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0.21% Imperial Nanny Ying Yue / Chapter 1: Chapter 1: The Imperial Selection
Imperial Nanny Ying Yue Imperial Nanny Ying Yue original

Imperial Nanny Ying Yue

Author: Dominique1412

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Chapter 1: Chapter 1: The Imperial Selection

It was a beautiful morning, which started with a morning call. Hello! Who's bothering me so early in the morning, I respond.

Ying Jie

"Sorry to disturb your beauty sleep, but I need your help with something".

Ying Yue

"What do you need my help with, big brother?"

Ying Jie

"I need you to send out some forms for me, please! I would have done it myself, but I'm on a case at the moment".

Ying Yue

"Okay, fine! I'll help you out this time around. I have nothing better to do. Okay, goodbye, brother. I'll talk to you later".

Ying Jie

"Wait! Don't cut the call!"

Ying Yue

"What is it this time?"

Ying Jie

"Haven't you found a job yet?"

Ying Yue

"Not yet! I'm still looking. If I have to find a job, I would like it to be in my area of interest. I love children. I love taking care of them".

Ying Jie

"Sister, there aren't many jobs in your area of interest. You won't get paid well by working with children. The pay is low. Why don't you come and work with me? You're very skilled. I can talk to my superior on your behalf".

Ying Yue

"No, brother, please don't! I'll be able to get a job soon. Don't worry about me too much! I'll call you back later once I have done your job".

Ying Jie

"Later, my sister! Take care of yourself!"

(I can't work as a Police Detective as my brother does. My bother does this job because he loves it. That's not my case. I love working with children and taking care of them. I'm positive. I'll find a job soon enough. I don't know why, but I sense that something good will happen to me today, I muttered to myself).

Li Imperial Palace

" My son, don't you think it's time you get remarried?" said Empress Dowager( Emperor Li Jun's, Princess Li Mei's mother, and Prince Li Wei's grandmother).

" Mom, please! Why do you want my big brother to remarry?! I want my brother to be happy, but he can't just marry some random girl. He has to marry someone special, someone, who will love him and be a mother to my nephew. I don't want someone who will only be after money, prestige, and power" said Princess Li Mei( Empress Dowager's daughter, Emperor Li Jun's eldest sister, and Prince Li Wei's aunt).

" My son has so many concubines. One of them could perfectly fit to be the new Empress" said Empress Dowager.

Princess Li Mei

(One of those bitches? Mom, what are you even saying? Jun will never agree to that).

" Enough! Enough! I don't want to hear about remarriage, because I'll never remarry" said Emperor Li Jun shouting(The emperor of the Li Imperial Kingdom, Empress Dowager's son, Princess Li Mei's youngest brother, and Prince Li Wei's father).

Princess Li Mei

(Typical brother of mine! No one can predict your reactions better than me. Not even mother understands what you truly want).

" You have to think about remarriage for your son. Your son needs a mother, and you need a wife. If you don't remarry, who'll take care of your son's wellbeing?" asked Empress Dowager in a questionable tone.

" Empress Dowager, sorry to interrupt, but I may have a suggestion" Imperial Advisor Dong Cong interrupted( Emperor Li Jun's advisor).

" A suggestion? Why are you standing there, immobile? Speak up!" Princess Li Mei ordered.

" Yes, Princess! My suggestion is, instead of remarrying, your majesty could just hire a nanny to look after the Prince" Advisor Dong Cong suggested.

" A Nanny? I like the idea! What do you think, brother?" Princess Li Mei asked her brother excitedly.

" What are you saying? Have you lost your mind? A Nanny? No! An outsider won't take care of my grandson. I'm sure Jun won't even agree to this" Empress Dowager said in anger.

" Okay! Adviser Cong, take care of everything. We'll hold an imperial selection in three days" Emperor Li Jun gave his consent.

" Yes, your majesty!" Advisor Dong Cong took his leave.

" But, son!" Empress Dowager interrupted.

" Mom, that's enough! I already took my decision, and I won't change my mind" Emperor Li Jun said angered.

" Brother, if it's okay with you, I would like to take care of the imperial selection on your behalf," said Princess Li Mei.

" Okay, go ahead! It's all yours!" Emperor Li Jun gave his consent.

" Thank you, brother! You won't regret making that decision" Princess Li Mei said joyfully.

" I'll take my leave now!" Emperor Li Jun took his leave.

" Why did you do this?" Empress Dowager shouted in anger.

" What mom? What have I done?" asked Princess Li Mei confusingly.

" Stop playing innocent! Why did you oppose me in front of the assembly?" asked Empress Dowager in anger.

" Opposition? I did nothing wrong and you know it" Princess Li Mei replied.

" What are you talking about?" asked Empress Dowager in a questionable tone.

" You want Jun to remarry, and that's not fair to him" Princess Li Mei replied.

" Not fair? How is it unfair? I want my son's happiness above all else" said Empress Dowager.

" Are you sure about that?" asked Princess Li Mei in a questionable tone.

" What are you trying to imply?" asked Empress Dowager.

" Mom, you wanting Jun to remarry is just selfish of you. You said it yourself, didn't you? You want my nephew to have a mom. Is that correct?" Princess Li Mei asked.

" Yeah! What are you getting at?" asked Empress Dowager.

" You want my nephew to have a mom, but what about his dad? My nephew never saw his dad's face or shadow for the last five years, and you know it. For my nephew to have a mom, shouldn't he know about his father first?" said Princess Li Mei.

" You know it, don't you? The reason behind Jun's attitude?" asked Empress Dowager in a questionable tone.

" Yes, I know. I know why my youngest brother has been behaving like this for the past five years. No one knows it better than me" Princess Li Mei said sadly.

" If you know the reason, why are you blaming him?" Empress Dowager asked her daughter.

" I'm not blaming anyone. I'm just thinking about this poor soul who's aching inside, thinking he's an orphan. That poor soul who knows nothing about his mother and who doesn't have the love and consideration of his father because he doesn't even know he exists and is living in this castle along with him. How can't I be sad?" said Princess Li Mei sadly.

" I know you're right, Mei, but I'm sure deep down that remarrying Jun would solve everything?" Empress Dowager said assertively.

" It would resolve nothing! Have you already forgotten about your grandson's disability?" Princess Li Mei asked in a questionable tone.

Empress Dowager: ???

" Do you think your new queen will accept him as he is and love him unconditionally?" asked Princess Li Mei in a questionable tone

Empress Dowager: ???

" Why aren't you saying anything? Haven't you thought about all the possibilities before proposing Jun's remarriage?" Princess Li Mei asked her mother in a questionable tone.

" I know I was hasty in my decision concerning Jun's remarriage, but I was only thinking about his wellbeing" Empress Dowager broke her silence.

" I know, mom! You meant well" said Princess Li Mei.

" I'll retire to my apartments!" Empress Dowager said.

As Empress Dowager was about to leave, Princess Li Mei stopped her in her attempt.

" Mom, wait!" Princess Li Mei stopped her mother in her steps.

" What is it?" Empress Dowager asked.

" I'm sorry!" said Princess Li Mei sadly.

" Why are you apologizing, my child?" Empress Dowager asked her daughter in a questionable tone.

" The way I spoke to you was rude. I shouldn't have spoken to you that way. I'm very sorry, mother!" Princess Li Mei said sadly.

" You did nothing wrong, my child! I'm not mad at you, but I need something from you" said Empress Dowager.

" What is it, mother? What is it you want from me? Tell me and I'll do anything to satisfy your demand!" Princess Li Mei said assertively.

" You'll do anything?" Empress Dowager asked.

" Yes, anything!" Princess Li Mei said assertively.

" I need you to choose the best nanny for my grandson. Can you do that for me?" Empress Dowager asked.

" Surely your highness! Your wish is my command!" Princess Li Mei said respectfully.

" I'm counting on you, Princess! Don't disappoint me!" Empress Dowager took her leave.

Ying Residence

" Welcome back, brother!" Ying Yue greeted her brother( Ying Jie's youngest sister).

" How did you guess it was me at the door?" Ying Jie asked( Ying Yue's eldest brother).

" Women's intuition!" I replied.

" You got what it takes to be a reputable police officer or a private detective. You would excel in it easily" Ying Jie said.

" I know!" I said surprising my brother in the process.

Ying Jie looked at me in disbelief not believing what he just heard me say.

" What?" I asked confusingly.

" You agreed with me for the very first time, so I'm shocked," Ying Jie said.

" I understand your point of view, which is why I'm considering it. If you say I'm cut out for this kind of job, you must have your reason. I know that everything you do is for my good, so I understand your concern for me. Thank you!" I said thankfully.

" I'll help you out!" Ying Jie suddenly said.

" About what?" I asked confusingly.

" I'll help you look for a job" Ying Jie replied.

" Thank you, brother!" I said thankfully.

" Don't thank me just yet?" said Ying Jie.

I looked at Ying Jie confusingly not understanding what he meant by those words.

" I'm helping you look for a job, but that doesn't mean that I've given up on you working with me," Ying Jie said.

" I know!" I said.

" I'm only helping you out because your happiness is all that matters to me and because I can't stand seeing you sad," Ying Jie said further.

"Thank you for that!" I said thankfully.

Li Imperial Palace

Princess Li Mei Pavillon

This imperial selection will be a lot of fun. I'll choose the new nanny who'll, later on, become my new sister-in-law, Princess Li Mei muttered to herself.

The next chapter is coming on August 18, 2020!!!

Dominique1412 Dominique1412

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