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Into the Anime World- Dragon Ball

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Authors Note-Trying something new with the whole fan fiction genre where getting power buff is not so easy even if you knwo the future.
the story has drama so if you can't handle that... then please make sure to not read the novel.
. . .

Follow the story of Kei Hisashi, who is now Prince Vegeta, and right now he is on his way to Planet Earth to find Dragon Balls and Kill Kakarot
But will he really kill them?
What waits for him in this Dragon Ball anime world?
And above all, what will he do now?

. . .

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Written in English, yet not localized at all. So we get people being called by their family name when this is supposed to be in English using English language patterns. This is a small but annoying detail. The English itself is not bad and plenty serviceable. My only issue with the book is the m.c and their 1 personality, and 2 decisions. The author is afraid to make any changes and it shows. He pretends to be vegeta to keep the story as is. This is irredeemable in my eyes. There are dozens of options that could easily work ,yet he makes the decision to play the part of vegeta. It seems the author is unable to go off the rails of the original story and, is making excuses for why the m.c acts the way they do. The author already skipped over vegeta's childhood by putting him into a grown vegeta's body which is obviouslya red flag of them being unable to write anything original at all. My biggest complaint is vegeta not even attempting to contact king kai while he is in his space pod. He could easily make contact due to knowing that king kai is keeping on eye on their arrival ,and he could talk to king kai in private and explain the situation that way, allowing for a far greater flexibility in the story. The way the story is from the forst few chapters show how much the author is trying hard at making up reasons for things to happen as they do. If you read this be prepared to be annoyed by a dumb m.c

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well the story has a good start but it does not follow any new story, the story remains almost the same, the only thing that changes is the mc training all the time and creating new techniques while showing how powerful he is and that he will be the strongest in the world universe, there is almost no more development than that, if you like battles and training maybe you will find something interesting.

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Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down Never gonna run around and desert you Never gonna make you cry Never gonna say goodbye Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

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It is all good and fine to read if you don't mind the mc losing half the time and others getting the power level of mc in like one transformation. There are also unnecessary things he did and there were also times he suddenly got nerfed (not for long though) overall it is a good read but you just gotta be patient. And honestly, I read the whole thing just to see the MC's growth. The power level and transformations and the new unique skills, etc.

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gud read ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ this Db ff has a rythm to it, this really makes this fun to read.. I really like vegeta in recent chaps..

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Super just amazing .You can enjoy each and every chapter.

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i enjoyed this fanfc but its most likely dropped svsd,fldsknflkdsnfvkldsnvkldsnvkldnlkdsnvkldsnlvndsklnvkldsnvldsknvldknvldsnvkldnvlkdsnvkldsnvkldsnvlkdsnvkldsnvlkdnvkldnslvkndsvnldkvnldksnvlkdnvkldnvldsnvlkdsnvldsnlvkndslvnldsknvlkdsnvldsknvlkdsnvldksnvldsnvldsnvldsnvldsnvldsknvlsnvdlsv

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utterly TRASH why not just use Vegeta make mama's boy

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