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Fang Li, the top-ranking archery athlete, faces a devastating betrayal from her closest friend, leading to her fall from the pinnacle of success and transforming her into the most hated athlete. To her misery, she awakens in a setting that proves to be even more bizarre and dire than the initial betrayal, adding another layer of complexity to her already miserable fate.

It was none other than the world of the fictional novel.

She wasn't the female lead or a supporting character playing the role of a friend who would act as a cupid between the male and female lead. Instead, she becomes the fiancée of the Crown Prince, who will become the most hated and misunderstood villainess in the story, ultimately earning the infamous title of the Villainous Empress.

What will happen to her? Will she meet her demise at the hands of the male lead, labeled as the villain and paving the way for the female lead? Or will she manage to alter her miserable fate and find happiness with the male lead, leading to a happily ever after?


The man's voice turned cold as he struggled to control his emotions. "So, you're telling me that you don't want to be my wife? Why? Didn't you want this to happen?"

As the Crown Prince and future Emperor, Zheng Liang was used to being pursued by nobles and aristocrats who were eager to marry their daughters to him. So why did this woman, who was already engaged to him, want to break it off? He wanted to dissolve this arranged political marriage as well, but he hated it when she brought up this matter.

Was she insane, or was she mocking him? Perhaps she had a new scheme to gain his attention.

Because there is no way she will want to break off this marriage. She was a power-hungry and scheming woman who would do anything to gain more influence. There was no way she would willingly give up her position as a member of the Royal Family.

Yang Ning noticed the man's suspicious and disdainful expression, but she remained polite and answered with a smile, "Your Highness, the reason is simple. I don't want to be a sacrificial lamb."

She scowled inwardly, wishing she could just break off the engagement and be done with it. ‘What is his problem? Just break the marriage alliance and be done with it. Didn’t you hate me? Now I am giving you a chance; Just call it off!’

The Crown Prince was confused by her cryptic words. Was she trying to manipulate him by her confusing words?

She gave a fake smile, but inside, she was crying. She knew that marrying this man would mean putting her life on the line. Who in their right mind would willingly offer their neck on a silver platter?

Not her!

She refused to be a villain in someone else's story. Instead, she was determined to take control of her own fate.



[Note: All the rights of the cover belong to the author. It is a commissioned art. Anyone copying the art could be held accountable and be reported immediately.]

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    LV 14 Badge

    Here I am back with my detailed review and some informative questions about the novel, ‘I woke up as the Villainous Empress.’ In this review, I will answer a few questions about this novel and why you should read this one. Here we go- Q. Is this novel part of the WSA Contest? Ans. Yes. This novel is part of WSA Contest 2022. Since it’s my first time entering into the contest, don’t forget to leave a review and show your support using your power stones and golden coins. Q. Why transmigration themed novel again? Ans. For some time, I was into the ‘Villainess inside a novel’ trope and was reading all kinds of novels and webtoons of the same genre. So rather than writing something else, I wrote that I wanted to read it myself. This novel is also a transmigration story like my other two novels but definitely a different one. So do give it a try before making any prejudices about it. Q. Is this an original story or translation? Ans. This is my original story and you can find it only on webnovel app/website. So if you’re an ethical reader, do read it on an official-legal app/site and not on any pirated one. Because it doesn’t help the writers in any way and it’s nothing less than a theft of creative works. Also, It’s not a translation of any Chinese work. I hold the copyright of this novel as it’s my creation. Q. What is so unique about this new transmigration novel? Ans. Unlike the other two novels, this one is based on the transmigration into a novel world. Yes. You heard it right. If you’re a fan of Villainess of a novel world trope stories, this one's for you. Q. Is the novel a serious one since it has historical characters? Ans. If you have read other works of mine, you will know that I am known to add some comedy and spice in the most serious conversations. Rather than a serious and tragic one, it will be a hella funny and heart-fluttering ride for you. That I can promise to you!! Q. How many chapters this novel is going to have? Ans. My goal is to wrap it up by 300-500 chapters but in the end it all depends how the story proceeds. However, it definitely won’t be a part of those super lengthy novels. Q. What is the update schedule? Ans. It will be one chapter a day, except Sunday. Author also needs a holiday. However, the update schedules can be changed so do join my discord server to get updated regularly. Q. How to support the novel and the author? Ans: Write your review if you liked anything about the novel and be a part of discussions in the comment section of the chapters. I love seeing all those reviews and comments. Support the novel using your power stones and Golden Coins. It helps the novel to go high in the rankings and receive more exposure. Use coins to buy the chapters or buy Privileged chapters to support the author. Q. Does the author decide the price of chapters or the novel? Mostly misunderstood concept. Ans. The answer is no. The author is not empowered to decide the price of the chapters. It’s solely based on the number of words of the chapter that are pre-decided by the webnovel. The coins that you are spending on buying the chapter is the cost of the words that you are reading. Also, a part of those coins that you are spending was also used to support the authors who are working hard to give you the content that you are reading. [Not in the case of Fast Passes. As they’re free, they don't contribute to the author's earnings at all.] Q. Why do you add the [Piracy Note] at the end of the chapters? Ans: It’s because many times readers think that a ‘pirated site’ they’re reading the novel on is a legal one and supports them, without knowing that it’s illegal. It’s for those readers to know and if you want to support the author, read it on webnovel only. Also, the note in the end doesn’t make the chapter expensive. 50-100 words doesn’t make the chapter costly if you’re under the word price limit. In the end, I hope you guys will like this novel like other works of mine. Also, if you’re a new reader, do give a read to Eternal Love and My Evil Genius Wife if you haven’t read them yet. If you have any problems or questions regarding the novel, you can directly contact me using my discord server link in the synopsis or Instagram - @kamlyn_love

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    Fang Li, trying to end the marriage with the crown prince, is she courting death? 😂😂 Doesn't she know she is not supposed to bring it up herself. It's either he teaches her a lesson by by giving her a severe punishment and agreeing to cancel the marriage, or by not giving her what she wants by going ahead to marry her 😁😁 I love this kind of Historical romance setting, keep it up Author Kamlyn 🤗🤗

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    LV 14 Badge

    Geez…here I am struggling to write a freaking review…I couldn’t imagine writing an actual story…and not just any story, but an AMAZING one! Whenever I’m lucky enough to discover an amazing new story, I find it so surprising to see a lack of reviews🤯😱 I’m 💗loving this story so much, that I had to unlock all the chapters at once so I could binge read up to the current chapter 51. So, the good news is I got to read 51 chapters at once. The bad news is I read all 51 chapters and now have to wait for more chapters 😭 Here’s why it’s been added to my list of top favorites: 💛 I love transmigration stories 💜 The FL is smart, capable and funny 💚 It’s well written.The transition between scenes isn’t awkward or confusing. It drives me nuts reading a story that has potential only to be turned off because the story is choppy and jarring and doesn’t flow well. 🥰Love it! Can’t wait for more chapter!!😘

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    Wooho😍😍Another Transmigration novel to drown in? I AM READY😂🔥 Kamlyn is one of those author whose writing looks so effortless and her novels are always fun to read! Having Read both the previous works of the author, I'm hèlla this novel will also be as enjoyable as her other books! The FL here looks like a complete charmer and I can't wait to see her torturè(oops captivate-sounds better?) the ML😂😂 Also the setup of this novel(blend of a modern-royal theme) looks great🤩I think this is another value addition I kinda love Transmigration novels and it's cheery on a cake when we get to see badãss FL ruling the stage!💃 I'm sure this novel will "have it all" Fun, rom-rom, drama, love, teasing, Faceslàps(obviously)🔥🌝 Wishing u all the very best for WSA, Kam😍 Rock it!💝💥✨

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    As an avid reader of the villaness transmigration genre, I can tell the author is trying to add humor with a “blunt” and “unfiltered” main character, but for me, it comes off as immature and annoying. The ”conflicts” the character experiences are also too forced. The people targeting the MC are not witty or resourceful so it doesn’t make much sense how they would ever be successful in their bullying of the MC. I think this is better for a younger audience? Or people new to the genre? I think the general storyline is cute but the delivey of the idea missed the mark for me since the characters don’t act logically or in line with the “status” of the time period. I won’t keep reading during the free promotion, but I do hope others find the humor that I didn’t and can enjoy the novel!

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    This review is written after reading 60 chapters. I do not intent to give ANY spoilers. This review is about the author’s writing and story telling skills. There are no grotesque scenes, and I haven’t encountered a badly written character thus far. I started reading this novel for the Happy Valentine’s Day event. However, after reading about 20 chapters, I was hooked and unlocked 100 chapters right away. This speaks to the author’s ability to quickly grab a reader’s attention. The writing has few spelling and grammatical errors. The author does not repeatedly use the same transitional words, which is a HUGE pet peeve of mine; nor does the author use italics for the inner thoughts of characters (italics are not read out loud in audio mode of iOS devices). Further, the author has done a great job with the chapter titles, informing the reader of the next scene (eg Banquet I- XII). Personally, I like to have all the chapters of a scene unlocked before I start reading. From a writing and organizational perspective, the author is excellent and has demonstrated great consideration towards the reader. The story: the story begins with the FL waking up in the world of a novel. This is typical and not original at all. But what sets this novel apart from others is that the author actually dedicated a few chapters early in the story for the FL’s backstory—not a few paragraphs, but whole chapters. We see the FL at her highest point and most joyous moment, and then see her at her lowest point in life. Through this character development the reader learns why the FL has the personality she has and how her past life affects her decision making in this new world. I do not know how long this novel will be, but I thank the author for allowing us to see this side of FL so early on. I recommend reading up to chapter 25 before deciding on whether you want to continue with this novel or not. But to be honest, I was hooked before the banquet scene was over. I’m a sucker for DRAMA, and the author was giving. PURRR.

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    The first 10 chapter are enough to capture my interest in this novel. It was nicely written and the characters are interesting. The idea behind the story is captivating and I would like to see how the story will turn out. Good Luck author for WSA 2022

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    Since, I know it is way early for a review but I will review it again when our leads will do their love confession so ( dear author plz remind me at that time ) Now, let's begin This book is finally been published after ages of wait. I love the idea of transmigration it just is my cup of tea. Moreover, this time I am sure you gonna do a better work than ur other books. As it is transmigration from modern world to old time, I am sure this gonna bring us a lot of laughter. I love the FL's character she is not some emotionless girl which is good bcuz if both are the same then who will break the ice? World bg, I think you have ur way with it. The fl is the villain here so I do want some evil tricks done by her. I would love the fl to be cunning and shrewd than timid, she can also act as a white lotus according to the situation demands.😎 Kamlyn, I can't say much abt other things yet but I am sure that this book gonna take you to new heights of writing.

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    I’m not into historical story, but this is so good 🫠🫠 and I love the FL & ML so far. Hope there’s no misunderstanding and harem 🙆🏻‍♀️🙆🏻‍♀️❤️

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    Awesome! 🥰😍🥰 Looks very promising! 😉😗😘 Although still early at Chapter 10, can't wait to see how she will conquer and re-write her "villainess empress" fate.

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    Here I come again for supporting Kam third book😍 It's really a great feeling that we are reading the authors all the books from the start. Guys, do read Kam novels they are really amazing. Transmigration or Rebirth genre lovers will love these books a lot❤😍and others will fall in love. Eagerly waiting for our FL amazing journey as a villainous 😌 All the best Kam❤

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    Childish writing, nothing makes sense, characters act like silly kids.

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    loved it ... both ML and FL. awesome 👌 👏 👍 😍

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    Another amazing story by this author😻 I love how her imagination works😻. Loving the interaction between the main couple. I'm curious to know if in the end Fang Li comes home and what happened in her world.

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    Finally after long time.. got interesting plot to read. well done author..!!!

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    I really like this book! It ’s my favorite! I Love the concept of the female lead.

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    reading here....😍 lighthearted and warm..😘 I like it...😁 I like it..😁 I like it..😁 Yang Ning is funny and witty... Lets enjoy reading together!✌️👍🏻🎉❤️ God bless us all!

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    This book came up on my recommended list and I started reading it. It is so good. Great descriptions of the characters and the environment. The FL is hilarious. Modern way of talking in a historical setting it too funny. I like the fact that she has no filter sometimes. I’m only a few chapters in and am looking forward to the book continuing on. Only complaint is that the updates take too long! 😜

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    This is really an amazing novel. Romance novels has always been my favourite. But this one is at another levels.The story has an amazing plot and the description of the character's beauty is divine. It really add spice to the story. It has both bullying and defending and the description of ancient monuments touched my heart as I am love ancient things. I don't know why but this is the first time I'm reading a novel with so much dedication and interest. I really thank the amazing author with the brilliant brain for writing such a fantastic thing. Continue supporting you with all my heart.

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    Love it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍❤️❤️❤️❤️😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🦕❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    Author Kamlyn