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71.11% Into the Anime World- Dragon Ball / Chapter 64: Chapter 64: Suitable Skills for everyone.

Chapter 64: Chapter 64: Suitable Skills for everyone.

Living inside the house was awkward for Vegeta, so he woke up early in the morning and started his morning training

When the sun showed itself, Vegeta left for a deserted island far away and also called others for training.

On the Deserted island-

Gohan, Raditz, Nappa, Piccolo, Tien, and Krillin showed themselves for the training with Vegeta.

As for Goku, there is no way that Chichi would let him train when they have to harvest crops.

Piccolo is the first person to ask what type of training are they gonna do and whether will it even have any effect on them or not

Vegeta replies "You don't have to worry about the effects, you will grow strong just follow my words"

Everyone is surprised, not because of the reply but because of how Vegeta is speaking right now as it no longer holds any arrogance or big ego stuff.

It was calm and a little bit stern, and that's it. Everyone looked at other for a whiled in confusion but no one said anything to Vegeta.

Vegeta started thinking about suitable skills for each person.

'The Tournament of Power Arc won't be an easy one and I need these people to lessen my burdens but… what exactly can these guys learn?

What skills would suit them?'

Vegeta is not much worried about Gohan, Raditz, and Nappa as they are Saiyans so they have limitless growth potential but the same is not for other people and especially a pure earthling Krillin

After some thought, Vegeta called out to Piccolo

"I know a certain person who had the ability to control plants, he also created roots out of nowhere and he could grow them however he wanted

That increased his defense and attack range.

want to learn that skill?"


Piccolo is surprised to hear that there is a person who can control plants and more than that, growing roots out of nowhere sounds too good to be true but

"I don't know if I can do it or not but I have a question"


"The person who had the ability to grow roots, hearing his skills alone, I can tell that he is a strong person but are his skills even effective against those who can fly?

Won't that be a disadvantage?

Also, why did you point me out for this skill rather than someone else?"

Piccolo is no stupid person who would casually accept learning any skill, he wants to know the reason why he is selected for this particular skill and also if this skill is even beneficial in a fight or not.

He is looking at the skill from all directions, attack, defense, and range capabilities.

Vegeta stared at Piccolo, he didn't like being questioned by such a weak person but still, he answers Piccolo and this one more time shocks everyone as no one expected Vegeta to give a reply

"The reason why I chose you above others is because the skill requires you to understand plants and trees, which only you can do as for why and how- you know that yourself.

As for the capabilities of this skill-

Do not worry, as the person I know, he would just grow roots all the way to the clouds if the enemy is trying to fly away"


Everyone had their mind blown away, especially Raditz and Nappa as they have been living their whole life by the side of Vegeta so how did Vegeta know such people when they don't know?

This question also came to their mind when Vegeta was talking with Hit but they paid no attention to it at that time, but now they are thinking how can Vegeta know all these people?

Though, rather than asking Vegeta, these two came up with their own answer

They thought that after they (Raditz and Nappa) died, Vegeta met these people. That is the only reason they could come up with.

The reason why everyone is so shocked is that creating roots all the way to the clouds would require you a huge amount of Ki but seeing Vegetas reaction to this skill, everyone is believing that the person using this skill must be one hell of a strong individual to pull such a thing.

Vegeta further said

"I shall also pass you a skill called Sage Form, which will help you boost your strength by x20 or more or maybe less depending on your own skills

But overall, you will be stronger than your present self and there is more to this skill so, you are on your own."

Knowing that there is more to this roots skill, everyone is happy for Piccolo, and Krillin even congrats him on that.

After Piccolo, its Nappa's turn

"Vegeta, what skill are you gonna give me? Be sure to give me some strong skills okay" Nappa asks in a funny manner but Vegeta paid no attention to it

Nappa already has God Ki inside him but seeing how things are going for him, it's clear that Nappa is going in a different direction

He won't have SSJ 3 or 4 or anything else, as Nappa himself told Vegeta after trying to absorb the God Ki inside him, that he is not feeling the same way he felt when he sensed SSJ 3, 4, and Blue

He is feeling something else, thus Vegeta decided to give him a unique skill.

"The skill I have for you is… quite special so I would like you to make sure not to use it however you want as I am myself not sure what type of effects this skill will have on you but one thing is for sure"


"at the peak of this skill, combined with your Saiyan abilities, you may even give me a hard time"


Piccolo's skill was already strong but who would have expected the skill that will be given to Nappa, will be more absurd than they could imagine.

Right now, Vegeta is the strongest among all mortals in their universe and for sure he will be the first one to surpass Beerus rather than Goku

So, hearing that even Vegeta could have a hard time against Nappa if he learns this new skill in the right manner… means that this skill is no joke.


What is this skill?" Nappa asks as he gulps his dry saliva

Vegeta smiles and said, it's called "Pride"

"huh? Pride?"

"Sin of Pride

A skill that increases your overall abilities to a whole new level, to a point that you will surely give anyone, just anyone, including me also, a hard time."


"The skill is quite a weird one and there were many restrictions on the user who used this skill so... it going to be hard but once you learn it, then you know what can happen

Also, just from the name alone, be sure to have a strong mindset and pride"

Nappa is someone who holds his race value above everyone else be it gods or angles thus Vegeta chose this skill for him

Though Vegeta thought about using this skill for himself as he also holds a big pride but he didn't do it as he wanted his allies also to have some skill so that it will be easy for him in the future when a new enemy would appear.


Its Raditz's turn"


Nappa moves to the side and Raditz stepped up.

Vegeta started thinking about the particular skill that would suit him but no matter how much he thought about it, he couldn't find any such skill.

Finally, he gave up and just randomly chose a skill that he will pass and that is

"What happened Vegeta?"

"Susano, that's the skill I will teach you"

"Susano? Is it strong like Nappa?"

"I have no such knowledge about that as all of these skills are stronger than you all think them, it all comes down to the person using it and how much proficient they are in their abilities"

"ooh, then what exactly is this Susano thing?"

"It's a skill that will allow you to create a giant or small or any type of creature that would replicate your character using your Ki

You will know it more about it in private, for now, this is it"


Raditz's skill don't sound that much of a big deal to everyone, but they all know that there is no way Vegeta would pass on some messy skills to Raditz when he has passed strong skills to others already.

Now, the remaining people are Gohan, Tien, and Krillin.

Gohan steps in front and tells everyone that he won't be asking for any skills as he wants to walk down a path of his own so Vegeta doesn't need to bother about teaching him some new skill.

Vegeta didn't care much about it because he knows that Gohan will surely be the 2nd or 3rd strongest after him in the future.

So, with Gohan leaving, it is now only Tien and Krillin only

And this is a tough one as there are no suiting skills for these two.

After some thought, Vegeta told Tien that he will get Haki- Observation Haki which will allow him to increase his 3rd eyes capabilities and there is much more to it

And finally, Krillin

"Alright Vegeta, give me a super strong skill so that I can defeat enemies in one blow"



"There is no special skill for you"


"There is a limit to what a human can achieve, that's why… I have no special skill for you to teach."


"I can teach you a few martial arts skills, but apart from that, you have to create your own skill"

"no unique skills for me?"

. . .

To be continued-

mrCat mrCat


Don't worry about Krillin

Rather, worry about me!

I need your help, how in the fucking world can i train a feral cat?

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