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Into the Anime World- Dragon Ball Into the Anime World- Dragon Ball original

Into the Anime World- Dragon Ball

Author: mrCat

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Chapter 1: Chapter 1: Now… what to do?

"Aah… my head… it hurts"

Kei Hisashi, while grabbing his head, speaks in a voice that is full of pain as he tries to open his eyes


Where… am I?

Is this dark place, hell?"

Kei (Family Name) Hisashi (First Name) speaks as he tries to gain consciousness and understand his surroundings


Suddenly, a weird noise; as if something is starting, falls into his ears, and when he follows the sound

He finds himself in a strange small space


Is this how you are treated when you are dead?"

Kei Hisashi asks as he tries to understand where he is right now and why he is inside something so small, but

Soon the dark space is filled with light, making the whole small space clear for him to see and when Kei Hisashi looks around this space, he finds himself surrounded by various buttons and instruments that made him remember certain things from a certain anime

"What in the world is going on?"

Kei Hisashi is confused but soon his confusion turns into a shock when he looks in front of him


There is a large glass in front of him, and outside the glass; he can see stars and various planets that he had seen only on the internet, he is in space right now

But as he was gazing through the glass, Kei Hisashi notices a blurry image of himself on the glass and when he focuses on the image, his eyes go all wide

"ve.. Vegeta?!!!"

Kei Hisashi immediately grabs his face, touches his nose, eyes, ears, and hair, and looks at every part of his body, he is speechless right now as he is inside Vegeta's Body

He has transmigrated to the Dragon Ball Universe as Vegeta.

"What the fuck?"

Kei Hisashi is shocked to his core; he falls flat on his seat with wide eyes

He clearly remembers his death and also his life as Kei Hisashi, the legendary Japanese Boxer who has zero losses in his career so far.

He also remembers that he is a big otaku, which is a secret he hides from everyone, and he also remembers the whole story of the Dragon Ball franchise.


"Ouch, Its real"

Kei Hisashi pinches himself as he was not sure if this is all true or just his last breath dream but nope, this is all a reality

He is Vegeta and he is on his way to planet earth with Nappa to kill Kakarot and others

After 15 minutes…

*Deep Breathes*

Kei Hiashi has tried everything to make sure he is not inside a dream and knowing that this is now his reality, he accepted it and calms himself

"Now… what to do?"

The reason he asked this question is that, right now, the character of Vegeta is really weak compared to Goku who will soon be whooping his ass, with his friends.

Though Vegeta did manage to win against Goku by his own means but still got beaten thanks to Goku's allies

[[Thanks for the reminder reader- Mvlware]]

And also, he is so weak right now that he can't even do what he wants to do as Frieza will kill him.

"I know the storyline…

I know the future…

But so what????

It's not like I can go against Goku or Frieza.

I can't beat Goku and if I try to befriend Goku, which is really hard as Raditz tried to kill his people, I will be killed by Frieza, as Goku cant defeat Frieza

For him to defeat frieza, Krillin needs to die


just wow"

Just thinking about his future as Vegeta, Kei Hisashi feels exhausted.

He got no idea if things will go the way they should go in the story even if he does anything or not, but as someone who has lived his whole life making a career through fighting against odds and learning many other martial arts in his previous life

There is no way that Kei Hisashi would accept his fate as a second character or just remain low profile when he has the knowledge to be number one.

Kei Hisashi sits in silence as he ponders about his future and what he should do to make sure he lives.

"I am the 2nd main character in this world, there is no way that I would die in this Arc but i do know that Frieza shows no mercy even when he has to kill someone, he will torture me first and then kill me and i am not a fan of torture play.

Goku has a pure heart so… I can befriend him and through him, I can befriend others


Right now Goku is with King Kai, others are training hard to kill us and this means that they won't be opening their hands to give us a hug when I will arrive there.

Also, just what was this Nappa's character?

Was he more loyal to Vegeta?

Or was it Frieza?"

Kei Hisashi can try to not give a wrong impression to others when he arrives on earth, but will it really work?

That's the answer he needs to think about as his companion, Nappa, will also be there and there is a chance that he might betray him.

Kei Hisashi vaguely remembers the Z series characters as many characters died in this season and Nappa is one of them.

"If I am right, the only reason why Nappa has a grudge against Vegeta is because Vegeta killed him and no matter who it is, all Saiyans don't have loyalty against Frieza.

Also, Nappa wanted to revive Raditz which means that he puts his comrades above everything else

So, there is a very low chance that Nappa will go against me, Prince Vegeta, until I don't do anything stupid.

Thus, I can try to have a friendly relationship with Krilin, Tien, Piccolo, etc except… Yamcha as he is the one who wants to be with Bulma.

But if things didn't go well planned, will I be able to fight them?"

The reason why Kei Hisashi wants to avoid fighting others is because he is not Vegeta but Kei Hisashi

He does have experience in fight but that's against humans, not aliens who could fly and are so fast that your eyes can't even follow them.

He knows that Vegeta is strong and durable but that's it, he is inside a new body so he got no idea how to fly or even fight like other Saiyans or any other aliens.

So, Right Now, he wants to avoid fighting at all costs.

"I don't know how much time I have before I arrive on planet earth, but till that time, I should at least try to learn to fly a little bit, if possible, inside this pod

Hmmm... at least it does have a little bit of space to levitate, this should be enough to learn the flying skill

Or else, Nappa would surely get suspicious of me and that would be disastrous as he don't likes to hear command from weak people.

Lets see what I can do"

. . .

To be continued-

mrCat mrCat

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