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Chapter 57: A Strange Boss Part 2

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"To your left!" Shizuku yelled out as spikes shot at Miyumi once more. They had been slowly attacking each spot in the room, but they could not tell at all if they were making any progress.

"This just won't end… Shizu, can you do anything?" Miyumi asked. Her breathing was getting heavy. They had been at it for almost two hours now, and she was starting to grow tired.

 "I can, but for a room this size, it will require a lot of blood." Shizuku had a method to attack every part of the room, but it would require her to drink a lot of blood. 

"My neck is open at any time, and so is Mei's, so get to it!" Miyumi was the tank as such and was the one in charge of making the calls, while Shizuku supplemented anything that might have been missed.

"Then You better be ready to be drained of both your blood and your sweet nectar!" Shizuku slid her fingernail over her wrist and allowed her blood to flow out. She did not let it drop to the ground but instead allowed it to form a basketball-sized orb in front of her. "Alright, everyone, to me. Stand behind me no matter what!"

"Got it!" Miyumi yelled out. Mei did not even need to respond. She was already behind Shizuku since she had seen this skill before but on a smaller scale. 

Shizuku closed her eyes and raised her hands in the air. The ball of blood followed her motions. As she slowly opened her eyes, Shizuku whispered: "Bloody Night."

The ball of blood suddenly spread out in all directions, dying everything around the three girls in red. Shizuku took a deep breath and used the last bit of blood as a step in the air. She grabbed both girls' hands and stepped up on it. "Hold on to me." 

Both girls nodded and hugged Shizuku's waist. The whole room was now completely crimson red. Shizuku moved her hands slightly and then clenched both her fists. "Screams of the night." 


A strange cry filled their ears as the room began to shake violently. The ceiling began to crumble to the ground. Miyumi placed her shield above them and called out: "Ward!"

The barrier formed above them as the bits of the ceiling fell. But what surprised them was that the ceiling debris were actually bits of flesh. Shizuku's attack just now cut out huge chunks of flesh. Purple blood began to rain down, and Shizuku stooped mid-air, turned them into bloody spears, and launched them in all directions. The boss's own blood had become Shizuku's weapon. 

"Mei, remind me not to anger Shizu…." This was the first time Miyumi had seen such a violent attack. Using the enemy's own blood as a weapon was cheating. This was completely and utterly unfair!

"Master would never get angry at us unless we do something that would make her mad." Mei had full confidence that she would never do such a thing, so she never even thought about angering Shizuku.

Miyumi did not have such confidence. She could only hope she never angered Shizuku to the point that her blood became punishment. Shizuku was too busy continuously manipulating the blood around her in her continuous attack. But she did find the conversation to be amusing.

"Why is this monster so hard to kill!?" Shizuku was not very happy. It had been thirty minutes, and the flesh and blood filling the room was starting to reach its current position. She had even made their current bloody perch bigger to give them more room to move around. 

"Do mimics have cores?" Miyumi asked. She did not know anything about mimics, so she was not sure.

"I have no idea, but I will need to step it up a notch. Mei, give me blood." Shizuku needed more blood to keep going. Or else she would end up falling into a state of blood lust.

"Yes, Master." Mei moved so that her neck was in front of Shizuku's face. Shizuku did not hesitate to bite down, causing the fox girl to let out a soft moan.

Shizuku would have asked Miyumi, but Miyumi was keeping her ward up to protect them from falling bits of flesh. While she, too, could do that, she did not want to make the girls think that they were useless. 

Mei, under the effects of Shizuku sucking her blood, couldn't help but begin rubbing herself through her shorts. The feeling of having her blood drained made her pussy so wet that she felt as if she had peed herself. She was just about to reach her climax when Shizuku suddenly pulled away, leaving her on the lerch. 

"Mei, Sorry, but if I drink any more, your ability to move might be affected. I will help you finish later I promise." Shizuku could always tell when Mei was about to cum. She felt bad, but she did not wish to overeat either.

A half hour later Miyumi suddenly shouted: " I see something! Shizu, I think that's its core!" 

Shizuku looked at the spot that Miyumi was pointing and sure enough, high in the ceiling was a huge red glowing crystal. "Then I will focus everything on the crystal!" 

All the blood in the room suddenly rose up into the air, turned into thin strands of blood, and shot forth into the crystal. 


[Unique True Boss: Room Mimic Slain]

[Rewards Being Calculated….]

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