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28.88% Into the Anime World- Dragon Ball / Chapter 26: Chapter 26: fate

Chapter 26: Chapter 26: fate

[ I will now call Super Saiyan in short form- SSJ ]

Kei never thought that the day when he will be surpassed by the foes would come so fast as he imagined that things will go smoothly and he will be able to fend off Cell and Androids, then in the peaceful time, he will train as much as possible for the stronger foes

But all of his plans are shattered by the world that wants to put him as the 2nd character, a stepping stone for others.

Kei is already angry at the fact that he has failed to completely absorb the Great Ape's strength and neither was he able to achieve a 5 or 10 times boost in his strength, with the help of Kiao-ken and 500G gravity training.

It was as if he is being forced to stay in one spot no matter what and after seeing how strong Cell has become after absorbing Android 17

The growth is not normal and this means that the future enemies will also be much stronger than the original story which will give a much higher Zenkai boost to Goku, and it's very much clear to Kei that once Goku and Gohan are out of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, they will surpass him for sure.

Thus, he wanted to end the life of Cell by any means and see if he can truly change the timeline and be the no.1


. . .



As the noise and light from the blast disappears, everyone saw Vegeta free from Cell

Cell is standing on the ground, at the last moment, he let Vegeta go and escapes the blast to make sure that he doesn't die.

Everyone is looking at Vegeta, who is bleeding from the right side of his stomach and his breathing is rapid.

Kei looks at Cell, who is standing on the ground, and then he looks at everyone else.

*Deep Breath*

Kei relaxes and then he starts thinking about what he should do now.

He knew that Cell will leave him at the last moment so he was ready to move the attack away but he was slow and got wounded when he was moving away the blast

The wound is deep and his battle power has also decreased, but at least it's not lethal.

'God Damn IT!!!!

I should have won this battle in a few seconds but that grasshopper jumps here and there so much that I can't even properly aim at him

And now this wound, FUCK!!!

Calm down, let's not get too emotional, or else that guy will take over me.

*deep breath*

At least now I can understand how Vegeta felt when he lost to his inferior opponents because of the plot armor they had and also because of his own stupid decisions

That blast, I should have thought about the damage on me if I failed…. But whatever, I have to end this battle now

Shall I use Shattered Spirit?'

Kei thought about using his Ultimate Trump Card, but the question is, what if Cell again manages to get away?

There are many things that Kei needs to think about in the current situation and after some thought, he decides to not use Shattered Spirit.



Kei lands on the ground while he turns back to his base form, and stares at Cell, Cell also stares back with a smirk as he knows that Vegeta's strength has decreased and this means that he will have a higher chance of winning.

"It seems like my Victory is confirmed, seeing how you are bleeding


That was quite a stupid decision making from a monkey race"

Kei didn't get agitated by his remarks, his wound is deep and if he keeps on fighting then he will lose his strength at a high speed

So… he has to end the battle as fast as possible.

Kei closes his eyes as he takes a deep breath

Hundreds and thousands of images started appearing in his head, all these images are the martial arts of his world.

There is no way that those martial arts would work on aliens, or in this alternative world where people can blow up a planet

So, Kei never bothered to try them out but the current situation is dire right now and he has to save his strength.

Using big attacks that need Ki will only put a toll on his body and this will speed up his time limit, so he has to rely on basic attacks or …..

Kei breaths out and opens his eyes






Kei disappears and appears right in front of Cell and throws a punch right into his stomach, the ground behind Cell cracks up and then gets blown away from his power.

Just like Goku did against the Ginyu force, using Ki only when he makes contact with the enemy, Kei also did the same.

Kei's base power is weak but when he transforms into SSJ for a split second, his speed and attack power increase and so he is able to overpower him.

Cell throws saliva, he is shocked and so are others to see Vegeta move so fast even in his base form, and do such a huge amount of damage.

But Kei is not done, the moment Cell takes a few steps back after the punch, he turns around and turns into SSJ as he lands a roundhouse kick, sending Cell far away while he crashed into many boulders and small mountains.

Kei goes all serious as he starts combining his previous world martial arts skill with this world, which also includes various boxing moves.






One after another punch is being landed by Kei on Cell to put him down but for some reason, Cell manages to survive those attacks.

The whole sky trembles with each kick and punch, but still Cell is alive and he is fighting back.






With each punch, you are losing your strength, whereas I

I am still okay

Your end is coming


Kei is starting to feel rage, he can't believe that he is still unable to kill Cell when he is clearly stronger than Cell

In Rage, Kei turns into SSJ to end it as fast as possible and he even uses another Galick Gun and many more energy blasts but Cell managed to survive

In the end, Kei is defeated

'is this my fate?

To be always no.2?'

. . .

To be continued-

mrCat mrCat

It was hard but....

the time has come for you to defeat the plot armor!!!!

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