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I Got Gravity Magic In The Apocalypse

Fantasy 255 Chapters 498.6K Views
Author: The_Envy

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A crack in the sky appeared. The apocalypse unfolds, and mutations run rampant, turning beings into monstrous creatures.

In a world suddenly plunged into chaos by the strange apocalypse event, Barry finds himself a rare and formidable power – the ability to manipulate gravity.

When Barry's newfound abilities clash with the unpredictable forces of Destruction, he must navigate a treacherous world to survive.

It turns out that the apocalypse not only happened in their world but also in another parallel universe.

Not only that, the apocalypse also reaches the realm of Gods and Goddesses, the Angels and Demons.

With every battle, Barry inches closer to the heart of the apocalypse, unraveling mysteries behind the truth of the apocalypse.

Will Barry succumb to the chaos, or will he emerge as the unlikely savior in a world where gravity is both a curse and a blessing?

Join Barry and his companions as he grapples with his humanity, battles supernatural forces, and unveils the secrets hidden within the core of a shattered reality.


Author's note: The world of this story is a different world from our own but with the same setting in the modern world.

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    It says harem but none of the female characters have that much depth in general talk less about liking him they barely have personality nor do they have personal interactions with mc so please work on that but everything else isn’t so bad and again start on the harem as soon as you see this not just that the girls barely have personalities except Elaine so please work on that

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    is there romance in this novel? please no it holds back the MC

    View 2 Replies

    the story has potential, the system is good and the characters are somewhat well represented emotionally it does get boring in the dungeon tho and I skipped a lot of chapters. waiting for some more chapters until it gets interesting

    View 0 Replies

    zombie apocalypse, story jumps right into the thick of it, no background as of chapter 16 but plenty of promise so far. Mc shows intelligence. game leveling type story. haven't seen any cheats yet.

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    Author The_Envy