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I Got Summoned And Got Cheat Skills Along With A Yuri Slave Harem

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[This is an original; I just don't want contract spam for it, so I posted it here.]

Shizuku, a normal girl who just so happens to like other girls, was in a locker room with her classmates when she and the others were suddenly summoned to another world.

Not wanting to have anything to do with the people who summoned her, Shizuku asks the goddess, who gives out classes and gifts for a few extras.

With no way home, Shizuku becomes a Fallen or, more specifically, a Vampire. The Fallen, who is hated by the very people who summoned her, has no place in the list of heroes who are supposed to protect the Holy Kingdom and the world.

Kicked out and on her own, with no understanding of her new world and with a prophecy of destruction facing it, Shizuku sets out to make a place for herself in this new world she has been summoned to.

Will Shizuku be able to survive in this new world, or will she end up losing everything, including her life?

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I'm here for the yuri so don't mind me...

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I had no expectation but got pleasantly surprised. The story is so far so good, its what you're used to. Mc summoned to an other world, can't go back, disagrees with the organization that summoned them, leaves. It deals with slavery but it's mainly a side plot and gets written off as "ok i guess", racism about humans and the church's dislike of non-human races. How overtime institutional rot takes place within the church, and history being seemingly forgotten/altered. I'm hopeful that it gets stable updates for a while but cannot overlook the author's tendency to write a bunch of novels and see what sticks or gets bored of them (fair enough) which leads to an indefinite hiatus.

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I like all your story they are very interesting

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So far this is an excellent story well worth a read but if I were to say anything negative it is a few grammar issues but nothing major

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Just here to say, was here since chapter 3-4, did not regret anything. Definitely one of the good books I would pay attention on in hopes of a chapter.

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simply incredible, sensational story.[img=recomendar][img=recomendar][img=recomendar][img=recomendar][img=recomendar][img=recomendar][img=recomendar]

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I like your story it's very interesting story

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Me gusta mucho esta novela, ojalá logré ver su final , y sería genial que forme su equipo de diferentes razas y haga un reino donde vivan todas las razas que son rechazadas .

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I'm here for the yuri and harem so dont mind me :D, also a fan of authors other works. Just gonna ask author will the protagonist be op? [img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]

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Don't even need to read it to know its good! Keep up the great work![img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update]

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