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42.22% Into the Anime World- Dragon Ball / Chapter 38: Chapter 38: Enemies of yesterday, now friends

Chapter 38: Chapter 38: Enemies of yesterday, now friends

Goku taught Fusion to Goten and Trunks, then he leaves the place to confront Fat Buu but soon his time is up in the mortal world and Fat Buu is left all alone while he waits for Gotenks.

Soon Fat Bu splits into two

One is good Fat Buu and the other one is Evil Skinny Buu

Good Buu holds the battle power of 42 billion whereas Evil Buu holds the battle power of 58 billion

Evil Buu wins the battle and ate Good Buu and then transforms into Super Buu, the Power level of 200 Billion.

The rise in power was felt by everyone, even Goku is scared to know how the situation is unfolding but once he reaches another world, he gets the news that Gohan is alive so he didn't mind anything and went to Gohan's side who is with Kiaoshin's Planet and training to face Super Buu.

On the planet earth- Super Bu looks around him and then he leaves for Kami's lookout to find and defeat Gotenks.

Piccolo stops Super Buu by telling him that he should first kill all earthlings and then only he can battle Gotenks and Super Buu did what he was asked without even breaking a sweat


This is where the change happens as Piccolo, and others sensed a very familiar Ki which they don't want to remember.

'There is no way that this Ki could belong to them!

NO WAY, they both are dead!'

Piccolo screams in his heart as he gets a reminder of his very old memory.

At that time when Super Buu launched hundreds and thousands of Energy Blasts on earthlings, at a remote location, inside a cave-

"What the heck are these explosions happening here and there?"

"Don't know, but I do know that we should be leaving for the Kami lookout, or else when Vegeta will come here and beat the hell out of us for not following his orders"

"yeah, that's for sure

But I have to say, no matter how much I think of them, those Dragon Balls are surely no small deal

Bringing us dead one's back is no small feat"

"Yeah, but who cares about it when we can fight to our heart's content

Didn't Vegeta say himself that he had all the time in the world to use Dragon Balls to become the strongest in the Universe or even become immortal or have eternal life But he didn't as there is no fun in that

The true fun lies when there is a fear of death and working hard because of that fear"

"But damn, I never thought that Vegeta would grow so strong and even have learned that bizarre skill called…. umm"

"Instant Movement Skill"

[I shall call Instant Transmission as Movement]

"yes, that one


I can't believe that such bizarre skill exists and how fast he can appear and disappear from one place to another"

"But he still needs time to perfect it, he is not perfect in it"

"yeah, but how long would that take?"

While the two men, inside the cave, talked an energy ball flew toward them and exploded




"That was certainly not a nice greeting"

"If I get that ant who did this to us, I am going to chew him"

"Calm down, I think the time has come for us to show ourselves to the world

Let's go!"


"Oye, wait for me"


On Vegeta's side-

[Kei has absorbed Vegeta, so now I shall call him Vegeta only]

Vegeta enters hell and the first person to greet him was none other than Frieza, but Vegeta paid no attention to him or anyone in the hell

Every single person in Hell hates Vegeta but Vegeta gave no shit and because he still holds his body, he also holds his power, no one bothered to mess with him.

As Vegeta stood in silence, he thought about two people he revived with dragon balls

'I did train them my selves but.. seeing how strong Buu has become, I don't think that they will be able to take him down even if they combine their strength

Tch tch tch

I should have taught them fusion but whatever, this will be their test to see if they are worthy to live or not'

At Goku's side-

Goku is waiting for Elder Kai to complete the unsealing of potential hidden inside Gohan, but it is taking a huge amount of time

Whereas Kiaoshin and Kibito are looking at the mortal realm through their crystal

Both of them were already terrified but then they shouted in shock and this made Goku curious why they are so much shocked

And when Goku looked at the crystal, he is also shocked to see two old faces.


Wait…. When I was asking for Senzu Beans, Dende told me that Vegeta also asked for the Senzu Beans a few years ago, and also, someone may have used dragon balls.

Don't tell me that Vegeta is the one who used dragon balls to revive them… "

In the mortal realm-

At Kami Lookout-

Piccolo is shocked to see the old faces and everyone else is also feeling the same, whereas Buu is looking at the two new faces in silence.

One person has a long and large mustache that divides into two sections, he is tall and bulky but has no hair on his head. He is completely bald.

As for the other person, the other person is also tall and bulky with long and spiky hair, reaching his waist, but he got no mustache.

Both of them are wearing the same battle suit as Vegeta wears but as compared to Vegeta, they don't have any tails.

Both of them are staring back at Buu.

Who are these new people?

They are none other than Raditz and Nappa who were revived by Vegeta in order to have someone who could give him a good fight for his training.

The whole reason why Vegeta revived these two is because Vegeta wanted to create variables against the world that favors Goku, he wanted some strong allies that can grow fast as the story is progressing fast and the enemies are no longer the same as they were before.

During the time when Vegeta revives them and gives them their memory back with the help of dragon balls, these two started fighting back against him, and this forces Vegeta to beat the shit out of them and also tear apart their tails so that they won't turn into Great Ape in any condition.

After that, Vegeta started beating them more and more to make sure that they are perfectly tamed and gave them the option to either live like a good person or just die as a villain

And of course, they chose to live.

Vegeta trained them on another planet and their battle power rose from some pathetic thousand to millions and they both attained SSJ 2 form.

Raditz and Nappa looked at the Super Buu in silence and Super Buu looked at them, whereas Piccolo and others are trembling in fear as they came to remember a bad memory.

"bad bad bad bad bad!!!

This is really bad

Was Buu not enough that we also have to now face these two?" (Krillin)

"Who are they?" Android 18 asks Krillin

Krillin tells them about their experience with Raditz and Nappa and this gives horror to everyone.

'Just what is going on here?

How come there are two foes at the same time?

Just what is going on?

Can Goten and Trunks handle them both?'

Piccolo is grinding his teeth as he can't understand the situation and how the two old enemies are all alive.

"you… Strong…

But.. I… stronger"

Super Buu, in his broken way of speaking, tells Raditz and Nappa

Raditz and Nappa smiled and replied

"Let's see that"




Raditz takes the first step, in a high speed, he appears in front of Super Buu and throws a punch to his stomach, but it was grabbed by Super Buu with ease

But rather than getting surprised, Raditz smiled as Nappa came at Super Buu with his shoulder Tackle



Super Bu is being thrown out of the Kami Lookout by Nappa, everyone else in the place is shocked to see how the situation has unfolded

They thought that Raditz and Nappa are here to kill all of them, but that was not the case.

"Just what in the world is going on?'

Piccolo cant thinks straight, his brain is having a meltdown but one thing is clear

Raditz and Nappa are fighting Super Buu right now

"There is no way that he would be defeated by just that much, lets go!

The momentum is with us





Both Saiyans transformed into SSJ 1 and left the place to fight Super Buu


What is going on???"

"Are you sure that they are enemies? Not allies?" (Android 18)

"I don't know" (Krillin)

. . .

To be continued-

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