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Our protagonist meets a being named Rob after suffering the strangest truck accident in history and discovers that his abrupt death is the result of a bet, a rigged one. Rob promises him compensation for it and without much thought, he decides to grant him something else in line with his true wishes.

I do not own Naruto or any other universe that will appear, except for the MC.

The cover has been generated by an AI after many attempts.

I read constructive ideas and suggestions because this is the first time I have written in this way, unlike my other previous books. This time I do it to entertain myself and disconnect a bit and if someone has a problem, they can read something else.

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it's a good story but it needs serious editing of pronoun's.

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As normal, I do not give an opinion so quickly on a story, but f**k U pick my interest here. The golden finger look like a good idea (if u predict corectly where u want that to go) and whateaver i'm wrong u can do ton of original capacity with that. Just to motive u Good luck with that story, will follow.

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love the story only problem is the transition from Google isn't the best so yeah

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Awesome, original, funny, adventure style... MC has quite good support powers.,.........................vhigcujbftyuvghujjdidjdvrjriehheheieiejhheheiieejebbe ki ejrufiofo

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The grammar is terrible and confusing while the timeline is all over the place. I like the idea behind the story, but the author needs to look up the naruto timeline and seriously work on the pronouns. It also would help if the power scaling for everyone didn't jump around as much. Good try though.

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the story promises a lot I like it, the skills of the character and this fic reminds me of a failed attempt to write a fanfic with a gourmet system

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hello author. I suggest use other translator. There are 2 translator I have known that is better than google translate. - DeepL - Chat GPT from my experience, chat gpt has the best grammar, but sometimes chat gpt's output can't exceed a certain word count (I dont actually know how many words it can type before it stop due to error). So, just translate less words at once if the chat gpt stop typing for no reason. Meanwhile, DeepL is a regular language translator, but it has better grammar than google translate. You can translate so many words at once just like google translate. My reason why chat gpt is the best is that chat gpt's text output is more human compared to google translate and deepL. The output almost seems like a real person translating the input text. So the rank is: 1. chat gpt 2. deepL 3. google translate

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actually I really liked it. It's quite an interesting piece and the plot is quite interesting. Although it needs serious editing (especially pronouns). Pretty original. At first I expected that it would be something like re: monster or tensura where the main character eats and becomes stronger, but it turned out to be much better. English is not my native language

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La premisa de la historia merece 5 estrellas, el desarrollo deja que desear en algunos puntos de la historia pero se podría decir que este fanfic tiene una muy alta calidad, el romance se podría decir que es prácticamente nulo, es solamente algo mencionado "al azar" de vez en cuando pero no sé profundiza demasiado (sigo decepcionado porque el principal interes amoroso no es Hinata la besto waifu de Naruto 😅) . En algunos puntos desearía que el MC tuviera más participación o iniciativa, si bien generalmente se involucra en ciertos eventos en algunos hubiera preferido ver al MC poniendose firme y actuando (los 2 años que pasó solamente para abrir 1 tienda en la aldea de Onoki sinceramente me pareció absurdo y realmente algo muy estúpido, perdón pero son mis pensamientos sinceros) entiendo que el autor haya querido rellenar el tiempo sobrante pero perder 2 años es algo que siento que es desperdicio y una pena no haber aprovechado la oportunidad para expandir aunque sea un poco el desarrollo del mundo, hay decenas de pequeñas aldeas y asentamientos en todo el mundo de Naruto en las que el autor podría haberse expandido. En resumen, recomendada, tiene sus pros y sus contras pero hay más pros que contras

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buena historia la verdad e leido varias fics de mc de comida y este tiene muy buena pinta lo único que diría sería la que como los capítulos son cortos y no te dejan sumergirte en el

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What a great story I really didn't think it would be so good when I started reading it thanks for all the chapters but keep writing good short but very entertaining fanfics

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Good story. Only bad thing about it was that it was translated from another language and it had a lot of errors in grammar.

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Good story some misplacement somewere but overall good job.

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Really liked it. Was gory but not to much. No super drama or egelords. Was a nice story with an ending. That is suuuper rare. 👍 I can read this storie again in a few months or so and it will be entertaining.

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bueno se acabo la hisoria y no se como sentirme la lei del principio hasta el final y me encanta pero me dejo con ganas de mas y el final me parecio un poco contundente en resumen 10/10

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A great and unique Naruto fanfiction!! I like it!!! 😁👍👍 There's many wrong grammar, but it got better after author change app... Can't wait to see next chapter.. Keep up the good work author san 😁😁👍👍👍

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is reads so bad but its a fun fic

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well, I love it more if the story ends with Tony's child than like this one..anyway, it's good story, 4 stars from me overall..

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ok everything would be awesome but the grammar man it's terrible he she's I can read around but it's everything else you either need to slow down get grammarly or someone willing to edit the story

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