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I woke up as the Villainous Empress I woke up as the Villainous Empress original

I woke up as the Villainous Empress

Author: Kamlyn

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Chapter 1: Sleeping Villainess!!

" WHAT'S HAPPENING? HOW COME SHE HASN'T WOKEN UP YET?" The senior maid walked into the chamber and shouted loudly, causing the young-maid, who was sitting at the bedside of the lady, to startle and shiver in fear.

The girl who was tending to her lady and was rubbing her scorching-hot body with a towel, dipped in the cold water, hurriedly put away the towel and stood up to greet the senior maid. " Senior Maid, Miss….Her body is still burning in high fever. I even massaged her body with a cold-towel but she hasn't opened her eyes yet." The girl explained in a quivering voice.

It's been two days since her lady has been burning in high fever but no one allowed her to call the physician as it will be a waste of money and energy in their words. She has been lying on the bed for the past two days and it's been more than 24 hours since she has opened her eyes and been unconscious since then, making her worry.

Xiaowei, the young maid raised her head cautiously to look at the senior-maid's expressions and gulped nervously to see her cold-stoic expressions. Even though the woman standing in front of her is also a maid, her status is the highest among all the maids in the household since she serves to the Mistress of the household.

The current Mistress of the household, is the second-wife of the Lord. She is a young and beautiful woman who has enchanted him with her irresistible beauty. Not only that, she even birthed a son and the successor of the household that the previous Mistress couldn't do so.

That's one of the reasons why she enjoys all the power in the household, whereas her lady, who is the eldest daughter of the household from the first wife of the lord, is being treated like dirt in the house.

" I think….we should call the physician. Her lady's condition is getting worse with every passing minute. If it continues like this, she won't be able to attend the banquet tomorrow." The young maid dared to speak out to see the worsening condition of her lady.

She is the eldest daughter of the household and yet is treated poorly like this. Even though she is living in a spacious and large chamber of hers, the chamber is as empty as any small-ragged room of a lowly maid like hers. Other than the lady's bed and a small vanity table and a chandelier on the ceiling to brighten the room, there are no expensive ornaments or dresses for her to wear nor any decorative items or paintings in the room, which shows her low status in the family.

The senior maid stared at the sickly lady who was lying on the bed and scoffed upon hearing the bold words of the young maid, " Hah! You think? And who do you think you are? Hmm?" She snarled and grabbed a fistful of hair from the maid.

" Don't try to be cheeky in front of me! Just because you serve the young lady, don't think that you have any say in the household. Even though your lady is engaged to the Crown Prince, this will not change her position in this household at all."

" You're nothing but a mere maid whose master doesn't even hold any significant position in the household. So don't try to be cheeky and do what you're told to do." The senior maid said coldly, causing the young maid to shiver in fear.

Xiaowei cried and begged for her mercy when the senior maid eventually loosened the grip on her hair causing the girl to slump on the ground like a lifeless soul, " I am not here to hear your cries. Tomorrow is the Royal Banquet to celebrate the 25th birthday of the Crown Prince. If she doesn't wake up by tomorrow morning, pour a bucket of cold water on her and get her ready for the banquet."

" As the fiancee of the Crown Prince, she cannot be left out from his Birthday Banquet. These are the words of the Mistress of the household. I hope you understand the command well enough." The senior maid eyed the girl who was shivering on the ground and was kneeling in front of her.

" You know how important this banquet is for our household, right? If anything goes wrong with the banquet, you have no idea what will happen to your lady. Understand?" As said this, the senior maid kicked the young girl for the last time before she left the chamber, leaving the girl trembling and crying on the ground.

The girl was lying on the bed like a lifeless soul in dull-white garments, just like her complexion. Even though her cheeks were crimson and were blushing due to high fever, her lips were dry and chapped making her appear even more weak and sickly.

Yang Ning had a weak constitution since birth and due to the lack of carefulness and nutrients over the period of time, her condition has worsened after the passing away of her mother. She was supposed to be pampered with love and being cared for as the eldest daughter of the household, but all she received in return was the curses of her stepmother and her father's ignorance.

Her father, who was supposed to love her and care for her, never gave her the loving gaze of the father. All he cares about is his son who is going to take over the household after him and will continue the family's name.

She had thought that she would get out of this hell-like place after her marriage. However, who would have thought that her father would fix her engagement with the Crown Prince of the country who will succeed the throne after the current Emperor?

She wanted to marry a person whom she loved but all she got in return was the loveless-political marriage alliance. Her father who works as the Minister in the royal court managed to form an alliance with the current Emperor by giving her hand to the First Prince in the marriage.

Since the First Prince will become the Emperor in the future, as his wife, she will take over the title of the Empress of the country and this will also elevate her father's status in the society as well. In such times, he treats her as his daughter and his treasure, otherwise, she is no less than a useless piece of furniture in the household.

How can a pitiful child like her be healthy in this kind of sick environment? Even a plant dies easily if it were to be fed with curses and hatred all the time, she is a human after all. How can she not be affected by all the judgmental gazes and curses that were frequently thrown at her?

The young maid sighed heavily to see her lady lying on the bed lifelessly and picked up the basin to change the water to massage her lady's body with a cold water towel. That's the least she can do for her.

After the maid left the chamber to change the water of the basin, the girl who was lying on the bed lifelessly for two days, her fingers finally moved.

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Kamlyn Kamlyn

Yaya!! It's Finally Here. Since it's my first time entering into WSA Contest, do show some love and support to my new novel. Hope you love 'I woke up as the Villainous Empress', just as you liked 'My Evil Genius Wife' and 'Eternal Love'.

Ps. Don't forget to drop your reactions in the comment section so that I can know how did you liked the starting of the novel.

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