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Mark is a normal guy who was rejected thrice for the NY police departement ,three times rejected by the Military,three times rejected by his family.Facing rejection,he gave his life only to hear the words ,"Reject ,i didn't need your help"
He finally reincarnates into the body of random guy in the marvel universe.

In this world, he finally has the chance to make a change.will he become something or forgotten like flowing sand

Author Note: MC is a Hero Type and has the moral compass to do the right things, if you are not into that and want harem and sex stuff, you won't find it here, so please don't read it and then leave a shitty review when you see that the mc is just a hero and not to your liking

Tags: World traveler
Alternate Marvel universe
Weak to strong
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Hi, Moderator and Editor here, Just here to tell you all that this is a great book, our MC is in a great Marvel system with an immense story. [img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=exp][img=exp][img=update][img=update]

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So the MC not cautios or manipulative not doing something for only his benefit (something that typical Hero anime MC have )good guy (not neutral or evil)he is a hero(probely Will sacrife himself for his loved one,care about other people opinion,have amazing plot armor.)not my cup of a tea i like to read something that logical and a hero Will probely die if not because plot armor(because they care about other people and risking their live example just cacth the people that Hero care about and threathen him to kill hisself)it just my opinion don't get angry author. But good job author i love the idea but not the character.

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very boring and cringy, there are literally chapter's that just describes the mc watching TV and add to that the worst templates possible , 😑

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Seeing the first few Reviews got me wondering why this has a hight rating so out of curiosity I scrolled down just to see a Account that is literally just spamming 5 stars.

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it was very boring for me .

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it's annoying the MC it's contradicted himself several times some chapter after or just after some line like in the event of thor where he says I won't give any info some line later guess what he does? it gives information on what it is... The MC is amazed the government is paying attention to him like noway I can cast a fire dragon that's on no one in the government will pay attention to me Then tony satrk is hacked by shield don't talk about it if they are able to hack tony I don't see why they don't have their own iron man suit yet The MC made fun of Scott for his relationship with Jean but let's not talk about the MC's relationships with the opposite gender

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Ancient one popping out of nowhere in fanfictions is a big no from me I hate it when that happens The MC is meh at best not what I was looking for none of the things he does make any sense like the potion/medicine business that he opened up to saving iron man and also MC is a PURE HERO type Not to my liking

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Alright I'm done with this, The amount of MC naivety and stupidity is astonishing. repeating bad decision & not properly planning. I can stand if you want MC have Hero personality but at least give him some brain. rescuing hostage without plan only to get ambushed and that is pretty often, trusting police too much (arresting villain only to get next week got out of prison). Also I don't like your choice of template, deku, Cedric diggory, Ikki kurogane? c'mon this is marvel and that is not MCU but mix with comics and villain there is so OP that can bend reality itself like apocalypse and thanos, and you giving him template of *weak character (based on marvel powerscale) especially deku & Ikki, you know that after they using their power their body get wrecked and that is fatal weakness in fight, at least give him 1 OP template that have not visible weakness. you did good with Madara though.

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I have read 50 chapters of this book but I was forcing myself after chapter 5. There is absolutely no flow to the story at all. We go from our MC being reincarnated into a 11 year old body to fighting off Mafia in NY, Saving Tony from Afghan, befriending and fighting the X-Men, Going to the Harry Potter Universe, Providing Magical products from the HP universe to the entire world, and having OFA from MHA. Lets not forget how this 11 year old kid that barely did anything in his past life now has a university level education while still being in middle school. Its just so confusing. This story is legit impossible to follow. There are so many mash ups from different marvel universes and its really annoying. It also gets so confusing how he turns into the different templates so he has like 3 identities now. Another thing is that we don't really see the MC getting used to the powers of the templates. He just kinda knows how to do it in the following chapters. There is literally NO PASING AT ALL. There are also tons of typos and because there are so many side characters, they all feel so one dimensional. If you want to give this story a try then go ahead but me personally, I am dropping this story at chapter 50

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To start up, I’m realy disappointed by this masterpiece turned shet. MC is a betch. So naive that I feel like ripping off my hair off my head!! This Fanfic is really destroyed because of a sheety Main Character. What was even author thinking while writing the character and his personality!?? This is one of the worst fanfics (which could have been a good book) that I’ve ever read. Even CN MCs feel better than this shet of MC. Overall: Good Story ruined by a very bad MC.

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Trash author who has problems with hero being strong. He likes to make sltragedy when it can be avoided. He just like a kid that can’ t even win in life. A a trash author

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The m.c. is Stupid beyond reason. Every single time he makes a catastrophic mistake author comes in clutch to suit him up in plot armour and force the story. Author doesn't take his work seriously. - he doesn't know half the lore of the stories he is writing about. & don't bother to read the source material or even do a 5min wiki search to clarify his mistakes. - like 99% of authors he doesn't know how to write a mind reading chapter & like 90% of the authors he turns his m.c. into some who doesn't read minds even when the entire world is at risk. - so, SO many character plot & lore inconsistencies & the author bulldozers through all of that without even bothering to correct / clarify those mistakes.

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Maybe my review means less but I had to power through to chapter 4 before giving up. I know I have high standards but this is just terrible

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Maybe I should start reading the reviews before I read the novel. I mean I have no problem with MC having a heroic personality and saving others but saving others at the cost of oneself? Atleast give an introduction about how he became like this. Like what makes him give up his life for another? I can understand the sacrificing oneself to save the world thing but to save a single soul? And I didn't even read past the Ch1.

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I was looking forward to this when I saw that the first template was Cedric Diggory. I mean, he's a perfect starting template, right? Situationally useful, but not very powerful in the traditional sense, and it wouldn't give him any of the advanced HP magic, right? But NO! Instead of getting Cedric's specific skills, he just got Potterverse magic as a broad category. Seriously, does the author think Cedric Diggory knew how to do that smoke trail apparition thing from the movies? Is this something the MC should be able to do at 40% integration? Also, the MC becomes a vigilante for some reason, at which point I realized this fic would only get worse in the future, and I dropped it.

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typical beta mc no plot go see marvel movie its more interesting the mc play the hero for just show and no reason i mean the people he save are already save in the movie with or without the mc the story follow himself nothing new in reading this novel

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i think i read it thrice and don't remember much . it was boring . MC is weak , too much fillers . author focuses on everything else except his system , his progress is very slow , I don't know what author is thinking . soon there will be fighting among gods and our MC just getting better at some tricks . i know captain America and Spiderman survive every battle but they are special . no other sane person could survive those figh being that weak . there ridiculously strong people out there. i didn't read much this Time ,i read it way before . . . . . everything aside i felt bored 😴. all his actions , his conversation didn't seems important

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Bro i like this book a lot but when you add madara to his templates, the changes in Jake's character made it weird. I mean why he now make me feel like he is some arrogant Chinese young master that thought themselves as God. So just wanted to let you know that change in character was a big no for me.

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I honestly expected the incarnation of the personality to be chosen but the author portrayed this "template system" more as empowerment with a "stable" personality that is actually more volatile than the plot. It practically doesn't matter if the mc has the costume on or not. Instead of a template system it should be a power lottery system in marvel world, a bit disappointing indeed.

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Good stuff. . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Never gonna give you up never gonna let you down never gonna run around and desert you

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