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1% I Have Infinite Systems In The Immortal World / Chapter 2: The Infinite Roulette! The First System!

Chapter 2: The Infinite Roulette! The First System!

Long Ming's face turned strange when he saw the screen in front of him.

[ Due to some technical issues, assigning the system has been delayed. Apologise for such inconvenience]

[Meanwhile, Host can check his status window]

Host: Long Ming

Power: Mortal (Weakest Chicken in the Realms)

Skills: Enhanced Six Senses, Trick Shot, Lightning Shadow Sword Art (Sealed). Jade Shattering Yin Pulsing Hand (Sealed), Shadow Dragon Breathing Method

Trait: Chaotic Murder Heart

History: <Click to expand>

Long Ming jumped when he saw the rows of skills he possessed.

' Damn it, when did I possess so many skills. However, two of them are sealed. And judging from looks, those two are most powerful among them.'

Long Ming expanded the [History] as a new row of information appeared.

Current Age; 19

Death: 32 (Previous lifetime)

Additional information: Carrying the fate of Desolate Heaven Murder Star

Long Ming's eyes shrunk fiercely when he saw the [History].

' What the fuck! Did I die at age of 32 previously? How is that possible? My last memory was of the age of 20!' Long Ming felt a chill in his spine.

However, he slowly put everything together. He didn't believe that system could be lying in such a matter. However, Long Ming forgot 12 Years' worth of memories.

' And what's with this fate of Desolate Heaven Murder Star? So much confusion.'

Long Ming adjusted his mind as he took a deep breath. Going outside, he quickly noticed the maid.

" Hey… Um, Beautiful sister, Can you help me for a bit?"

Long Ming's tone was sweet as he spoke to that maid. Long Ming couldn't help but look at the maid with side eyes.

'Even a maid looking much better than girls on earth. But, I need to stay cautious.' Long Ming thought inwardly.

' First rule of Immortal World, stay polite and flattering as possible if you are an insect.'

The maid looked at Long Ming as she was surprised when she heard 'Beautiful Sister.' Adjusting her expression, she walked to Long Ming.

" What happened? What do you need?'

' Beautiful sister, Do you have any books regarding history and culture? I am a bit bored, so I would like to read them.'

' Very well, I will send you something.'

Thank you, Beautiful sister.' Long Ming smiled brightly. ' If I meet Young Miss Qinglian, I will put a good word for you.'

' En, you are sensible.' The maid nodded with satisfaction.

When she left, Long Ming sighed in relief. Soon, she returned with a stack of thick books.

' Ancient Compendium of Primal Chaos'

Long Ming started to read the book. Thankfully, he can understand the language.

' So, This is Rain Dragon Continent, one among several continents in Heaven Pillar Plane.'

' In this world, everything can cultivate the path of immortality. Qi Revolution, Violet Palace Expansion, True Core Formation Realm, Primordial Spirit Unification Realm, Harmonization Realm, Nine Revolution of Soul Realm, Dao Refining Realm, Ancient Lord Realm, Grand Heaven Ascension Realm.'

Long Ming wiped his sweat. ' What's with these long ass names? But then, these are the nine realms of immortal cultivation.'

After reading that book, Long Ming finally gained some basic ideas about this realm.

' Fuck! I have a system! But what the fuck with this 404 Error! Error you mother, You fucking bastard!'

Long Ming calmed down as he tried to understand what he should do.

' Enhanced Six Senses…' Long Ming calmed himself as he tried to focus. Soon, he could see everything clearly 20 meters away. His hearing was also enhanced.

" Alright, This is something I can understand. Next, Trick Shot." Jun Tianyun tapped on it as his mind felt some changes.

He picked up a small thing in his room and suddenly threw it. The thing hit the place he intended. Long Ming felt strange as if it was laser guided aimbot.

" Alright, So Trickshot is more like my aiming capabilities." Long Ming then choose Shadow Dragon Breathing Method. He sat on the bed cross-legged as he tried to imitate the technique. He could feel a small tickle in his body.

" Is this what they called Qi? Hahaha! I must be a genius! To think I sensed Qi in such a short period of time." Long Ming grinned as he kept circulating the small ball of energy in his body.

After three hours, he felt like he completed the first circulation as his body felt cool and refreshed. ' That's pretty good.'

As he was sitting on the bed, someone knocked on the door again. As he opened the door, he saw two guards standing outside.

" Bring him to me!"

A voice spoke as the guards glared at Long Ming. Long Ming's hair stood on its end when he saw the guards. They looked anything but friendly.

" Wait! No need to force me! I am going." Long Ming kept his face calm as he walked forward. In the courtyard, he saw a young man wearing a black colored robe, with a sword on his back.

" Hmph! Are you that man Qinglian brought back? You are looking so weak!"

Long Ming gulped a mouthful of saliva but pretended to be calm. " It does look like that. But before that, who is this dao brother?"

" You don't know me? I am Li Jian, Core Disciple of Six Sword Pavilion." Li Jian spoke with a prideful tone.

Long Ming cursed in his heart when he heard that.

' Fucking what! Are you seriously sending a Core Disciple, a level 50 Mob to a LV 0 noob like me? Where is the justice in the world!'

' This game is rigged! Where is the manager!!'

' Boy, You look nothing impressive. Tell me, What relationship do you have with Qinglian!" Li Jian looked at him as he asked.

Long Ming's back was drenched in sweat, but strange enough, he was able to retain his calm. " Oh, So it's brother Li Jian. You are asking about my relationship with Young Miss Mu Qinglian?"

" Well, You can say that we know each other. Why do you ask?"

Li Jian's expression was stoic as he spoke. " Boy, I am telling you. Fuck off from here. You are not worthy of Mu Qinglian."


Long Ming felt utter confusion when he heard that. " Worthy? What do you even mean? I don't understand what you saying."

Li Jian snorted as he took out his sword. " I knew it, You aren't going admit so easily. I challenge you to a duel!"

Long Ming's face turned dark when he heard that.

' I swear to god only I got the strength to bitch slap this bastard. Fuck, who the fuck just ask for a duel outta nowhere.'

Long Ming looked at Li Jian. " I see, You want to fight me, huh? Are you sure you wanna fight here?"

" Why? Got scared?" Li Jian snorted. " Tell me your name. I don't trample over nameless beggars."

" Beggars, you say? Do you really think I am a beggar?" Long Ming gave a smile. However, his heart was thumping madly.

' I got one chance. I have to use the Empty Fort strategy. Long Ming, you don't want to die on the first day of new life, right?' Long Ming thought inwardly as he looked at Li Jian.

" You said you want to fight here. Do you know where is this place?" Long Ming spoke calmly.

Li Jian was startled as he answered. " This is the courtyard of Mu Qinglian. What's about it?"

" Let me guess, you are the admirer of Mu Qinglian, right?" Long Ming asked.

Li Jian blushed lightly, but his expression returned.

" No, I mea…"

" Oh, you are saying you don't like Miss Mu Qinglian?" Long Ming retorted.

" No! Who said that? I like her!"

" Oh, so you like her!"

" I mean…"

Li Jian got flustered a bit, but his expression changed. " Bastard! Are you trying to fool me!"

Long Ming shrugged. " Well, Let's assume you like Mu Qinglian. However, do you want to fight with me, her acquaintance… hee, in her courtyard, without her permission?"

" It looks like you disregard her completely." Long Ming spoke in a light, but serious voice. " I didn't you a Core Disciple of a reputation sect like Six Sword Pavilion could behave like that…"

" You! You are twisting the words!" Li Jian quivered as his sword lowered. He couldn't help but feel that Long Ming was very repugnant.

" What twisting? It's you who is trying to disregard her." Long Ming spoke in a righteous tone.

" Such dishonorable person, I disdain to fight with you!"

Long Ming turned around after saying that, preparing to leave. However, he felt like his heart would explode from terror.

Walking forward, he finally noticed Qinglian's main maid, who came last night.

" En, beautiful sister, These guys are making a commotion in Miss Qinglian's courtyard. Can you please see them out?"

The main maid gave a strange expression to Long Ming, but she nodded and looked at Li Jian.

" Young Master Li Jian, as I told you, Miss Qinglian isn't here. So, I hope you can return. When young miss will come back, I will inform you."

" Bu-But…" Li Jian's expression turned stiff as if he was unwilling. Long Ming took this chance.

" See? It seems like people taking Miss Qinglian very lightly. Such shame…"

The maid's eyes turned cold as she looked at Li Jian. Li Jian trembled as he sheathed his sword.

" Very well, I am leaving. I hope you will inform Miss Mu Qinglian once she returns."

When Long Ming saw Li Jian and his guards left, he took light steps as he entered the room, closing the room gently.

The maid couldn't help but give out an amusing smile. " This man is interesting."




" Haah! HAAAH! Fuck! I am alive? I am ALIVE!!"

Long Ming slumped on the ground as he started to breathe haggardly. He saw a jug as he walked and drank water to calm himself down.

" Huuu, I succeeded. I succeeded in cheating death twice." Long Ming muttered.

He gambled his chance out for three reasons.

First, Since Li Jian knew Mu Qinglian brought him here, he would naturally feel Ling Ming's background must be quite something. Never in the world, he would think that Long Ming is a mortal chicken.

' Not to mention those treasures which can hide one's cultivation. My weakness really became my strength this time.' Long Ming thought.

Second, when Long Ming knew that it was indeed Mu Qinglian's courtyard, he decided to use the third reason, Li Jian's weakness toward Mu Qinglian, to counter him.

Thankfully, Mu Qinglian's maid gave him a helping hand.

" Whew, At least I survived." Long Ming spoke.

But then, the screen in front of him flashed.

[ Ding! No appropriate system for Host found! The Infinity Roulette Ha begun!]

[ Host has met the standard of Beta Tester! Infinity System Gaccha Has activated!]

[ Host picked up a system!]

[Closed Beta of Courting Death System is activated!]


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