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I Forged the Myth of the Ancient Overlords

I Forged the Myth of the Ancient Overlords

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Author: Golden Dreamland


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Traversing parallel worlds, Lu Ban, who only wanted to make some money by making films, awaken a System, which granted him rewards every time he completed a task.
Wait a second, look under the bed at midnight? Piano sounds in a theater deserted for twenty years? The artist of an art exhibition gone missing? As Lu Ban completed these tasks, he realized that this world might be haunted!
This System is not normal.
He found that the System not only sent him on deadly explorations in forbidden places but also recorded all his near-death experiences as video material, and later even threw Lu Ban into the Indescribable Another World!
“Eh, if I edit these videos into a movie, wouldn't that be the perfect horror film?”
Lu Ban began to understand everything.
Thus, within the Foreign Domain, legends about the Ancient Overlord and the Indescribable horror began to spread.
Another title of this book is "Strange Descent, Filming in Cthulhu's World" "What Did I Do Wrong to Live a Streamer's Life in an Infinite World?" "I, the Investigator, Excel at Getting in Over My Head"
Keywords: Cthulhu, Original Infinite Streams, Myth-making, Roleplaying, Silly, Psychotic, a novel that heals the heart, light and enjoyable.


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    interesting story raw required!! ............................

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    it is quite interesting. I hope it is fully translated and not forgotten due to the lack of attention during this week. and i hope more people try it since it's different from the usual novels.

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    I read to chapter 25, and so far it is good and I like it. It gives the same vipe as my house of horror which i liked. I gave updating stability and world background 3 stas because for the first i don't know how shold i rate it. As for the latter because not much revealed on the chapters that i read. I recommend reading it. I have no ideas how will develop but i remain optimistic and hope it will be better than I expected. Does anyone know the raw? Because I can't find it.

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    Author Golden Dreamland