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I Have Infinite Systems In The Immortal World

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Author: starry8sword

4.18 (39 ratings)

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Riding a flying sword, drinking wine while holding beauties, fighting against a generation of geniuses for opportunities, Who doesn't like such an Immortal World?

But not if you are a mortal who got thrown amidst high level cultivators. And Long Ming felt precisely that.

Opening his eyes, Long Ming saw he was in the world of immortals. He got surrounded by beauties and luxuries, but what will happen if everyone knows he is just a weak chicken? No grandpa in a ring nor a mysterious broken sword or inheritance pendant.

" Where is my Golden Finger!" Long Ming shouted!

At that moment, a panel opened before him.

[ Ding! Host get Courting Death System!]
[ Ding! Host get Goddess Protecting System!]
[ Ding! Host get Scumbag System!]

Long Ming then realized he got infinite systems in his disposal!

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    The whole scenario feels forced, and a comedy feels cheap, he gets everything too easily, and author is that creating problems life and right, solving the problem after and creating another cheap problem plot, and transition from one arch to another is smooth as a rocky road.

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    This is a breath-taking cultivation novel that reignites the genre with its enthralling ideas and vast world setting. The seamless integration of intricate systems and captivating characters creates an immersive experience that leaves readers craving for more. With its boundless potential, this novel has the potential to become one of the best cultivation genre, captivating readers with its limitless possibilities.

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    I, your father the ruler of heavens and all realms in this universe unexpectedly came to earth accidentally, seeing many talents sprout on earth. I made one thousand sets of systems before leaving. If you want one of my systems like and comment 1 or comment 2 for truck kun to send you on your way without any system and comment 3 for Rob to send you in a H world with low-tier cheats.

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    I have been reading your current main book i.e., that is Villainous Young Master Otherworldly Harem since when it's reached 17 chapters. I got it by a chance on WN. And it's indeed a good villain novel apart from few things. As you already know that there are not many good 'villain' novels out there. And as for me, I would definitely put it in top ten in my 'villain' novel list. And as for your new novel, the moment I read the synopsis, I liked it instantly. If you don't mess it up and keep it as it is supposed to be (like the title says), I'm sure it will definitely take the flight but for how long it stays in the air depends upon you. That's all. And do take care of your health as it is mutually essential.

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    This is good read and I enjoy reading it a lot [img=recommend]

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    Writing quality: excellent. There are few mistakes, and I think a lot of those can be chalked up to Webnovel’s slipshod backend. Update stability: unstable. The author is writing two novels concurrently, both of which I follow, and both of which are suffering on this point. I think they were just too impatient and didn’t build up any stockpile at all, so they’re releasing chapters as they’re written. Story development: slow. I normally don’t review novels this early (as of the time I’m writing this, there are only 23 chapters available), but I really like the premise. Both of the author’s novels are really good, and - a rarity on Webnovel, where authors mostly copy and paste from each other in a neverending train of trend-following - best of all, they’re original. That said, the story is somewhat aimless right now and proceeding as if it’s in a three-way race with a glacier and a snail in a salt maze. In other words, it’s slow. However, I do expect it’ll pick up Soon(tm). Character design: inspired. While they aren’t perfect, or even great, by any means, the characters are at least unique. The author does an excellent job of making the main character feel weak and underpowered, forced to get by on his wits alone when thrown into a situation where virtually anyone he meets could accidentally kill him by frowning in his general direction. That alone is a breath of fresh air in a stale market that’s oversaturated by flavor-of-the-month overpowered Mary Sue MCs. In fact, most MCs on Webnovel are closer to the people Mary Sue wants to be when she grows up. World background: unexplored. The author hasn’t been focusing on any kind of worldbuilding so far outside of introducing two antagonistic factions. Other than that, and some very basic cultivation information (essentially just the name of the cultivation realms themselves), we know nothing about the world at large as of yet. Overall: I really enjoy what I’ve seen so far and hope that the author can pick up the pace, both in terms of story development and release rate. Those are the only two areas that it’s currently lacking in, but as far as story is concerned, you have to understand that the author has only written 23 chapters so far.

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    This has NTR. The harem members work as prostitutes.

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    Story got ruined when he couldn’t cultivate due to the gods not wanting him to grow.

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    yuri? and possible ntr like ur previous light novel?

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    Good story but greedy author and app developers, it costs 2 fast pass per locked chapter or starts out at 15 coins then increases every chapter afterwards not sure what they are thinking. So many translation errors in grammar and gender nouns it is annoying. suggest making all locked chapters a set price of 10 coins per developers need to give coin rewards as check in, reading etc. if you want a free reading app go to my topia

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    latest chp has becoming more and more annoying .... why did you create a cultivation system then you destroy it with so called plot

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    The synopsis gives the impression that MC has infinite systems, but that's not true, it's a beta test, it keeps changing systems every period of time.

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    This very good novel is funny and enjoyable great work author i recommend this novel

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    It's rough around the edges, some mistakes here and there but overall the story is pretty enjoyable. Its very light-hearted and MC seema to be heading towards and OP route. Definitely Recommend a try atleast.

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    на данный момент это действительно круто....................................................................,.....................................................................................................................,.

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    not worth your coin .. try reading something else

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    Hey bro, I gave 5 stars alright! Tell me how much you earn from these novels, please okay? Just gave me an estimate... Thanks In advance!!!

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    All of a sudden doubling the cost per page, this story is not worth reading if it is unaffordable

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    This one right here. He’s onto something. The revolving systems it’s written well and entertaining with a good MC and a bit of mystery. Don’t forget to read the prologue

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    Author starry8sword