 minutes what I do is note down what I want in a chapter all my ideas then I go to ChatGPT And ask can you make a outline with this Here is a prologue outline for my og book Chap 1 (NOTE this will be long) Prologue Outline: "The Rebirth of a Demon Kingdom" I. Introduction to the Age of Myth A. Overview of the magical world known as Pieya B. Kingdoms emerging and thriving in an era characterized by magic C. Introduction to the central conflict: the struggle for dominance and the coveted magic ore II. The Reincarnation A. Description of the protagonist's previous life in the Age of Myth B. The passage of 2000 years and the protagonist's reincarnation as a demon C. Brief insights into the protagonist's memories from the past era III. Demon's Ambition A. Establishing the protagonist's desire to build a kingdom in the modern era B. Introduction to the challenges faced by the demon in this new world C. Demon's awareness of constant threats from dragons and vampires IV. The Kingdom in the Making A. Demon's efforts to establish and fortify his kingdom B. Description of the magical resources, particularly magic ore, that the kingdom possesses C. The strategic importance of magic ore attracting the attention of dragons and vampires V. The Ongoing War A. Highlighting the frequent battles and skirmishes against dragons and vampires B. Demon's struggle to defend the kingdom's resources and territory C. The impact of war on the demon's kingdom and its inhabitants VI. Setting the Stage A. Teasing the overarching narrative of the demon's journey to build and protect his kingdom B. Foreshadowing future conflicts and alliances in the world of Pieya C. Closing with a sense of anticipation for the challenges that lie ahead for the reincarnated demon. Note: The prologue sets the stage for the protagonist's journey in the magical world, introduces key elements of the conflict, and creates intrigue about the challenges and adversaries the demon kingdom will face. The subsequent chapters will delve deeper into the unfolding story. This is my outline for chapter one now all of these points I got to make a part in this chapter where I do exactly as this draft says all I do now is add more detail and explain my thoughts in a way readers would understand well doing what this outline says every new point it tells u have to write about it This is only 1 chapter outline so you now understand how effective a outline can be even one from ChatGPT can help you immensely since it dose this and now all I got to do is write all of the stuff listed above in order all u got to do is go to chatGPT write your ideas then ask it to make a chapter outline it isn’t hard then you start writing from there Really good idea tho other then the fact later on it will be hard to progress the story

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I just created this account to write a review since I felt pity towards you. So far this novel's start has been good. The idea is also nice but I have seen many novels like yours who are later dropped. So please dont drop this or take a very very large break.

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The story is good and it’s already hinting at future plots. There’s some mistake in grammar but it’s ok, you can barely notice. The update is good as of right now.

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grammar is good, same with spelling, and hope to see more and more chapters.

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Basically, this is one of your reincarnated as a sword stories where the sword teaches its wielder. The premise is interesting, and the author isn't afraid to leave the canon Strawhat's route. There's only one problem: the author has no idea where he's going at all with these extra bits. There's plenty of spelling and grammar mistakes, so writing quality isn't that great. It's also kinda cringe by moments, but since it's not taken seriously, it's fine. Character Design: most of the strawhats are fine and true to their character, but Zoro is way off. like incredibly off. I'm also not personally a fan of making Zoro physically transform into a demon that's not Asura. updating stability, not great either. all in all, has potential, but the author needs to find where he wants to take the story

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Great all round don't drop it in fact I want more

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fun concept, good execution 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚

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very interesting story and sword are cool

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This is very good!!, please keep making more chapters!

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It's new so I guess I'll just give it a 5/5 even though I haven't read it yet (⁠눈⁠‸⁠눈⁠)(⁠눈⁠‸⁠눈⁠)(⁠눈⁠‸⁠눈⁠)(⁠눈⁠‸⁠눈⁠)(⁠눈⁠‸⁠눈⁠)(⁠눈⁠‸⁠눈⁠)(⁠눈⁠‸⁠눈⁠)(⁠눈⁠‸⁠눈⁠)(⁠눈⁠‸⁠눈⁠)(⁠눈⁠‸⁠눈⁠)(⁠눈⁠‸⁠눈⁠)(⁠눈⁠‸⁠눈⁠)(⁠눈⁠‸⁠눈⁠)(⁠눈⁠‸⁠눈⁠)(⁠눈⁠‸⁠눈⁠)(⁠눈⁠‸⁠눈⁠)(⁠눈⁠‸⁠눈⁠)(⁠눈⁠‸⁠눈⁠)(⁠눈⁠‸⁠눈⁠)(⁠눈⁠‸⁠눈⁠)(⁠눈⁠‸⁠눈⁠)

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It is a good story, very entertaining in the short time it has been broadcast, I hope for more chapters with good content and character development.

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nice, very nice. just don't give mc a body

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